GWT Awards 2016


Leroy did it again at the Bougle and carried that form on to another Player of the Year Award. Too good!

GWT Player of the Year

Leroy picked up his 2nd Player of the Year Gong, with another cracker year. He started hot, winning the first two (Bougle and B’n’D). Both victories featured cheeky chip ins from miles away, as per usual. Congrats on another great year on Tour Mr Stevens!

World Ranking

The inscrutable BvR increased his points lead by staying home all year in Canberra composing Golf Haikus.

wind in the rushes

dewdrop kaleidoscope greens

bougle time again ~

Untouchable on top all year and that looks set to continue into at least late 2017 (unless Keithy plays more golf). Bas has a massive 13 point average per Major – which means 1st or 2nd at almost every Major he plays.

GWT Rookie of the Year

Stu McDougall put together a blinder first year on Tour, with a 2nd at the Bash’n’Dash and an equal 3rd at the Matchplay Masters. We’re looking forward to celebrating his first win, when he flies in from Melbourne to contest the Lost Bougle perhaps….


Leroy – 2. Bougle, Bash’n’Dash.       Cravo – Wandererer   Felix – MM


End of year combined GWT and PGA World Rankings

#1:  Bas 13.62

#2: Jason Day 10.91

#3. Rory 9.83

#4. DJ 9.53

#5. Stenson 8.69

#6. Leroy 8.14

#7. Spiethy 8.04

#8. Felix 7.86

#9. Matsuyama 7.49

#10. Scotty 6.45

(others: #11 Cravo 5.98, #32 Matt 3.46, #51 Ian 2.59)

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