That’s a wrap! Best & Worst of the first 10 years of the GWT


Two champions, Felix and Basil, sharing the joys of the GWT (and Felix’s bucks)

Which shot of the 59,371 shots hit in the first ten years was the best? Which round of the 654 played was the best round? Which tantrum? Which Leroy giggle? Read on and vote for your favourite moments from the World’s Best Golf Tour.

Best Shot of the first 10 yearswas it:

  • Felix and Ian pumping it onto the green on the par 4 12th at Barny in Lost Bougles; or
  • Felix and TJ hitting it to 2ft on the par 3 13th; or
  • Felix driving it over big bertha bunker and onto the green on the 4th at Barny; or
  • Felix again, driving the par four 14th at Lost Farmm or
  • Basil’s bomb 25m birdie putt in the 2017 MM Final at Royal Hobart; or
  • Basil’s immaculate 5 wood into the wind onto the 5th at Lost; or
  • his pure 3 iron into the teeth of the wind at the par 3 13th at Barny; or
  • Basil and Cravo’s drives on the green on the par 4 3rd at Lost; or
  • Leroy sticking it to 1ft on the par 3 on the Mornington Wanderer; or
  • Leroy burning the cup and just missing hole-in-one with his shot into the 5th at Barny; or
  • Leroy holing it from 120m out at Barny; or
  • Basil knock down wedge to 10cm at the 17th at Barny; or
  • Ian nailing his 180m 5 iron approach to 10cm on Jurassic Park at Lost Farm;
  • Cravo hitting it dead at the pin on 13 at Barny and stopping 2ft short; or
  • Basil pure 3 iron from 140m into the wind and onto the green at Cape Wickham; or
  • Felix going PW off the tee on a downwind par 5 at Wickham and outdriving Tim who hit Driver.


Best Round of the first 10 years

(see Hot 10 Rounds blog)


Best Tantrum, was it:

  • Cravo’s hat throwing, fist-shaking, Gods cursing, screamer (no swear words though) on the 8th at Barny after 4 duff chips in a row in the 2014/15 Bougle, or
  • Felix’s course-damage bunker destruction rampage at Lost Farm, or
  • Stu chucking his club and storming off up the hill, then doing a burnout out of the carpark at New Norfolk following a narrow loss to Cravo in the Round Robin MM 2016; or
  • Cravo’s C words and club throwing on the 18th at Lost when he was 2 back and topped a couple of drives 5 metres into the bushes to effectively hand Lewah the trophy; or
  • Keithy giving Basil the stinkeye and an F-word spray for touching his clubs; or
  • Stu giving Basil and Cravo stinkeye when they were waiting for him politely after he just lost his third MM match in a row at Elderslie; or
  • other


Best Leroy Giggle, was it:

  • When Felix hit his divot about 10m further than his ball at the 10th at Woodrising on the 2014 Wandererer; or
  • When Jig penalised Bas 2 shots for hitting his buggy at the Mornington Wandererer; or
  • The look on Basil’s face when Alex (Mr Sexy) ate all of Basil’s ice-cream at the Barnbougle restaurant; or
  • After Cravo’s mega cursing the Gods tanty on the 8th at Barny (or any other Bougle tanty he has thrown over the years!); or
  • After Basil’s 5 putt at the Dunes on the Mornington Wandererer?; or
  • After Ian’s “T’s” clue in Code Names at the 2019/20 Lost Bougle


Best Quality Runaway Title Winwas it:

  • Basil’s 17 shot knockout at the 2012/13 Lost Bougle; or
  • Cravo’s 11 Under total which translated to a 13 shot smashing of Lewah and Bas at the first ever Wandererer; or
  • Cravo cruising to a 13 shot win at the 2019/20 Lost Bougle
  • other


Most Demoralising Leroy Hole-out from off the green, was it:

  • Leroy’s perfect 9 iron from the apron at the 72nd hole of the 2014 Wandererer for birdie to pip Felix by 1 shot; or
  • His chip-in for bogey from about 30m away on the 14th at the 2016 Bash’n’Dash to show Stu he hade no hope of winning; or
  • His 9 iron from 120m on the 18th at Barny for birdie, just to show the whole Gentlemen’s Tour who was Boss; or
  • His casual, didn’t mean to as he couldn’t see the pin, bunker shot to win Best Shot at the 2015/16 Lost Bougle; or
  • Rubbing Felix’s nose in it at the Round Robin 2014 Matchplay Masters by chipping in from 30m on the 8th at Kingston and reminding Felix how he’d lost the Wanderer that year
  • Again hurting Felix with a chip-in on the 15th at Kingston Beach to go 1up and dormie in the 2019 MM round robins


Worst Hole, was it:

  • Alex taking 29 shots to get it in the hole at the 92m Par 3 7th Toms Little Devil at Barny; or
  • a lot of other horrible hacks by any Gent you care to name


Biggest Controversy, was it:

  • Bas getting talked into illegal warm-up holes for himself, Leroy and Keith at the 2015 Bash’n’Dash due to a pushy friend and some miscommunication on times (Keith, Leroy, Bas went on to finish 1st 2nd & 3rd); or
  • Cravo penalising Felix 2 shots when Felix walked on his own ball at their Round Robin MM match at New Norfik (should’ve been either one shot or “don’t worry about it mate”); or
  • Felix getting his personal trainer pregnant; or
  • Leroy getting the blame for stealing the flag from the 1st hole at Barny(!); or
  • Cravo arguing for (and getting) a chance to replay his ball on the 8th tee at Barny when Leroy answered his mobile in Cravo’s backswing and then later going on to answer his own mobile when other people hit and then say “if you can’t beat em, join em”; or
  • Alex arguing for (but not getting) a “Gentlemen’s average score” rather than his 29 for Tom’s Little Devil; or
  • Bas and Cravo fiercely debating the merits of their own Best Shots one year at the Lost Bougle (which led to a change of the voting rules so that nominees could not vote or advocate!); or
  • Bas disallowing Leroy’s new handicap at the Wandererer (Leroy had played a Comp round prior which would’ve taken his handicap out 1 shot, but it hadn’t gone into Golflink yet) and Bas going on to beat Leroy by less than that per round over the Tourney; or
  • Felix arguing that his ball that went in the dam shouldn’t be a penalty as it crossed yellow pegs (as well as red pegs) at Riverside in the 2016 Wanderererer; or
  • Basil determining that TJ’s ball was exactly on the OOB line and following up with Felix doing some rules of golf internet look-up work, and slapping TJ with a penalty which ultimately cost him the king island wanderer; or
  • other


Biggest Choke, was it:

  • Bas giving up a 12 shot lead on the final nine holes of the 2018/19 Bougle to lose to Tim J by 1; or
  • Cravo blowing a 10 shot lead in the final round at the 2015/16 Lost Bougle; or
  • Leroy being basically unable to hit the ball for the entire front 9 of the 2013 MM Final to give Ian a massive 5Up lead; or
  • Matt Crawf missing some very short putts on the front nine at the 2015 MM Final to allow Felix to go 5Up; or
  • Cravo playing absolute rubbish for the first 13 holes of the 2016 MM Final against Felix; or
  • other


Best Tussle for the Title, was it:

  • Bas and Felix 2017 MM Final; or
  • Leroy and Cravo 2018 MM Final; or
  • Bas, Felix and Cravo 2015 Lost Bougle; or
  • Bas and Felix 2014 MM Final; or
  • Bas and Ian 2012 MM Final; or
  • Bas, Cravo and Ian 2013 Bash’n’Dash at Tasman and 2 man playoff; or
  • Bas, Cravo and Leroy 16/17 Lost Bougle final round and 2 man playoff; or
  • Leroy and Cravo chasing Felix’s clubhouse lead at the 2014 Wanderer; or
  • Keith and Leroy at the 2015 BnD at Longford, taking it to a playoff; or
  • Tim J staring down Basil on the last nine holes of the 2018/19 Lost Bougle; or
  • TimJ and Felix, unknowingly duelling on the last day of the King Island Wanderererer 2019;
  • other


Biggest Clutch Moment, was it:

  • Basil’s last three holes and 25m bomb birdie putt on the final green of the 2017 MM Final to break the Aurora Curse and claim his Grand Slam; or
  • Lewah’s chip-in for bird on the last hole of the 2014 Wandererer to beat Felix by a shot; or
  • Tim J holing a nervy 3 footer to slay Basil by one shot on the 54th hole of the 2018/19 Lost Bougle; or
  • Cravo’s tidy playoff win against Basil at the 2016/17 Lost Bougle; or
  • Cravo draining a massive 10m downhill swinger to force a playoff with Bas at the 2013 Bash’n’Dash and then draining a 4m curler for par on the first playoff hole to snatch the title; or
  • Cravo nailing a 5m par putt on the last at the 2018 MM Final to snatch the title 1up from an unlucky Leroy
  • Ian parring the last two holes at Norfik against a rampaging Basil to claim the 2012 MM Title; or
  • Keith’s classy downhill slider bogey putt on the first playoff hole at the Longford BnD to slam the door shut on an unlucky Leroy – who got two terrible bounces on the one hole; or
  • other


Most Futile, though Excellent Round, was it:

  • Bas shooting 7 under his handicap on the last day of the 2019/20 Bougle but still losing to Cravo by 13 shots; or
  • Bas and Ian killing Lost Farm, but on the practice day; or
  • Felix massacring it with 3 under at the Mornington Wanderer but not being able to back it up; or
  • Jig going 4 under one day at the Mornington, but having no throwaways made life tough; or
  • Cravo obliterating Dr Gaz 5 and 4 in the 9 hole Round Robin stages of MM 2016 but Gaz not finishing his matches so it didn’t count; or
  • TimJ shooting -6 at Wynyard and -5 at King Island but losing the 2019 Wandererer by a shot!; or
  • other

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