2016 MM Final – Cravo vs Felix and the Aurora Curse at Royal Hobart


Match play Masters 2016 Final

Felix v Leigh C – both with identical handicaps (14.9)

Royal Hobart Golf Course in light winds (increasing to 20-30km/h) and a sunny afternoon

Felix played a tactical move and put the driver away for the day

Hole 1 – par 4 402m

Felix played steady down the fairway to make the green in 3 (using irons all the way) and 2 putt bogey. Leigh had a couple of missed shots and putted in for 8.

Felix 1 up


Hole 2 – par 4 336m – dogleg left

Felix duffed tee shot and just made it past the ladies tee, then recovered well to 2 putt for bogey. Leigh had a nice drive down the line, his second shot gave him an awkward chip off a bad lie and had to go over a bunker – which found the bunker across the green. Leigh tapped in for a 7.

Felix 2 up.


Hole 3 – par 4 409m

Both players played steady for bogey to square the hole, with Felix hitting a nice approach to the green from miles away on another fairway. Leigh pulled out the Craven wedge from about 40m out to get near the hole.

Felix 2 up.


Hole 4 – par 3 154m

Felix duffed his tee shot and then found the bunker with his second. Leigh found the dam off the tee, took a penalty drop and then played a great chip onto the green (somehow making it stay on the green downwind). Felix took a couple of bunker shots to get on the green. Both players 2 putting and Leigh takes the hole with a double bogey.

Felix 1 up.


By now the nerves are settling and the good shots are starting to flow.


Hole 5 – par 4 337m – dogleg right

Both went large and straight off the tee, with Felix finding a tree across the other side of the fairway. Leigh nailed his approach to be on the green in reg. Felix had to swing his second shot through branches and leaves and made it next to the green. Leigh 2 put par takes the hole (coming very close to a birdie).

All square – we have a match.


Hole 6 – par 5 452m

Leigh down by the green for 2 and just off the back for 3, Felix found the trees on the right, but made it to just off the green for 3 (over the back)….and then…..he putts onto the green…..and its going for the hole…. and it drops straight in the middle of the hole for a birdie. Leigh’s birdie try burns the hole but stays out.

Felix 1 up.


Hole 7 – par 4 309m

Both players found trees off the tee and had to chip sideways onto the fairway….ending up next to each other. Felix made the green on approach and Leigh just off. Felix made bogey and Leigh had extra chips.

Felix 2 up.


Hole 8 – par 3 173m

Both players took 3 shots to get on the green and then 2 putt, with Felix having to get a little creative to get out of the trees, to square the hole.

Felix 2 up.


Cravo went left and Felix sailed right on the breeze at the Par 3 

Hole 9 – par 5 491m

Leigh found the trees right off the tee and had an air swing and a couple of extra shots to get there. Felix nailed a 3 wood down the fairway and then played steady to make a bogey.

Felix 3 up…..at the half way mark, the Aurora curse is starting to surface…or is it?




Hole 10 – par 4 384m

Leigh played 2 good shots to be just off the green and then pulled out the Craven wedge to get on the green and then drained a long putt to make par and take the hole. Felix found the fairway bunker and then played steady to make a bogey.

Felix 2 up.


Hole 11 – par 3 127m

Both players missed the green. Leigh had an extra chip to get on the green. Both 2 putted, for Felix to take the hole.

Felix 3 up.


Felix hit it close to the green at the par 3 but Cravo hooked wildly into the bushes

Hole 12 – par 5 445m

Both players found the trees on the right, Leigh on in Reg but miles away. Leigh 4 putts, Felix with 2 putts, wins the hole.

Felix 4 up.


Hole 13 – par 5 512m

Felix duffed his tee shot into the bushes (not making it past the ladies tee), but found it and chipped out sideways to make his way to the green for a double bogey. Leigh found the pine trees on the right off the tee. He must have liked them, cos he stayed in them for a few more shots and made it to the green to putt out for a few more than Felix.

Felix 5 up with 5 to go…he can’t lose.


Hole 14 – par 4 393m

Both players found the water hazard on the left off the tee. Leigh recovered well to get up and down for a double bogey to take the hole. Felix had a chance to win the day by making a long putt, but it didn’t drop.

Felix 4 up.


Hole 15 – par 3 200m

Felix found the trees left off the tee about half way to the hole, Leigh hit a great 3 wood to be just off the green on the right. Leigh chipped on to make a bogey and take the hole, as Felix took and extra shot to get on the green. Felix had a chance to win the day by making a long putt, but it didn’t drop.

Felix 3 up….can Leigh come back?


Hole 16 – par 4 362m

Leigh played steady to make the green in 3 and 2 putt for bogey. Felix had a duffed shot along the way to be on the green for 4. Felix had a chance to win the day by making a long putt, but it didn’t drop. Leigh wins the hole.

Felix 2 up with 2 to go…is this going to be the comeback of the century?


Hole 17 – par 4 329m

Leigh’s tee shot made the fairway, but was about 150m out from the green, his second shot found the bunker left with a horrible stance. Felix bombed a 3 wood down the fairway to be within 50m of the green. He chipped onto the green, but a long way from the hole. Leigh had to hit out of the bunker and get close to the pin and hope Felix 3 putts to keep the match alive….Leigh swings…and the ball didn’t come out of the bunker, but the second one did. To win the match Felix now has the luxury of 3 putting. He calmly steps up to the first putt and hits a nice 25 footer to within a foot of the hole and then taps in to win the match.

Felix wins 3 and 1 to be the first on tour to go back-to-back-to-back…a three-peat – the 3 wood off the tee was the winning move.


Felix smashed it down the guts to 50m out to leave an easy pitch in on the winning hole

Hole 18 – par 4 359m

With the match over both players relaxed and turned their thoughts to clubhouse beers and cheers – your course correspondent, Mr Lewah Stevens Esq




Broadcast Schedule for the MM Final 

Fox Sports coverage starts at 12 noon, with a puff piece on Basil the World Number One, followed by interviews with various occult experts examining the Aurora Curse, followed by highlights of Ian’s 2 wins and Felix’s 2 wins, then some analysis of the season so far on the Gentlemen’s World Tour including predictions for Player of the Year (Lewah looking good) and Rookie of the Year (Stu), then at 1pm it shifts to live footage from the practice range and comments from our special correspondent on the day Lewah, 1:15pm its a hole-by-hole breakdown of the players strengths and weaknesses and a predicted result, followed by 1:30pm tee off and into it. The coverage then rolls for 4 to 4.5 hours until the match is decided. Then the post show, live from the Royal Hobart function room, and interviews with both players. Coverage wrapping up at 7pm.

Note the Producers pulled the MM Final after Cravo hit a million terrible shots by about the 3rd hole, opting to telecast the Scottish Regional Highland Guinea Pig Plucking, Grooming and Deportment Fiesta instead. Riveting viewing 

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