Wanderererer #1 – North West Tassie, 2010

Before the internet, before golf apps, before cars (well ok, not before cars) the Gentlemen’s World Tour was made up of an elite group of three wealthy pastoralists – Sir Basil of Sandfly, Sir Lewah of St Helens and Sir Cravo of Lauderdale.

In the wet winter of 2010 they deigned to meet in Miffton to battle one another on the sandy courses of that green corner of the State.

The Tourney format was Stroke, no throwaway rounds like we have today, and there was live handicapping adjustment during the Event!

Day One/Round One – Smithton


Starting handicaps: Bas +10, Cravo +25, Lewah +30

Bas did what Bas does. Hit it great, putted well and put the score on the board. A very tidy 40 on the front (par 35), highlight being a birdie 2 with a putt from off the fringe on the 8th.

Lewah hit 4 fairways – 2 more than Bas – but also had 17 more shots than him, for an ouchy 57 on the front.

Cravo was out of this world. Two pars to start, a messy triple on the par 3 3rd (shanked it left into the teatree), bogey, then 5 straight pars to close the nine. A cheeky 4 of those last 5 pars were 1 putt pars! In all he hit 5 fairways, 2 greens in reg and only had 12 putts, for a 39 on the front. With the old double-sided, lefty or righty can use it, thin putter.

The back nine saw a return to normality, with Bas doing what he does, crushing it and shooting low scores (42 on the back (par 36)) and Lewah and Cravo neck and neck with a 49 and a 48.

Bas 82, Cravo 87, Lewah 106 (par 71)

End of Day One Leaderboard: Cravo -9, Bas +1, Lewah +5

Overnight handicap adjustment:


Day Two/Round Two: Nine holes at Stanley

A fantastic little roley poley dunefields course at Stanley further built on our appreciation for golf in this part of the world, after being pleasantly surprised by Miffton. Lots of par 3s here under the Nut, so a par 33er to start the day.

Cravo started where he left off – three straight pars. Cravo and Bas even off the stick after 8 holes (with Cravo sticking his blind approach to the par 3 8th to about 2 foot for an easy bird). A triple on the last for Cravo to Basil’s par restored some normality to the scorecard. Lewah was therabouts too and he proved to be the big mover when handicaps were taken into account.

Par 33 – Bas 38 (even to handicap), Cravo 41 (-3), Lewah 44 (-5)


Day Two/Round Three: Seabrook

A step up in class at Seabrook – more of a championship course, and an 18 holer to boot.

Cravo does it again, starting this round with 4 straight pars. There was some good golf in there, but also some of this…..The first hole was a 129m par three, and Cravo hit a yucky 8 iron short right. Stepping up to his chip he thought to himself, “All I gotta do is get it on the green and I’ll hole the putt”. And he hits a horrible duff that dribbles onto the green, all the way over the other side from the pin, say 20m. Steps up to the putt – bang! In the middle. Bas could not believe it.

Again, Bas and Cravo were even off the stick after 8 holes. Bas’ bogey to Cravo’s triple on nine providing the late scoreboard sanity again.

Lewah super consistent today and playing to his handicap. In fact that’s how it ended up, with Bas shooting an 85 (+3), Cravo 94 (even) and Lewah 104 (even).

End of Day Two Leaderboard: Cravo -12, Lewah even, Bas +4,

Overnight handicap adjustment: Bas +11, Cravo +21, Lewah +30

Day Three/Round Four: Ulverstone


Cravo a bit off today – only parred 3 out of the first 4 holes. And he could only stay even off the stick with Bas for 6 holes, instead of the customary 8.

Bas finally had a blowout round for him (6 over handicap) and Cravo and Lewah managed to get around just over their allowances.

Bas 89 (+6), Cravo 94 (+1), Lewah 104 (+2)

Final standings: Cravo -11, Lewah +2, Bas +10


The Treasurer’s Summary is included heretoforthwith:

The Courses: Smithton (18), Stanley (9), Ulverstone (18) & Seabrook (18)

The Gentlemen: Lwah (+30), Leigh (+25) & Basil (+10) (Zoe)

Results: Leigh (-11) winner, Lwah (+2) 2nd, Basil (+10) 3rd

Summary: The tournament was largely decided on the front nine on the first day, as Leigh had a blinder. Shot a 39 (+4) off the stick. That was 7 pars, a bogey and a treble! Finished the day on +16 (10 pars, 28 putts), which put him at 9 under par for the Tourney. Handicaps were adjusted after day one, but Leigh managed to play just under his new handicap of 22/21 from there. One of the best exhibitions of putting you would ever hope to see and also hit the most greens in regulation and got the most pars. Lwah hit the most fairways. Basil played within a shot or two of his handicap at most courses but struggled with the conditions at Ulverstone as it was wet as, but still playing off the longer summer tee boxes. The wet fairways also made life difficult at the front 9 at Seabrook.


Day One: Smithton (18)

Leigh 87 (nett 62, 9 under) 10 pars, 28 putts, 8 fairways, 3 greens

Basil 82 (nett 72, 1 over) 1 bird, 7 pars, 27 putts, 6 fairways, 1 green

Lwah 106 (nett 76, 5 over) 1 par, 36 putts, 8 fairways, 0 greens

Day Two: Stanley (9)

Lwah 44 (nett 28, 5 under) 2 pars, 18 putts, 3 fairways, 1 green

Leigh 41 (nett 30, 3 under) 1 bird, 3 pars, 15 putts, 1 fairway, 2 greens

Basil 38 (nett 33, even) 4 pars, 13 putts, 1 fairway, 1 green

Day Two: Ulverstone (18)

Leigh 94 (nett 73, 1 over) 5 pars, 33 putts, 4 fairways, 4 greens

Lwah 104 (nett 74, 2 over) 2 pars, 40 putts, 6 fairways, 1 green

Basil 89 (nett 78, 6 over) 6 pars, 34 putts, 6 fairways, 5 greens

Day Three: Seabrook (18)

Leigh 94 (nett 72, even) 6 pars, 30 putts, 5 fairways, 3 greens

Lwah 104 (nett 72, even) 2 pars, 31 putts, 11 fairways, 0 greens

Basil 85 (nett 75, 3 over) 5 pars, 33 putts, 7 fairways, 2 greens





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