Lost Bougle 2013/14 – Leroy, Leroy, Leroy!


Hello Gentlemen,

What a great weekend of awesome golf, beer, texas hold’em, shenanigans and Felix in a variety of short, tight outfits!
I’ll stick to the golf report

Essentially all you really need to know is this: Leroy.
Ask me a question and the answer is Leroy.
Best shot? Leroy (holed a 9 iron on the 18th from 120m out)
Bougle champion? Leroy
World Number One? Leroy
Who did the golf pro accuse of stealing the flag off the 1st at Barny? Leroy
Who was the bunker master all tourny? Leroy
How was the weather? It was nice and Leroy
Official results:
Leroy winner, +11
Basil bridesmaid, +14
me 3rd, +25
Felix 4th, +more
Ian 5th, +more than that
Matt retired drunk

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