Lost Bougle 2014/15 – Basil outlasts Felix in a high quality shootout


Lost Bougle 2014/15 – Basil’s Report

Day 1: Barnbougle

Weather: Moderate NW wind with patchy cloud.

Introductions were put forward before each player teed up on the 1 st hole providing a bit of extra pressure and plenty of laughs. Gold, Gold Gold.

Group 1- Felix (h/c 16), Ian (h/c 19) and Basil (h/c 7)

Group 2- Lewah (h/c 17), Gary (h/c 36) and Leigh C.(h/c 15).

Highlights- Felix opening with an easy par on the 1 st hole Par 5. Ian nailed a mid iron in close on the long par 3 5th . Ian also got shot of the day with an 8 iron into a stiff headwind on Tom’s little devil and put it to 3m, just missed his birdie. Team par was achieved on the 5th hole with high fives all around. Felix got an amazing par save after his first shot went into the deep rough he managed to chip into the middle of the green then sink a decent putt. Basil was smashing his drives and hit a pitching wedge in to the long 6th hole for his second shot. Bas came home strong with a birdie and closest to the pin on the par 3 13 th , he finished even par off the stick for the last 6 holes.

Day 1 Scores; Bas +3, Felix +8, Ian +16

Leigh C. was crushing his drives all day but struggling a little with his short game. Gary was getting to know the course intimately for the first time but shot a few bogey highlights.

Day 1 Scores; Lewah, Leigh C., Gary?

Leroy’s evil giggle at Cravo’s first mega-tantrum of the tourney (11th Hole, Barny, 1st day)

Ian had some sand building practice in a bunker on the 4 th hole. Bas found a bunker on his second shot about 30m from the green on the Par 5 11 th , buried his bunker shot into the face of the next bunker under the lip took a penalty then skinnied one over the green into the long grass and eventually finished with an 8.


Day 2: Lost Farm

Weather: light seabreeze and sunshine 23 degrees

Group 1: Leigh C., Lewah and Bas

Group 2: Felix, Gary and Ian


Ian and Bas could not sleep due to excitement so at 5am it was time to go for a peaceful morning stroll in the mist out to Tom’s little devil. On the way back they collected about 50 golf balls- giving some to the Gary (he lost a few yesterday) fund.

Leigh told Felix “Quiet Please”; twice whilst Bas was about to tee off on Day 2 at Lost. Bas was in the zone he did not hear anything.

The clubhouse leaders (looked like hackers on the 1st) Felix and Bas both sent their drives into the long grass left, it was going to be an interesting day. Bas finished with a soul destroying 8 on the 1st hole Par 5. Bas had used up all his handicap by hole number 5. Leigh C. opened with some great form early on with lots of great solid drives up the guts, just his wedge was letting him down a little bit. Lewah nearly got a hole in 1 on the 4 th after his short iron trickled towards the hole off a side slope to finish just behind the cup. Leroy, Leigh and Bas all celebrated glorious drives on holes 8,9 and 10. Leroy followed up on the long par 5 8 th by hitting another superb 3 rd shot with a hybrid whichbounced up into the middle of the green from 180m out.

Bas was struggling with his 2nd shots and finding lots of bunkers, maybe he just wanted to go to the beach or maybe he shouldn’t have got up so early to look for golf balls. Anyway the story of the day was Leigh C. fantastic round of +2? Basil’s shocking day out with 20 over par,+13 on handicap, he was back in the main field. Mr. Leigh C. beat BVR off the stick (statistically that only happens 0.3% of the time) with some superb shot playing on the back 9 at Lost farm. Leigh C. and Lewah hit amazing iron shots in to the 15 th and Bas plugged his ball into the massive sand trap on the dune right of the green.

Day 2 Scores; Leigh C. +2, Lewah +4?, Bas +13

Ian, Felix +12, Gary

After the round all players decided to take a stroll in the big sand dunes just East of the golf course.

It was a good way to wind down after the days events and a little taste of the Gibson desert.

Gary and Felix had a sprint to the top of the dunes and Lewah and Bas did some jump ski turns in the soft steep drops.

Day 3 – Barnbougle

Weather: Light breeze increasing to Strong north easter on the back. Cloudy with sunny patches 22 degrees.

Group 1: Felix, Bas, Leigh C.

Group 2: ian, Lewah, Gary


The day was looking a bit stormy early on but with a very light shower at 7.30am there was no more precipitation. Early tee times at 7.40 and 7.50am meant hopefully finished before a storm front came through.

Off the tee 1st hole Felix almost hit into the long grass short left. Leigh C and Bas had cracking starts, all with a chance to win the claret jug. Highlights included Leigh C. nailing all his drives up the guts.

Felix and Leigh pulled out drivers on the 4 th and both drove close to the green on the 4 th (downwind) and tapped in for birdie after using the hill on the green behind the flagstick to suck the ball back close with his chip. Leigh C and Bas had close birdie putts but just missed on the very rough dodgy green- High fives were had with theTeam going 1 under, 2 pars and 1 bird.

Bas hit a hybrid to 6m and drained the birdie putt on the 5 th . Bas nailed a 52 wedge to 4.5m on the 7th . Bas was even off the stick after 7 holes but on handicap Felix and Leigh C were closing the gap.

Bas was feeling the pressure and hit his 2 nd shot into the long grass on the 8th and finished with a 7 and then did the same on the 9 th and got a double bogey. Leigh C had a classic little hissy fit with his short game and finished with an 8 on the 8th but came home strong with a par on the 9 th . Bas had Felix (42 off the stick) and Leigh C. breathing down his neck after 9 holes, 1-3 shots off the pace.

What a back nine it was, a real titanic struggle with the three leaders. Bas hit his best shot of the tourney with a laser hybrid into the wind from 175m onto the green for 2 and close before watching it trickle back down to the lower tier on the green, a 3 putt bogey was a little frustrating. Leigh C. got the yips with his chips and had a double. Felix got a solid bogey. Leigh C. faulted slightly on the 11th with a triple bogey after finding a fairway bunker with his drive. Now the fun really started with the short Par 4 12 th hole and downwind Felix took out his driver and launched it high straight at the green and stopped it dead about 8m from the hole for a chance at an eagle putt. This amazing shot won best shot of the tournie. Leigh and Bas both smashed their drives too well and put them a bit left of the green about 20m too long in the rough. Bas scratched a par and Leigh a yip chip bogey.

Felix just missed his eagle but settled for birdie. Felix with a new spring in his step took out a long iron on the par 3 13 th into a headwind a crushed his shot to a foot from the pin. Bas and Leigh knelt down to this golf god with trembling knees and kissed his feet, no only kidding. Bas was feeling totally under the pump and pulled his 4 iron just short left of the green and chipped it to 1.5m. Leigh sat his good iron shot on a thin grass ridge very close to the bunker on the right and finished with a 4. Felix tapped in his bird and Bas had a clutch putt for par which he drained. Bas did not know what to do, he was playing well but being completely dominated by Sensei Felix- just stick to your game plan, solid golf.

Felix sliced his drive to the right on the next hole but recovered OK but then hit another slice to the right to lose to balls on the same hole and get a 9. Bas hit his driver up the guts and then a hybrid to within 60m of the green and finished with a par. Cravo hit another great drive but just found a fairway bunker left but hit a good recovery and finished with a bogey 6.

You could cut a knife through the tension building in the air, everyone was playing out of their skin.

Leigh and Felix crushed their drives just left of the fairway bunker on the 15 th , bas hit a hybrid a little high but well short of the bunker in the middle of the fairway. Bas hit a 4 iron into a strong headwind from 160m and pulled in abeit left the wind grabbed it and pushed it down into the valley of sin, but a slightly lucky bounce stopped it on the tee pad for the next hole. Leigh and Felix nailed their iron shots dead straight onto the back tier where the flag was. Bas had a blind chip shot up and over a steep hill with a downslope to the pin. He pulled out his vokey spin milled sand wedge and knowing he had a pro v in his arsenal cut a high spin chip with bit hard on the down slope near the pin and trickled down to the middle tier. Bas finished with a two putt bogey Felix just missed his bird and got par and Leigh drilled his 4m bird. With 3 holes to play it had come down to an off the stick battle.

If Felix could equal Bas on the last three holes he would clinch his first bougle by 1 shot. If Bas made a fatal mistake and Felix a minor one it would be between Leigh and Felix, Leigh was about 4 shots off the pace.

Bas and Leigh hit the green on the 16 th hole par 3, but Felix found the bunker and had a fried egg to hit from which he hit very well and put it 5m from the hole. Leigh and Bas got there pars and Felix just missed and got a bogey. Felix and Bas were now dead level on handicap after 52 holes of golf.Whoever shot the best score in the last two would be the winner unless they both had a major stuff up.

Everyone hit their drives a little left into the rough about 150m out on 17. Felix chunked one off a sandy lie then hit one just past the green back left for 3. Bas hit a good shot off a great lie but it was a club too strong and finished lost in the long grass behind the green. Bas took a penalty drop and then chipped it close. Felix hit a good chip within 2m of the hole. Felix just missed his putt while bas saved his for bogey. Leigh got a 7 after a mishit craven wedge did not get up the hill onto the green.

On the tee box at 18 and Felix was one shot down. It was a howling NW wind causing a cross wind on the drive and slight headwind-cross into the green on the 18 th . Bas hit his drive straight up the guts, Felix went for it but the wind grabbed it and pulled it into the long grass left. Leigh hit a cracker up the A line as well. Felix took a drop and hit a good recovery but the wind did not take it to the left and it finished again in the long grass. Bas and Leigh hit reasonable approaches a bit left and short but both scrambled well and sunk one putt pars. Felix and Bas both shot their best scores in comp at Barnie- Felix an 89 off the stick and Bas a 79 off the stick.

What an amazing finish down to the wire on the 18th the closest Bougle ever!

Day 3 Scores; Leigh C.+5, Felix +2, Bas +1, Lewah +11, Ian +13, Gary +43

Grand total scores; Bas +17, Felix +22, Leigh C. +23, Lewah, Ian, Gary.


Closest to the Pins

Day 1 Barnie

5 th hole-Ian 10.5m

7 th – Ian 3.25m

13 th – Bas 3.5m

16 th Bas 10m

Day 2 Lost

4 th Lewah 1m

6 th Bas 12m

15 th Leigh C. 5m

17 th Ian 10m?

Day 3 Barnie

5 th Bas 6m

7 th Bas 4.5m

13 th Felix 0.3m

16 th Bas 9m

Ian wins 3=$15

Lewah wins 1=$5

Leigh C. wins 1=$5

Felix wins 1= $5

Bas wins 6 = $30

Best swear/crack up goes to Leigh C. for having a hissy fit after a few duffs and sand shots on the 8th hole- he started carrying on and threw his hat on the ground while 2 ground staff looked on from 50m away having a good laugh and giggle. Pure gold….

Special mention to Lewah and Gary? who were seen throwing a club into the ground in frustration.

Swear Jar (estimate) totals

Felix $14.50

Basil $13.30

Leigh C. $11.50

Lewah $6.40

Ian $7.40

Gary $6.90

Total $60-

Divided by 12= $5 for each closest to the pin


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