Lost Bougle 2012/13 – Bas first, daylight second


The 3rd Lost Bougle has been completed and what a Bougle it was, a great mix of a tough windy day (requested by Leigh C.) and some spectacular sunny, light wind days.

Day 1 at Barnie in gale force winds of 40-50 knots it was hold on to your hat and try and salvage a hard fought bogey and minimize the lost ball count.

Two of the three nominated best shots came out of this day. With the highlight reel starting with Leroy’s iron shot into the par 3 189m 5thhole that grazed the edge of the hole and finished about 80cm from the hole. The spectator gallery commenting that, “it was so close to going in”. Playing Tom’s little devil into the wind at 98m was truly exhilarating and devastating at the same time. With some players trying to punch half 4 irons into the wind- the wind won the battle and the long grass 50m from the green to the right claimed many balls. Alex got a 5 here which put him 24 under for the hole vs last year. The downwind 430m 8th hole Par 4 was a little easier to get to with some players (Alex) hitting a lazy 9 iron in for their second shot to finish pin high. The back nine provided a couple of great par 5’s downwind, a chance to get some shots back and Leroy and Ian showed us their skill with on for two and some eagle putts and high fives all round. Ian won the long drive contest with a 340m monster with a wedge into the green. Leigh C hit another contender for best shot on the par 3 13th 160m downwind which hit the perfect trajectory just left of the pin and filtered down a small valley in the green to finish hidden from view- we bolted down there with bated breath to find it 20cm short of the hole dead online- what a cracker. As the wind speed increased and our cracking drives into the wind on the last two holes sailed at least 140m everyone was glad to get back to the clubhouse feeling battered and bruised.

Basil had somehow survived without losing a ball after a few small brushes into the long grass for the round and had finished 7 over his handicap. The Southern Matchplay masters champion was licking at his heels at 3 off the pace. With the rest of the field a little bit behind.


Day 2 saw Ian and Bas go head to head in the same group. Both players hit into the long grass on the 1st hole off the tee and Bas was trembling especially when he realised his 1st ball was gone, he nervously salvaged a bogey. Ian hit into a fairway bunker on the 2nd while Bas hit drive to 40m from the green. Ian pulled off a great sand bunker shot to finish in the middle of the green and when he drained a tough 8m downhill slider to save Par Bas was worried. Bas pulled out his driver on the 3rd  hole 230m par 4 and slotted it into the 8m gap between bunker and the long grass at the 220m mark and bounced it onto the green to eventually claim best shot (by a whisker) which could have gone to Leroy or Leigh for nearly getting hole in ones yesterday. When everyone in the second group hit the par 3 4th in 1 with Alex claiming closest to the pin and a birdie there was much excitement and jubilation. Matt took a photo to show evidence that it was the truth, we all really did land on the putting surface for 1. Ian smashed his drive on the A line on the long Par 4 5th around the edge of the dune and when we could not find his ball because he had hit it 300m even Matt felt sorry for him. The Par 5 8th hole shook Ian apart when he finished in the sandblow beach next to the green on his 3rdshot- he walked off with a ten. Alex drained a putt to get his birdie on 13a with a monster 15m putt. By the end of day 2 Bas had about a 17 shot lead playing some solid golf to stay at 7 over his handicap. Everyone tried hard to get Basil drunk enough to sabotage his chances on Day3. Black golf magic did not work either, as Felix’s “Sand Magnet” ritual had no effect.


Day 3 Felix nailed a birdie on the 3rd hole at Barnie 300m par 4 with a wedge into 3 feet. Alex went home but handed the baton onto Keith. Keith gave Felix and Bas a lesson in chipping and putting  and nailed his iron shot in on par 3 5th 189m to five feet and drained the putt for bird. Felix and Leigh both shot close to their handicaps and smashed their best scores at Barnie by a long way.

Basil got his best raw score at Barnie with 10 over Par off the stick and set a new record winning margin of 28 shots-finishing at 8 over par. Matt won the rookie award for best newcomer to the tournie.

Thanks everyone for another amazing golf trip to a slice of heaven next to the beach.




The 2012/13 Lost Bougle Scorecard – Oh my sweey Goshy Gosh! 

Day 1(Barnie) Basil Ian Matt Leigh C Leigh S #Alex Felix
Handicap 9 21 26 15 16 26 17
Total shots 87 102 112 103 105 118 111
Nett 78 81 86 88 89 92 94
Par 71 plus 7 plus 10 plus 15 plus 17 plus 18 plus 21 plus 23
Day 2 (Lost)
Par 72
Total shots 81 108 115 105 102 105 104
Nett score 72 87 89 90 86 79 87
Overall score plus 7 plus 25 plus 32 plus 35 plus 32 plus 28 plus 38
Day 3 (Barnie) #Keith
Par 71
Total shots 81 103 113 87 102 120 94
Nett score 72 82 87 72 86 84 77
Overall score plus 8 plus 36 plus 48 plus 36 plus 47 plus 13 plus 44
Final Standings Basil 8 over  Champ!
# played part Ian 36 over  eq 2nd
of tournie Leigh C 36 over  eq 2nd
Keith Felix 44 over  4th
Alex Leigh S 47 over  5th
Matt 48 over  6th

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