Great Moments in Gentlemen’s Golf: Leroy grabs all three


This is the moment, at sunny Lost Farm, at the conclusion of the 2013/14 Lost Bougle, where Leroy grabs all three trophies – the maximum possible. This magnificent achievement by Leroy has not been matched by any other player, and it may never happen again in the history of the GWT.

Basil has just handed the Lost Bougle to Leroy, as well as the Best Shot (for holing out from 120m out in the first cut at Barny’s 18th). That’s two trophies.

And as Ian said at the time, “If you’re going to win two trophies, you might as well win all three”, handing over the World Number One as well.

That is a big result in anyone’s terms – but notice the quiet calm with which Leroy handles the culmination of every Gentleman Golfer’s dreams. Too easy for the man with the best temperament in the Gentleman’s World Tour.

(this Great Moment in Gentlemen’s Golf brought to you by the man with the worst temperament on Tour – the Secretary)




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