The Rival World Tour



It has recently been drawn to the Committee’s attention that there is a rival World Golf Tour operating in parallel to our very own! I know this is shocking news, but rest assured that the Committee of the Southern Gentlemen’s Social Golfing Club of Sandfly, Kingston, Dodges Ferry, Brighton, et al is hard at work on the matter.

Verily, gaze thine eyes upon theire ridiculous hallmark! Where is the Top Hat, for starters.

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2016 Rookie of the Year – Stu McDougall


Mollydukers battle at KBGC in the 2016 Matchplay Masters, presented by Aurora Energy

Stu made huge strides in the tier two golf league from 2015 on, winning so many tournaments that we the Gentlemen’s World Tour were forced to accept his promotion to the big time.

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