Major Winners – the Graph

10YearGraphat end 2018

Get out your magnifying glass and check out the winners of the 29 Majors so far!

There are empty spots for 2019’s four Majors, which will complete our first ten years as a Golf Tour. Who will claim those wins? One week til we find out who wins the 2019 King Island Wandererererer…..


Shooting a Par Round

On Tuesday the 2nd April two spritely gentlemen, Tim Johnson and Basil van Riet gathered up their clubs and wits and headed off to Elderslie GC on a beautiful still crisp Autumnal morning. Little did they know what was about to transpire…..

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Quite likes a bunker does Cravo

Cravo is one of the original members of the GWT, our Tour Secretary and Gent’s Mental Health Ambassador. His real name is Leigh, but so is Leroy’s (hence Cravo goes by his surname/nickname).

Cravo has helped drive the positive ethos of the Tour, yet also provided some classic giggle moments with mega-tantrums and controversies. Sadly for those who like a chuckle and some drama, he’s taken his temperament to a new zen level most of the time, inspired by Leroy.

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