2016/17 Lost Bougle – A Close One!


The founding members of the Lost Bougle tradition (Felix, Bas and the 2 Leighs) travelled to Bridport in late April 2017 to contest the 2016/17 Edition. Ian, Keithy, Dr Gaz, Matt and Mr Sexy all missed – absent either due to being buried under children; bushwalking and marathon running; or too busy chasing hotties and great waves.

Could the Bougle Master, Leroy go back-to-back and claim his 4th Bougle from 7 starts? Would Cravo make amends for his massive choke last year? Would Felix just make everyone else look silly with an easy cakewalk victory? Bas would finish 1st or 2nd (never any worse than that), but would it be winner or runner-up? 

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2013 Wandererer – Mornington MkII. Bas does it again!


Leroy – scoops one high into the 4th at St Andrews Beach

The Wanderer 2013 (Mornington, Vic)

The players: Leroy, Leigh, Felix, Jig (Greg) and Basil, with a cameo from JD, Steve and Rusty.

Venue: Best three rounds from The Dunes, Kingston Heath, St. Andrews Beach, The National (Moonah), The Peninsula (North) and (South).

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