The Inaugural Gents’ Cup : League vs Tour, September 2017


The Winning Team! Andrew, Clyde, Howard and Heath of TTGGLOT. All hands on the Gents’ Cup!

After recently discovering that the World’s two most prestigious and elite Golfing Gentlemen’s/Gentleperson’s Associations happened to be located right here in Tasmania, it was decided that there must be a Cup held regularly to determine the best of the best.

As soon as it was announced that the first ever instalment of The Gents’ Cup would be held in Southern Tasmania on the 9th & 10th of September 2017, the golfing World went into total meltdown, and thousands of journos and fans booked their flights from all over the World.

When the date rolled round, the Event well and truly lived up to all expectations. Crowds were massive. Tickets were getting scalped for $10K a pop! The golf was amazing. Sportsmanship was of the highest calibre. Television audiences set new records. The internet broke. Accommodation was booked out and traffic was gridlocked – as all and sundry attempted to catch a glimpse of the World’s Best Golfeurs locked in heated battle.

Well something like that…. but we did actually have a very fine weekend getting to know one another whilst trying to win our matches and the illustrious Gents’ Cup!  

Check out all the action below. Reports are provisional – waiting on more pics and words from the victors.

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MM Course History

This blog captures Gentlepersons’ records in the Matchplay Masters at the courses they’ve played. The big story would be Basil +1 million wins at Huonville, if anyone was foolish enough to play him there.

Overall Table*


*all results are Nett – for example, if someone has a 1, they could be 1 win there, or even something like 2 wins/2 draws/1 loss. *Table is as at end of 2016 MM, but info below is updated as at 16/9/17

Read on below for the course-by-course presentation:

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The MM Vault – Round Robins pre-2016


Here’s an incomplete record of Matchplay Masters Round Robin reports that I’ve dragged out of our Vault, housed deep within a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately we lost a few reports that were stored up against our aged gruyere cheeses and are now green piles of mould. 

What remains is worth a read for the many thousands of GWT scholars out there, and for the players themselves to relive some of the old matches that have probably been forgotten.

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