Hole-In-Ones & Scoring Records



Though Basil, Leroy, Felix and Tim J have been excruciatingly close more than once  and Leroy has holed out from 120m in the fairway at Barny, no Gent has ever aced a hole in a GWT Major.

So far……

Hole-in-Ones in GWT Championship history


However, two Gentlemen have had Hole-in-Ones whilst playing exhibition matches for the lower level competitions.

Hole-in-Ones by Gentlemen, off Tour

1. Jig – 1990, Jubilee GC. A skinny ground-grubber 8 iron. He’d already turned his back on the shot and thrown his club and had a tanty about it, before PLOP! in it went.

2. Cravo – 2017, NWBGC.  A nice fade 7 iron to the 145m Par 3 7th Hole which landed a couple foot left of the pin, hopped once, spun back and right into the hole. The crowd (Bas, Darvy) and Player went wild!!!

In a strange coincidence, this is the exact same hole (though re-modelled) where some fellow students played a trick on a 15 year old Cravo by popping his ball in the hole on the blind par 3 so he would think he had a hole-in-one. Then 28 years later it happened for real on the very same hole.


Scoring Records

Gent Best Score Over Details
Bas 72 +2 Oatlands Tas, March 2017 in lower tier event
Leroy 82 +10 Huonville (Bash’n’Dash) 2018 ON TOUR. Also shot +10 at KBGC in 2017 and 2018
Felix 75 +7 Tea Tree (MM) 2018 ON TOUR
Cravo 81 +9 NWB Feb 2017 social round
Ian 84  +12 Huonville (Bash’n’Dash) 2018 ON TOUR
Keithy 120  +48 Longford (Bash’n’Dash) 2015 ON TOUR
Matt Crawf 111  +39 Lost Farm (Lost Bougle) 2017 ON TOUR
Dr Gaz 127  +56 Barny (Lost Bougle) 2017 ON TOUR
Mr Sexy 84 +12 Launceston GC in lower tier event, 90’s.







Llanherne, social, during 2018 MM

Jig 74 +2 RACV Cape Schanck (Wanderer) 2016 ON TOUR
Darvis 106 +34  NWB Feb 2017 social round
Poolie 133  +63  Orford GC (BashnDash) ON TOUR

Lowest Handicaps

Jig 5.0(?)

Bas 5.4 (April 2018)

Leroy 11.2

Felix 11.3

Cravo 13.0 (2017)

Mr Pants 15(?)

Ian 16.8

Matt L 27(?)

Darvis 34

Matt C, Dr Gaz, Tim J 36

Keithy 45

Poolie 54


2 thoughts on “Hole-In-Ones & Scoring Records

  1. It is looking like another superb year of golfing prowess in the GWT. Thanks treasurer for keeping the memories alive.
    Just for the record Jig scored a hole in one at Jubilee GC on the par 3 8th hole which is about 150m in 1990.

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