Great Bougle Moments – Leroy’s last 4 holes at Barny, 2014


This is the spot (next to the sprinkler head) where Leroy holed out for birdie, with a skinny 9 iron, to end possibly the best 4 holes to par ever played by a Gentleman of the Gentleman’s World Tour in a Major. And let’s face it, ever, by anyone, in the history of golfe.

Indulge me please, as I will include my own play in the story, coz I was totally owning it tee to green but still got smoked by Leroy….

15th (par 4, back along the river, into the wind)

Leroy and Cravo in the fairway. Leroy hits a skinny slice which curves beautifully and runs up the back tier to nestle at tap-in distance for birdie. Cravo hits a magnificent high draw, which moves a couple metres too far left and takes a huge sideways bounce down into the valley of sin. Bogey-time.

16th (par 3, from on high, into the wind)

Leroy hits it high over the left bunker, but unluckily it stays high and just off the green. Cravo straight at it, but runs thru the green. Leroy – immaculate chip and solid 3ft putt for par. Cravo, terrible short game as usual – bogey.

17th (par 4, into the wind)

I don’t really remember how this one went, but par to Leroy and par to Cravo.

18th (par 4, into the wind)

Lerroy ok drive, left edge of fairway. Cravo splits the middle. Leroy duff. Cravo down by the green, bogey from there. And then – Leroy holes out from 120m with the 9 iron for birdie. That is 2 under off the stick for the last 4 holes at Barny, last 4 holes into a 2 club wind. No wonder this man has won Three Bougles already (sigh)……

The Secretary





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