The first eight MMs

The Matchplay Masters is the Major with the most twists and turns, the most clutch moments, the craziest mathematical permutations, and it’s the only Major that is CURSED! The Round Robins have enough highlights in them for a whole tourney, sometimes there are playoffs, and then there’s the Final on top of that. Wow.

After each year’s round robin heroics, here’s how the first eight editions of the Final went down.

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2019 MM Round Robins


He’s already got three of the four Majors. Can Leroy make the final and grab his career slam here at the 2019 Matchplay Masters? He may need some of his patented chip-ins because the AURORA CURSE has intensified this year (TJ now channelling as well).

Let’s check out the round robins and see who makes it through!

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Profile Series : Matt L


Matt L was lucky to still be alive at this point of his MM match with Leroy, after Leroy’s golf assassin smashed a drive into Matt’s shoulder (narrowly missing his head). In the photo¬†he’s just rinsed his ball in the dam to lose his MM match on the last hole and narrowly miss the final. But look at that big smile! What a legend.

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