2016/17 Lost Bougle – A Close One!


The founding members of the Lost Bougle tradition (Felix, Bas and the 2 Leighs) travelled to Bridport in late April 2017 to contest the 2016/17 Edition. Ian, Keithy, Dr Gaz, Matt and Mr Sexy all missed – absent either due to being buried under children; bushwalking and marathon running; or too busy chasing hotties and great waves.

Could the Bougle Master, Leroy go back-to-back and claim his 4th Bougle from 7 starts? Would Cravo make amends for his massive choke last year? Would Felix just make everyone else look silly with an easy cakewalk victory? Bas would finish 1st or 2nd (never any worse than that), but would it be winner or runner-up? 

Starting handicaps this year: Bas +6, Leroy +13, Cravo +14, Felix +15

Day One – Barny

Weather: 20 degrees, 1-2mm showers, light winds.


Felix nipping it nicely on nine.

The Bougle was on with some cracking intros and Leroy contributing to the giggle jar before he even hit his first shot. Felix lost ball off the tee, usually a good omen for winning the tourney! Solid start for everyone with a couple pars and a couple bogeys.

It got wet on the 2nd and Gentlemen’s clubs twisted in their hands so no one hit the green.

Pretty good play ensued from there other than Leroy’s triple on the 3rd and Felix flirting with the monster bunker on the 4th (just got over). Leroy hit a yucky first shot on the par 3 5th, but his provisional almost went in the hole (again – that hole is very scared it will give up a hole-in-one to Leroy soon)!

Felix was the first to hit zen golf with a green in reg on 5, a monster drive and easy par on 6, a ripper tee shot and birdie on Toms little devil and a monster drive and 7 iron in on the 8th (just continued on into the bunker sadly – so didn’t get scoreboard reward for his dominance). He sprayed a safety iron off the 9th tee, had another lost shot for tapping the ball accidentally about 1cm forwards and some general shenanigans for a 9 on the par 4 9th hole.

Scores at halfway : Bas 41, Cravo 44, Leroy 45, Felix 46 (played a lot better than he scored).

The back nine started and Felix lived up to his intro by making par on 10th from the 18th fairway!

Cravo put on a clinic with four pars in a row, but then copped a two shot penalty on the 14th for hitting the wrong ball on the way to a triple bogey 8.

Basil and Leroy hit zen golf here too, firing everything down the middle and hitting approaches close and racking up the pars. Leroy first contender for shot of the day with a 7 iron dead at it on the par 3 15th (to 5m), and then an even better 7 iron in from the same distance on 17 (to 1m). Bas matched that by drilling his pitch in on 17 to about 10cm. One handed tap in birdie. Cravo scorched a hot drive over the bunker and tapped a little 8 iron punch to about 1m as well and made birdie too. Leroy just missed and Felix nailed his par for a team score of 2 under on the hole.


Leroy pure, dead at it on 17.


Bas almost knocked his wedge in for Eagle on 17. Cravo and Leroy very close for 2 as well.

More pars to finish but a messy 7 from Felix. All in all a ripper first day! Cravo 84 (best score at Barny) (no bunkers) for a -1, Bas 78 for a +1 (best score at Barny), Leroy 88 for a +4, Felix 91 for a +5

Day Two – Lost

Early morning start and nice and still day – perfect scoring conditions.

Felix’s father-in-law put him off before the start of play by hiding his clubs so he had no practice time and then taking paparazzi snaps on the 1st hole and criticising his first shot. Thanks Kim’s Dad!

Leroy and Bas the stars today – even with Bas hardly holing any putts. Leroy smoking his drives and hitting great irons and made a few putts as well. Solid solid solid. 9 pars again same as yesterday. 4 pars in a row on 13th – 16th. Did not lose a ball and also scared the 17th for hole-in-one.

Bas killed it with low draw drives and great approaches but didn’t quite cash in on the greens. +3 off the stick on the back – could’ve been even better. Great birdie on 12.

Felix was pretty messy but had some incredible highlights, including holing a 20m putt on Jurassic park and smoking his drive on the 400m+ 18th, hitting a wedge in (!) and holing the birdie from about 10m. That is Pro Tour golf.

Cravo good first 4 holes (+1) and on the 5th in reg but had 4 putts from miles away and then had mostly disaster golf for the rest of the day, interspersed with brilliance. He was just a little bit off and got punished. Almost drove the short par 14th (5m short) but then ballsed it up for bogey, great 6 iron into 15th for par, great drive on 16 but followed up with a duff and then lots more yucky yucky yuck all the way home.


Cravo’s pure drive on 14. Shame about the next 4 shots!

Leroy 84 (-1) (best score at Lost) Bas 81 (+3), Cravo and Felix 96 97 (both +10).

Leaderboard after two days

Leroy +3

Bas +4

Cravo +9

Felix +15

Plenty of advice from absent Gents on the textys, suggesting we get Leroy & Bas drunk and have someone eat Basil’s ice cream. Cravo decided to get the whiskey out at lunchtime and get himself drunk instead! Fun family board games night #2 in the big Bridport house with Kim, Jen, Zoe and Amy (Lachie can play next year!).

Zoe and Amy were the Ultimate Werewolf champs! The girls team smashed the boys at Codewords. Kim might’ve slipped a bit extra white wine in Bas & Leroy’s glasses….thanks Kim 😉

Day three – Barny

All set up for a Leroy & Basil battle, with Cravo needing something special and Felix probably needing his lowest ever Barny score and a bit of help from the leaders.

Perfect still morning at Barny.

Leroy off first long & straight down the middle, ditto Bas. Felix and Cravo sliced lost balls into the thick stuff – whoopsie fellas. And we were away. Leroy aiming his 2nd down the right side of the fairway to give a good angle in for his approach (thinking like a Pro golfer!).


Bas chips to the 1st green

Everyone hit stellar approaches (see pic). Cravo closest and made the 3fter for par (including penalty), Bas and Leroy tap in pars and Felix easy bogey.


Four great approaches on the 1st

Second hole more scintillating golf. See pic of Basil’s approach. Felix great up and down monster putt for par, and the other boys 2 putt pars (Basil dead on line for birdie but just short – the greens betrayed him all weekend in this manner. Lots of short putts for everyone other than Felix generally who was holing a few).


More gettable birdies for Basil, Leroy and Cravo on the 2nd

Same deal on the 3rd. Great drives, great approaches (see pic). Pars for Bas & Leroy, 3 putt bogey for Cravo and shenanigans for Felix.


Hot golf continued on 3. Leroy and Bas’ approaches in foreground, Cravo’s ran thru to the back

There was a slight wind with on the short par 4 4th hole, so Felix and Cravo tried to drive it. Not quite good enough! Leroy & Bas laid up. Bas went for a low percentage shot off a bad lie & shot it into the thick stuff. Leroy chunked a 52 halfway up the hill beside the big bunker and the ball sat down in a hole. All ok though double bogeys for the leaders, bogey Cravo and easy tap in par for Felix.


Leroy in a tough spot on the 4th.

Wind now 2 clubs. First real wind for the tourney. Long par 3 5th hole dead into it. Lewah smashes his favourite club (hybrid) dead at the pin. Cravo hits an ok 5 iron on a good line. Bas creams one but it sits on the hill behind the green and refuses to come down. Felix finds sand. Cravo got all excited when they got down close to the green coz he could only see 1 ball (which he thought was his) so therefore Leroy must have a hole in one! Unfortunately nope – the ball he could see was Leroy’s and Cravo’s was in the thick bushes. Felix got the only par – using magic.

Four great drives on the 6th. A very very high quality Bougle. Pars for Leroy, Felix & Cravo, bogey for Bas.

Tom’s Little Devil bit back on day 3. Felix, Bas & Leroy doubles and Cravo bogey. Although the Irish lads we let through made it look very, very easy (birdie and 2 pars). (sigh)

8th hole was looking very loooooong into the wind. Cravo smashed a big draw drive up top, Felix nice safe fade, Bas & Leroy split the middle (which meant they had bad lies in the rough which divides the dual fairway). Leroy saved himself here with another magic hybrid and nailed a great 3m bogey putt, everyone else ok.

9th. 3 great drives and a Felix whoopsie. Cravo great 3 iron in to about 4m, Bas 5 iron to 8m, Leroy fried egg in the bunker, and Felix distracted badly and not happy with Bas & Cravo whispering. Sorry mate!

Cravo got his bird, Bas par, Leroy double, Felix triple.

Front nine : Cravo 41, Bas 42, Leroy 43, Felix 45. HOT GOLF

Leroy headed to the 10th tee with a 4 shot lead on Bas and Cravo, and 11 on Felix.

Leroy at this point was +4 for the Tourney and had played the best 45 holes in Bougle history. EVER.

What would happen on the back nine? A Leroy procession, waltzing away with his 4th Bougle? Bas going low and pipping Leroy? Or maybe some blowouts and big swings on the leaderboard?

10 & 11 were uneventful in terms of the title race, but Felix nailed a beautiful birdie on the par 5.

12 was interesting golf. Bas and Cravo both needing to make some ground on Leroy, went for the green downwind with driver, but just got swallowed up by the corner of the monster bunker. Bas out in 2 and made bogey, Cravo out in 4 and made triple. Leroy turned his drive over – lost ball R. Problems. Quad bogey.

13 Basil hit an immaculate 3 iron into the wind to 4m. Claimed Best Shot trophy with that, and left another bird just short in the heart. Bogeys for the two Leighs.

14. Doubles ahoy for everyone other than Bas – who had triple.

15. Par for Felix, doubles for Bas and Cravo (got miffed by a mound on the green which meant he couldn’t get his lag close) and disaster for Leroy with a 10 after drawing his drive a little touch too much into the scrub and not being able to hack it out.

Score update on the 16th tee surprisingly showed Cravo was the new leader by 1 from Bas and 3 in front of Leroy. Everyone hit awesome irons into the par 3 16th, with about 1cm separating Felix and Leroy for nearest the pin. Pars for everyone other than Bas, who didn’t quite get up and down.

Everyone smoked their drives on 17. Bas and Felix on in Reg, Leroy too strong thru the back and Cravo too delicate didn’t get up the swale. A terrible Cravo wedge and 3 putt saw it all square thanks to Basil’s par. Felix nailed another great birdie. Leroy also had a double, so heading to the final hole it was Bas and Cravo tied, and Leroy 3 back. What a great Bougle!

Bas and Cravo smashed their drives down the guts, which meant it was a two man race now. Both left their 8 irons just short of the green. Bas chipped it past the cup, intending to use the bank to filter it back down but the naughty ball stayed up there. Cravo hit a weak Cravo wedge just short of the tier where the pin was located, which rolled back down about 3m. Cravo missed his par. Bas had a putt to win the Bougle. It didn’t drop. Tap in. Cravo had a 1&1/2 footer to take it to a playoff. Yep – after taking his customary 10 minutes concentrating he made it.

Unlucky Leroy – had played the finest 45 holes in Bougle history, but got massively punished for a couple of tired swings on the tee at 12 and 15.

So we had our first ever tied Bougle! Felix was excited about witnessing the play-off to come, but unexpectedly both players felt deflated. Probably because they’d had chances to win and hadn’t taken them. Or because 54 holes of stroke is a massive challenge and they’d been concentrating hard for 3 days already. Not sure.

Some extra score-checks (yep – both tied at +14 for the Tourney) and a discussion about whether to play 2 or 3 playoff holes. It was decided that it’d be 2 holes (10th & 18th) with Cravo getting 1 shot on handicap.

There was a bit of waiting around for a gap in the groups and then it was on! Cmarn boys – fire back up!

The Playoff


On the 10th, Bas came over the top of his drive a bit and finished in a horrible spot in the left bunker close to the lip. Cravo solid enough to the right edge of the fairway. Bas had to come out sideways. Then topped a hybrid(?). Cravo ok 5 iron 20m short on the hill. Bas bad approach. Cravo nice punch 8 iron to 4ft. Bas great chip to 5ft. Bas made his putt and Cravo missed his. Bogey Cravo, Dbl Bas. Cravo 2 shots in front (1 + handicap shot)

Getting to the 18th tee involved some major bushbashing which was tough on the caddies (Felix & Leroy) and then a 10 minute wait to play. Very hard to get momentum or focus going.


Eventually Cravo off first. A big test of nerves. He hit a low, streaky (but straight) bullet a mile down the fairway and then he dissolved into relieved laughter coz it had looked like it was going to bury itself straight in the long grass just in front of the tee! Bas followed – clinical of course, sweet draw down the middle.

Bas missed his approach a bit right into the valley of sin. Cravo punched a nine iron onto the front of the green in line with the pin. Bas chipped it on, but came up short. Cravo stepped up and hit a great birdie try, then stroked in a short par putt to claim his first Lost Bougle at his seventh attempt. Very pleased! Redemption for last year. Basil of course, the man who must be beaten if you want a Bougle. Always strong. Always tough. Always 1st or 2nd. Never out of it.

Final results

1st Cravo (+14) (won playoff)

2nd Bas (+14) (lost playoff)

3rd Leroy (+20)

4th Felix (about +20, but didn’t complete 54th hole)


Defending Champ Leroy hands the Bougle over to Cravo


Not sure why Cravo is handing Best Shot to Basil. Got a bit excited maybe? Leroy was defending Best Shot gent.


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