2016 Rookie of the Year – Stu McDougall


Mollydukers battle at KBGC in the 2016 Matchplay Masters, presented by Aurora Energy

Stu made huge strides in the tier two golf league from 2015 on, winning so many tournaments that we the Gentlemen’s World Tour were forced to accept his promotion to the big time.

He joined us in the mid-year rotation, teeing it up at the 2016 Bash’n’Dash at Tarraleah. Stu had some mind-blowing highlights, including a birdie and an eagle on the par 5’s, and was jousting with Lewah for the title right up until the end of the 17th hole. Of course Lewah had one of those days where as soon as someone looks like they’re getting close, he chips in from some silly distance off the green to keep them at arms length. That is life on the top circuit though Stu – we all have been through it and have cried ourselves gently to sleep at night thanks to Lewah and his 52 wedge.

Stu walked away from Tarraleah with a 2nd place finish, which is the equal best thing that a rookie has ever achieved on Tour (equalling Matt Crawf’s 2nd in the 2015 Matchplay Masters and Keith’s 2nd at the inaugural Mornington Wanderererer).

For his 2nd Major, Stu teed it up in the 2016 Matchplay Masters. He had Lewah under fierce pressure in his round robin, but clutch putting from the World Number 2 meant a drawn match. Then the double header at New Norfolk saw Stu on the wrong end of another chip in (this time from Felix), then a nervy 8th in the next match v Cravo proved the difference – Stu ending the day with 2 narrow losses. No shame there, and could easily have been 2 wins from 3 matches and booking himself a spot in the Final.

Stu has taken his winnings from the Gentlemen’s World Tour and invested heavily in Melbourne property (buying 16 Toorak Mansions), so he is currently residing there managing that and other business interests. We, the Gentlemen, look forward to his re-qualification for the Tour and subsequently, his first Major Victory.

Toodle Pip!

The Secretary




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