2015 Rookie of the Year – Matt Crawf!


This was a tight battle between Dr Gary and Matt for Rookie of the Year honours on the Gentlemen’s World Tour in 2015. Ultimately Matt’s performance at the Matchplay Masters was the clincher.

Matt debuted at the 2015 Bash’n’Dash at Longford, and had an almighty battle with Dr Gary all day for the best minor placing, just falling to him with an Equal 6th place finish compared to the good Doctor’s very creditable 5th (from a field of 9 players).

He really wowed the golf pundits with his performance at the next Major, winning or drawing every round robin Matchplay Masters battle to storm into the Final with Felix. Matt beat Felix in the round robin – by a combination of poisoning him with Whiskey and sinking some outrageously long putts. His inexperience on the big stage and the Aurora curse put paid to his Title hopes in the Final, but a 2nd place finish was one of the best things we have ever seen from a Rookie.

He finished the year by getting completely Bougled (5th place), but as we all know that can happen to anyone at any time. And it’s great prep for winning the next one 😉

Congrats on a fantastic first year on Tour Mr Crawford!

The Secretary



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