Matchplay Masters 2014 – Felix v Bas – the Aurora Curse continues!


Hi All,


Awesome weather for the MM final, Basil was wearing his lucky shirt but saving his new shoes for the Bougle.

1st – Extra Shot Felix

A toss of the coin and Basil teed off 1st, smoked one down the middle – it just had a slight tail and looked bunker bound. I hid a good one down the left side and also got a little tail finishing short of the green. Basil got it out of the bunker but had a bit of distance to the hole. I chipped it reasonably close and in for a bird, Basil an easy Par – Felix Wins

Felix 1 UP


2nd – Extra Shot Felix

I hit a 5iron up the left side, Basil hit a cracking 3 wood  near the hump. I hit a horrible 2nd pulling it near 40left of the pin and on sand. Bas hit an smashing approach (GW I think) to 3ft with a certain birdie to come. I managed to get lucky out of the sand and got my ball to 3ft. Easy Birdie for Bas, Par for me – Tied hole.

Felix 1 UP


3rd – Extra Shot Felix

Glistening views awaited us. I drove and managed to just clear the hazard into the 1st cut (Though I hit a provisional into the water just to be sure) Basil hit another awesome drive and onto the right side of the fairway. I scrambled my way to the green and in for a bogey, Bas had a longish putt for bird and it just missed, tap in par – Tied hole

Felix 1 UP



I drove and snap hooked it 200m up the hole. Basil hit a beauty again (driving machine) to the middle of the fairway. I couldn’t find my ball and after watching Basil find the bunker for 2, green for 3  I conceded the hole. Basil Wins

Bas 1 UP



Basil hit 3 wood just short of the green on the left side, I put my 3 wood over the back and the return chip was too long – Bas chipped it to 6ft and drained hit par putt up the hill. My bogey wasn’t good enough this hole. Basil wins

All Square


6th  – Extra Shot Felix

Basil hit yet another killer drive (Running out of words to describe Basils driving) 87m from the green. This time I matched Bas with my 3 wood. Bas pulled his approach and was off the back left. I found the green for 2 and after 1 putt had the hole conceded. Felix Wins

Felix 1 UP



I hit what felt like a nice 3 wood but the wind caught it and filtered right and settled next to a tree stump. Basil straight down the guts with a driver, Yawn Bas, no variety can you hit anything different? 😉   I could watch it all day though, straight and looooong! I couldn’t advance it much from the tree and found the green for 3 with a 20m putt to come. Basil hit a lovely approach for 2 but also had 20m home. I lagged my putts in for a bogey and Basil easily did the same for a nice par. Basil Wins

All Square


8th Basil hit (8iron I think) it pushed it left – he wasn’t happy off the tee but it hit the left bank and fed down beautifully to 6ft from the hole. I hit 8 iron also but sliced it badly thinking I’d lost it. I was lucky again and had a clean shot to the pin. I chipped it to 1m. Basils putt for birdie just slipped by, tap in par. I had a lucky escape for my par – Tied hole

All Square


9th I cannoned a 3wood 40m in to a blackwood. Bas just to be interesting also hit a hit right but he managed 150m.  FYI Leroy also found the trees right and Gaz showed us all how it’s done drillnig down the fairway. I went up the 10th fairway so lost sight of Basil but I was in the greenside bunker for 3. Basil’s ball was on the green when I got there but he was there for 4. I chipped out badly to where Basils ball was and we both had tough putts down the green to the hole on the bottom tier. Basil just crept it over the rise and had a tap in putt. I did the same and double bogey for both meant we tied the hole.

All Square



I smashed a drive down the guts, Basil decided he didn’t like variety and pumped another huge drive down the guts also. Basil was short of the green for 2 pulled my approach and wasn’t even close to the green. After a bad chip into the bunker I found the green and 1 putted for a bogey but it was too late. A nicely weighted chip from Bas and a 1 putt Par was good. Basil wins

Basil 1 UP


11th Extra Shot Felix

Bas hit a ¾ Gap Wedge down the hole but it pulled up short. I hit a ¾ PW and found the green. Bas had a tough chip and after I lagged my putt in the hole was conceded. Felix Wins

All Square


12th Extra Shot Felix

I hit a driver a looong way left onto the 13th fairway. Basil hit a cracking drive – just a little too good as it didn’t take the hill and finished up behind a tree. I played my ball down the 13th fairway and then short of the grren for 3. Bas hit a really good draw out of the sand behind the tree and advanced it 120m. Bas found the back of the green for 3 and 2 putted for par. I also two putted for a bogey – Tied hole

All Square



With all of Basils inspiring drives I belted a long one up the hill. Basil smashed one also but again the hill didn’t feed his ball and it pushed into the 1st cut on the right. Bas hit a rescue to the right bunker and I hit 7 iron to the green. I two putted for a par and Bas had a chance to tie but left his putt short.  Felix Wins

Felix 1 UP


14th Extra Shot Felix

I 3 wooded it down the fairway finishing on the right side in the 1st cut. Basil thundered a drive to the same distance but on the fairway and enough room to attack the green. I laid up then hit duff to be short of the green for 3. Bas hit a crisp 3 wood down the hole to be short for 2. We both ended up behind the hole and 2 x 2 putts meant a tied hole.

Felix 1 UP


15th Extra Shot Felix

I used my 3 wood to start digging to China, the ball got out of the way of my digging to a safe distance of 40m from the tee bed. Basil pushed his tee shot slightly right and found the trees . I shanked a 7 iron to where Bas was, hit a safety to the fairway for 3 and then found the green for 4, about 10m from the hole. Bas had a #$* lie and only just got it out but behind a small tree. The 3rd found the green similar to where mine was. Bas putted 1st and again just couldn’t get a long one to drop. Tap in bogey. I didn’t realise I had an extra shot on this hole and thought I had to sink my putt for a half so I wasn’t going to leave it short. Finally got a long one in for what I thought was a half. It went in for a win and if it didn’t it was going a looooong way past. Felix Wins

Felix 2 UP



This result made it clear for Bas, he fired up and stated “right Birdie Birde time!!”

I took off the pressure immediately by slicing it backwards over point for 6. I then pulled one over mid on for 4. Basil hit his straight over the bowlers head for 6.

I was on the green for 6 but Bas was there for 3 and a 2 putt par cut the deficit to 1. Basil Wins

Felix 1 UP



I asked Bas how the pressure was going and asked how tired he was. My legs were starting to stiffen (5.5+ hours to this point). Bas smiled and  said yup plenty of energy.

Basil got out driver and hit the worst shot in the universe backwards over his head into the marsh near Barilla bay oysters… As if, Bas pummelled his drive to the right side with only a 9iron in.

I hit 5 iron but turned over too much and finished on the left side with not enough room to go for the green. I laid up then found the green for 3. Bas hit a beauty 9 iron for an easy par. He didn’t go birdie birdie but par par was good enough. Basil Wins

All Square


18th Extra Shot Felix

Basil pulled his tee shot left and short but about 30m, I hit my tee shot pin high over the right hand bunker but in thick grass. Bas had to contend with a small tree and was above the hole for 3. I duffed my chip, and was below the hole for 3. Bas just missed his putt again leaving me 2 for the win. It was a disappointing last hole to win with a double but was heaps of fun and glad the competition was close all day.


Well played Bas 36 stableford points, if only one of those putts had dropped it would be a different story. Maybe as Leigh said, next year you need to get a job at Aurora to win the MM 😉


On another note, Leroy killed it with 38points so would have won the final had he been in it! Great form for Barney. Gaz smoked it on the front 9 with a 54 and we were thinking his handicap has to come down by a significant amount! Great bogey on the 7th btw


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