Hole-In-Ones & Scoring Records

AAAAAA Bas hole in one.jpg

Bas got his first ever hole-in-one in 2019 on the 8th hole at Pitty!


Though Leroy, Felix and Tim J have been excruciatingly close more than once and Leroy has holed out from 120m in the fairway at Barny, no Gent has ever aced a hole in a GWT Major.

So far……

Hole-in-Ones in GWT Championship history


However, three Gentlemen have had Hole-in-Ones whilst playing exhibition matches for the lower level competitions or warming up for Tour rounds.

Hole-in-Ones by Gentlemen, off Tour

1. Jig – 1990, Jubilee GC. A skinny ground-grubber 8 iron. He’d already turned his back on the shot and thrown his club and had a tanty about it, before PLOP! in it went.

2. Cravo – 2017, NWBGC.  A nice fade 7 iron to the 145m Par 3 7th Hole which landed a couple foot left of the pin, hopped once, spun back and right into the hole. The crowd (Bas, Darvy) and Player went wild!!!

In a strange coincidence, this is the exact same hole (though re-modelled) where some fellow students played a trick on a 15 year old Cravo by popping his ball in the hole on the blind par 3 so he would think he had a hole-in-one. Then 28 years later it happened for real on the very same hole.

3. Basil – 2019, Pittwater 8th hole. A perfect fade 9 iron which landed right of the pin, and rolled up and around and back down into the hole!!! Brad, Cravo and Basil all jumped around like crazy bananas! Well done Bas

Cravo also lipped out for an albatross hole-in-one on the short 244m Par 4 final hole at coal valley links….

Scoring Records

Gent Best Score Over Details
Bas 70 Even Par Elderslie Tas, April 2019 in lower tier event AND even par Lost Farm (blue tees) ON TOUR 2020
Leroy 81 +10 Huonville (Bash’n’Dash) 2018 ON TOUR. Also shot +10 at KBGC in 2017 and 2018
Felix 75 +7 Tea Tree (MM) 2018 ON TOUR and 77 (also +7) King Island GC (Wanderer) ON TOUR
Cravo 76 +4 Tasmania GC comp, Sept 2019
Ian 84  +12 Huonville (Bash’n’Dash) 2018 ON TOUR
Keithy 120  +48 Longford (Bash’n’Dash) 2015 ON TOUR
Matt Crawf 111  +39 Lost Farm (Lost Bougle) 2017 ON TOUR
Dr Gaz 127  +56 Barny (Lost Bougle) 2017 ON TOUR
Mr Sexy 84 +12 Launceston GC in lower tier event, 90’s.

Tim J






Wynyard GC (Wanderer) 2019 ON TOUR

Jig 74 +2 RACV Cape Schanck (Wanderer) 2016 ON TOUR
Darvis 106 +34  NWB Feb 2017 social round
Poolie 133  +63  Orford GC (BashnDash) ON TOUR

Lowest Handicaps

Jig 5.0(?)

Bas 5.4 (April 2018)

Leroy 11.2

Felix 11.3

Cravo 11.7 (2019)

Mr Pants 15(?)

Ian 16.8

Tim J 20.6

Matt L 27(?)

Darvis 34

Matt C, Dr Gaz 36

Keithy 45

Poolie 54

2 thoughts on “Hole-In-Ones & Scoring Records

  1. It is looking like another superb year of golfing prowess in the GWT. Thanks treasurer for keeping the memories alive.
    Just for the record Jig scored a hole in one at Jubilee GC on the par 3 8th hole which is about 150m in 1990.

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