The Giggle Files: Alex’s calculator

toms lil devil

This is where Alex sent the entire Gentlemen’s Tour into giggletown.

He started by spraying 3 hard left off the tee. Then with his 7th, he went in the double overhead bunker left of the green. After many swipes he got it out, and it scooted across the green into the bunker right. A few more, and he got outta there, and rolled back across the hard table-top green and into the back left bunker. More swipes. Decides to come out backwards. Gets it out beside the bunker. Toes it back into the bunker. More swipes. Gentlemen rolling around laughing on the grass. Can’t remember how he got it out and in the hole, but eventually he did. For a GWT world record of 29 shots on one hole.

Of course Alex killed it from there and would’ve been right in the hunt to win the Lost Bougle if his lobbying to have the 29 reduced to a “Gentlemen’s average” was successful.

Thanks for the memories, and thanks for the laughs good Sir Alex!



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