Lost Bougle 2011/12 – Felix and his Personal Trainer victorious


The Courses: Barnbougle (18) and Lost Farm (18)

The Gentlemen: Felix (+23?), Ian (+22), Lwah (+21), Alex (+18), Leigh (+18), Basil (+10)

Results: Felix (+11) winner, Basil 2nd, Ian and Lwah, Leigh, Alex

Summary: Ian and Basil tamed Lost Farm on day one, both shooting way under their handicaps. Basil in particular destroyed it, shooting an incredible +3 off the stick! Cop that! Unfortunately for the gents, it was just the practice round.

Felix didn’t look like a winner at the start of the Tourney when he dumped his first three drives into the sand hill on the left of the 1st tee at Barny, but he simply took his 10 or 11 and dialled in his A game from there.

One of his many highlights was hitting a drive about 400m downwind on the 14th. After day one the leaderboard was tight, with Felix at +11 Basil and Leigh at +13, Ian and Lwah around +16 and Alex out of sight down the back of the field thanks to an unbelievable 29 shots on the par 3 7th hole, Tom’s Little Devil indeed! Later on, Alex tried to sneak his way back into contention by asking for a special ruling counting out his 29 and replacing it with the group average for the hole. The Committee knocked that idea on the head.

After the round, Ian and Basil went to play 9 at Tam O’Shanter and Leigh and Alex proceeded to drink all of Ian’s beers.

Kim won the dark putt-off on the practice green at Barny. Simply too good for the gentlemen.

After a massage and some sports psychology, Felix turned up for the final round at Lost with a calm composure and he went around to his handicap, making it tough for the rest. Basil needed something like his practice round form, but couldn’t quite reproduce it, placing second again in a major. Leigh was well in contention until the 8th hole where he had a horror 13 shots to blow his chances. He did manage to produce a backhanded 7 iron escape from under the lip of a fairway bunker though which was cool. He also promoted a lot of laughs on the 10th tee, continually firing drive after drive into the left sandhills. Lwah contributed much coin to the giggle jar. Alex killed it all day but was too far back. Ian and Lwah played great golf in patches but couldn’t get under their handicaps.

Controversy struck the Best Shot trophy, as Leigh and Basil lobbied hard. It was eventually awarded to Leigh for his hugely swinging putt from off the back of the 4th at Barny which rattled into the back of the cup. Basil missed that shot as he was distracted by some wallabies kicking the shit out of each other in the boobyalla.

Leigh won the swear jar for consistently putting it close on the novelty par 3s.



And From the Champ:

Hey to All,


Truly a brilliant weekend, just to build on what Leigh said a perfect combination of frustratingly bad/great golf, perfect weather and brilliant company that will just leave me yearning for the next 361 days

Thanks for allowing Kim to come on the boys weekend, a special thanks to Basil and Leigh for organising the trip, accommodation and prizes, and to Leroy for his generosity at dinner

Personal Highlights (apart from the golf of course)

  • 9pm putting competition
  • Leroys badger sunburn
  • Alex’s photo of Leigh with his shot of the tournament trophy
  • Being regaled about Leigh offering an old age pensioner beer in exchange for stolen milk
  • The most upset I’ve ever seen Basil at having his dessert eaten

I look forward to hearing about Basils call from the car ride home

As far as being Barnbougled next year, the rookies are now working on their plans having been intimate with many parts of the course, Basil twice now a bridesmaid will be twice as hungry and the Leigh duo are without a doubt only a giggle and swear away from a victory

And as I said last year, “next year I’ll try and drive the 4th at Barny”


And From the Treasurer:

Hello folks,
The car ride home involved describing life highlights;
# Alex and his plane adventure with a playboy chick
# Alex and his after dinner mint with 2 chicks from a boat cruise
#Leigh and his surf safari in S. America
#Alex and his Melbourne trifecta in a weekend…….
Leigh, Leeroy and Basil just survived the trip home with the added bonus of a couple of rippling ab muscles from all the laughs.
Catchya soon



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