GWT Awards 2012-15

The Tasmanian Gentlemen’s World Golf Tour began in 2010, with the Wanderererer. The inaugural Lost Bougle was held in 2011. The 4 Majors as we know them now and the World Number One ranking were instituted in 2012. The Players Awards begin there ~



World Number One

Basil was the inaugural World Number One when rankings began in April 2012, and held it all year

Player of the Year

Basil. 2 Major wins (Bash’n’Dash and Wanderererer) and 2 runner ups (Bougle and Matchplay Masters). It could so easily have been the Grand Slam, oh yes, he was thaaat close.

Rookie of the Year

There was an impressive field of Rookies in 2012 – Ian, Keith, Jig, Alex and Matt L.

All the Rookies were massive, but no-one was as huge as Ian, who won a Major (Matchplay Masters) when he held off a rampaging Basil with pars on the last 2 holes at New Norfolk, for a 2up victory.

Major wins

Bas – 2. Bash’n’Dash, Wandererererer     Felix – 1. Bougle      Ian – 1. MM




Player of the Year 2 years running – BvR (seen here in a tough spot at Lost Farm)

World Number One

Basil held it until Ian v Leroy at the Matchplay Masters in October (with the winner to go World Number One). Ian grabbed the win and the Number One ranking, and held it for the rest of the year.

Player of the Year

Basil won twice again (Lost Bougle, Wanderererer) and got pipped in a playoff at the Bash’n’Dash. Let’s not talk about his last place at the Matchplay Masters – he had Player of the Year sewn up already.

Rookie of the Year

Not awarded in 2013

Major wins

Bas – 2. Bougle, Wandererererer     Cravo – 1. BnD       Ian – 1. MM




Player of the Year – Leroy, on his pet course (St Andrews Beach)

World Number One

Leroy grabbed the Number One ranking at the start of the year and held it until November, when Felix took over.

Player of the Year

Leroy won twice (Lost Bougle, Wanderererer). Fell on the last hole in a playoff for the Matchplay Masters Final to eventual winner Felix, and had an off day at the Bash’n’Dash finishing 7th. Two Majors gets him the gong, from an unlucky Basil who had no wins but three runner-ups.

Rookie of the Year

Poolie and Phil contested the 9 man Bash’n’Dash at Orford, and Poolie did best with an equal 5th place. He’s your Rookie of the Year.

Major wins

Leroy – 2. Bougle, Wandererererer     Cravo – 1. BnD       Felix – 1. MM



IMG_4284 - Copy

The Basil beast was back in 2015, winning another 2 Majors and his 3rd Player of the Year Award

World Number One

Felix had it for a month, before Basil grabbed it back and held for the rest of the year.

Player of the Year

Basil won twice (Lost Bougle, Wanderererer), ran third at the Bash’n’Dash and didn’t even bother showing up for the Matchplay Masters!

Rookie of the Year

This was a battle between Dr Gaz and Matt Crawf. Gaz got the rookie honours at the Bash’n’Dash (5th vs Matt’s 6th), but Matt did not lose a round robin Match on his way to runner up at the Matchplay Masters and a clear win in the Rookie of the Year Award.

Major wins

Bas – 2. Bougle, Wandererererer     Keith – 1. BnD       Felix – 1. MM




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