2014 Bash’n’Dash – Orford

Highlights- bash n dash n splash 2014


A truly horrendous blustery southerly soaker of a day at Orford. Cravo weather!!


Ian- Smashing longest drive 240m+ on his nominated longest drive hole the Par 5 15th

Great iron into 3m on the 10th hole to set up birdie which he holed and a 4 point score. To top it off Keith got a bogey for 3 points and Bas got a Par to get a group hole score of 10 points.

Ian smashed his drive both times on the 4th and 13th to within 30m of the green.

Keith-Put under the pump on the 1st hole with everyone watching -he put 2 balls out of bounds onto the road which probably went about 300m along the pavement. His putter was running hot with lots of putts holed from 2-5m and a 7m putt on the final hole into the centre of the cup. A good tie in the off-the-stick battle with Poolie.

Basil- Managed to get away to a good start with some solid golf and some great chips and putts to keep him in the hunt but with a dismal wipe on the 9th he faded. Scorched a few drives down the fairway. Bunker save on the par 3 16th was fantastic as was his longest putt he nailed on the 18th to save par. Shot a 77 off the stick but could not quite match it with the stableford master Mr. Craven who nailed an 81 into van Riet’s coffin.



Felix – Smoked longest drive on the 8th and was 10cm away from taking it out on the 15th too (had a cool 50m or so of distance on Ian, but just trickled into the rough). Felix got around in 15 points on the front, but played better than that as he didn’t capitalise on the greens. That all changed on the back though when the putts started to drop and he came roaring back into contention for the title. Did an amazing flop shot over the bunker on the 11th to tap in distance, which was what he was practicing in the morning but scaring us all and hitting sheds! Was on track and then exploded on the 15th with a birdie for 4 points. The putt was just short, he walked up to it and had a look to see if it was hanging over the hole, was about to tap it in and then the wind blew and the ball fell in UPHILL for bird! Backed that up with another 4 pointer birdie after a fantastic 6 iron into the par 3 and great 5m putt. Felix strolled to the 17th tee 1 or 2 shots off the lead and with a definite chance. He bogeyed 17 to drop one more shot back and needed something special on the last or a meltdown from Leigh C, neither of which happened. A valiant 35 points and 3rd place.

Alex – Having spent all week snuggling up to a supermodel Alex was high on confidence. His first drive with Leroy’s old driver was a ripper and things were looking good. There were some awesome shots and some other stuff to balance it out. Highlights were an Arnie on the 1st, an easy par on the 9th (part of Team Par), and the drive and approach to 2m on the 13th for an easy bird. I’ve advised him to wear a wetsuit next time to hold that dodgy left knee solid, and actually the wetsuit would’ve been a good choice of attire for the conditions on the front nine.

Leigh C – rock solid golf from Cravo with his best ever score off the stick at a half decent course (+11). A lot of good golf and not much crap golf at all. 8 pars, 9 bogeys and a double. But the championship was on the line when he strode to the 17th tee, not knowing what score Bas was on and only 1 or 2 shots clear of Felix. He was determined to hit a great drive on 17 to put the tourney in the bag then and there. But he hit a horrible shank! Haha. Was left with 185m to go and had to draw it around the hill on the left. Again, he was determined to win it there with a great shot, and this time he delivered, smashing it pin high just off the green on the left. A good lag left an easy par putt (which he rammed in the right side and only just dropped, heart pounding). On the 18th tee it was all his to lose, but he killed it down the middle to 150m and hit 6 iron in dead at the flag just off the front edge. Left his birdie putt 1ft short but dead on line, and tapped it in to sign off for 40 stableford points and the win, retaining the Auld Mug.



Pooley got a par on the 4th and 15th (having never parred a par 5 before). Phill got a bogey on the 7th and mid round even said “I’m enjoying this”, for only the second time out he struck the ball well.

Lewah’s only pearl was on the 15th – from 150m out he hit the ball over the trees on the right and onto the green 4m from the pin.

A funny point was on the 10th Leeroy hit his putt from 3m and it went to the hole, looked like it was going in, but slowing, and it stopped right on the edge hanging over the hole but didn’t drop (where was that wind gust when you need it?).

Leeroy had a par free day yesterday, but did get to check out a lot of the trees on the course and improve his botanical appreciation J

On the 8th there were 3 balls near the green, Leeroy walked up and hit the one he thought was his – only to discover on the green that it was Phills. Leeroy added the penalty to his score and went from an easy bogey 2 points to a wipe. Overall Leeroy dropped 2 places in the finishing order by doing this – that may prove telling in world ranking points.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th 7th 8th 9th
Name Leigh C Bas Felix Ian Keith Poolie Lewah Alex Phill
Score 40 37 35 31 27 27 26 21 10


WEATHER: Showers and blustery SW winds 15-25kmh, 11 degrees. Sunny on back nine

GREEN-SPEED: 0.73KBGC   units

FAIRWAY RUN: 0.58Llanhernes

SAND: Heavy. 1 Intertidal unit

TREES: 40% Gum, 35% Oyster Bay Pine, 10% Poplar, 15% other

*Historical note: this result put Leigh C and Leroy even on points for World Number One, but Leroy retained the title due to 2 Majors vs 1 Major in the period.


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