MM Final 2012 – Basil vs Ian at New Norfik

Heretoforwith follows good Sir Basil’s report from The Inaugural Gentlemen’s World Tour “Matchplay Masters” Final ~

Congratulations to the 2012 (1st ever) Masters champion- Ian Hermanis. Won the final 2 up over 18 holes.

It only took him a few holes to warm up and the break from golf due to injury was a good omen.


Bas opening with a birdie on the first and following it up with a birdie on the 4th with 2 great irons in close.

Ian with massive blistering drives 280m up the middle on many holes, in fact on one par 4 on the back nine he hit it so far out of sight we never found it.

Ian and Bas both landing on the uphill par 3 (180m) 11th from the tee, and Ian draining the putt for birdie. Bas was starting to shake at the knees after this hole. Ian consolidated to be 3 up with 5 to play. Bas dug deep to bring it back to square after 16 holes with some good mid range putts and a bump and run 5 iron out of the rough that landed 3 feet from the hole.

Ian to his credit stepped up a notch and had par on the last two holes to win convincingly. A cracking 7 iron on the par 3 17th on the green and then drilling another Ian signature drive with a slight fade 280m up the guts on the 18th.

Felix’s quote of the day, “Ian you are losing about 20m with a fade instead of a draw”.

Shit do not give him too many hot tips otherwise he will be hitting in 9 irons to all the par 5’s at the Lost Bougle for his second shots.

Felix shot of the day, driving as far as Ian on the Par 4 13th.

Rob-couple of ripper mid range putts into the middle of the cup.

Leeroy- ability to move the ball both ways off his drive-draw and fade- this will be a great weapon once he dials in his fairway finder up at Barnie.

Well done Ian, rest up and keep the form as we head to Briddy soon.


Bas (The Treasurer)



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