2015 Matchplay Masters – Felix and the Aurora Curse v Matt


Hi all, this is going to be short and sweet report, course correspondent Cravo took some snaps.

Matt declined a lift at 6:45 because he wanted to get there early, Gaz wondered why Matt wanted to borrow his tent, so we can surmise that Matt was on course from 4pm the day before 😉

Hole 1:

I drove pin high but on the right. Matt put his first into the trees right but the provisional was a beauty down the middle.

I chipped on and had a longish putt for bird, which I made. Matt chipped on and just missed his putt for a bogey and a tie by millimetres.

Felix 1 UP.


Hole 2.

Some wayward tee shots from both, Matt found the 5th green but from there was all class and got up down from 70meteres out for a bogey and a won hole.

All Square


Hole 3.

Matt hit a superb drive, too good as it carried through the fairway.

I set up for a cut and obviously hit a draw, beach. Provisional was beach too. I caught a lucky break with my ball sitting up on dried seaweed. With a group staring at me from the tee box I got it up and out and onto to the rough near the fairway. Bogey for me. Matt found a tree with his 2nd then another tree and was on the green for 6. The lag putt was good but unfortunately another near miss putt proved the only difference.

Felix 1 UP


Hole 4.

Some scrappy play from both of us, my double bogey was just good enough with a single putt being the only difference again to beat Matt’s 8.

Felix 2 UP


Hole 5.

I was on the green for 2, Matt hit a nice chip that just filtered right behind a tree which made it tough to recover.

Felix 3 UP.


Hole 6.

I 5-wooded up the middle but too long. Matt hit an awesome drive as well but it too carried through the fairway.

I shanked my approach left, chipped on then two putted for a bogey. Matt got out trouble beautifully for 2 but flushed his chip approach and it carried over the back of the green. Extremely difficult coming back down the hill and I was the beneficiary.

Felix 4 UP


Hole 7.

I hit a draw against the wind down the guts. Matt put his drive right but then hit a outstanding provisional.

(Leigh hit the best drive, a cut that seeming to move in and out branches like a guided missile and onto the fairway).

We found Matt’s ball (controversy as another group picked it up). Trees proved the undoing, as my par was good.

Felix 5 UP.


Hole 8. (I couldn’t be complacent about any lead, I knew Matt was capable of stepping aboard the bogey/par train at any time)

My tee shot went right almost OUB. Matt made sure of his OUB tee shot right. I should mention it was quite windy.

I duffed my way to the green and in for 6. Matt dominated after his drop, chipped on and two putted for an easy 5 and win.

Felix 4 UP.


Hole 9.

3 Bad tee shots from myself Leigh and Gaz. Not Matt, a looong bomb dead straight in a vicious side wind. I scrubbed my way to the green, and in for a lot. Matt was so good from tee to green that he had an easy 4 putts for a win.

Felix 3 UP.


Hole 10.

We both scrambled and next to the green for 3. I chipped on and 2 putted, Matt 2 chipped and 2 putted for the 1st tied hole of the match.

Felix 3 UP


Hole 11.

Barnie style wind in our face and across gave this hole some teeth. Matt hit a pure iron (8 iron I think). It would have been prefect and on the green apart from the wind and as such, it went about 12metres from the tee. I was woeful and put 2 tee shots waaay right. Matt with a good two putt double bogey for a win.

Felix 2 UP.


Hole 12.

Matt hit a sublime drive, the longest of all of us. Gary also hit an absolute pearler, a country mile down the fairway. I found trees left for 2, Matt went even further left onto the 13th fairway. I found the bunker for 3 and then 2 putted for a bogey. Matt’s approach was unlucky to find a tree and from there also went to the bunkers. He chipped out well and ended up with an 9.

Felix 3 UP.


Hole 13. I drove up to the 14th fairway. Matt hit an awesome drive with the wind pushing it into the rough. Some struggles around the green for Matt and I got a bogey for a win.

Felix 4 UP.


Hole 14. I hit my best drive of the day, aimed it on the far side of the 13th fairway and the wind took it back to the middle of 14. Matt hit a cracking drive also, so good the wind didn’t even seem to touch it and it ended up right side of fairway. I put my approach long and with a penalty opened the door for Matt. He had an 8 foot putt for a win but it slid by and he cleaned up his putt for a halved hole.

Felix 4 UP


Hole 15.

I put my tee shot left under the big pine. Matt continued his driving clinic, bombing a magnificent drive down the middle. I punched out and the best I could manage was a bogey. Matt’s tap in bogey was fine and dandy and the deficit cut by 1.

Felix 3 UP.


Hole 16.

If Matt felt any pressure he didn’t show it, another massive drive down the hill. I went safety iron and dribbled it down the hill. I then went duff, iron, approach and was on the green for 4. Matt’s second found trees left and he had no choice but to punch out. From there a few more shots and then right made the task too much and  the match decided.

Felix wins 4 and 2.


Side story, Cravo dominated the wind with 6 pars but 3-4? wipes I think too. Gary’s putting has the tempo of a grand master, look out for him next tourney.


Well played Matt, sorry to end your unbeaten run, a few more close putts in the first few holes and things could have been very different. Gary has awarded Matt rookie of the year.


I’ll end with the Barnbougle countdown 62 Days and Long Live the Aurora Curse (Blessing).


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