2017 Bash’n’Dash – Bothwell Battle!


A foggy start at the Bothwell Bash’n’Dash

The 2017 Bash’n’Dash was held in the last days of Autumn, with a high quality field headed to the oldest golf course in the Southern Hemisphere – Ratho, at Bothwell.

A stellar line up of the Golfing World’s brightest stars nominated to contest the year’s 2nd Major. Leroy was back to defend his victory at Tarraleah last year; past winners Bas & Cravo were back for another crack; and Felix and Ian were searching for their first ever capture of the Auld (Mother’s Day) Mug.

Who would prevail on this largely unknown layout – the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere? Find out more, with the Treasurer’s Report below……………….


Treasurer’s Report:

Bash n Dash 2017 report
Venue: Ratho Farm, Bothwell
Weather: Sunny and not a scaric (sic) of wind
Players: Lewah, Felix, Ian, Leigh C. and Basil
It was a slightly foggy drive up to Bothwell from southern Tasmania but the Brighton bakery en route warmed and increased the heart rate of the competitors. Caffeine and major nerves being key contributors.
After being greeted by Greg Ramsay in true highland hospitality at the old homestead and a few practice swings it was time to start the contest. Ian dusted off his clubs and managed to get a great kick off the timber rail fence on the Par 3 1st hole. Lots of chips and putts from all players on the 1st ruled out anyone starting with Par.
On the 2nd hole the reigning champion Lewah hit an iron to the centre of green then sank a downhill birdie putt that swung sideways from about 5m.

Ian hit this fence 3 times in 2 holes! Love at first sight!

The 3rd hole caused some havoc with Leigh C hitting his drive into the sheep pen fence and rebounding sideways, Felix and Lewah both losing balls in the rough which was tough and Leigh C losing a ball to the crows.
The 4th hole a long par 3 was a tricky one with a Creek running all the way down the right side and hugging the green. Felix went a lay up 8 iron to middle of the fairway while Lewah and Leigh C both blasted two shots with a hybrid/ long iron into the water hazard.

Ian chips from the bail out area. Bas and Felix’s balls are on the green (Bas closest). The 2 Leigh’s are very very wet.

Some more short Par 4’s and a Par 3 allowed for a few good scoring holes. Leigh C and Lewah both scored birdies on the Par 4 6 th hole with some top shelf driving, pitching and putting. Arguably the shot of the day came on the 8th hole a 198 m Par 3 over a hedge and OOB running down the entire right side.
Leroy hit 3 wood or Driver straight into the middle of the green and just missed the short putt for birdie. Ian and Felix both got their drives flying long and straight on the 9th hole and Ian cleaned up on the double or nothing betting stakes when he put his second shot close to the pin.
After the turn it was time to add up the numbers while Ian enjoyed a Stout hand delivered by Greg Ramsay.
Ian 11 points, Felix 12 points, Leigh C 13 points, Basil 15 points, Lewah 19 points.
So Lewah was leading the pack and everyone was trying to hunt him down on the back nine. Lewah looked to assert his advantage on the 10th tee, by weeing where Bas had just had a wee! Very territorial πŸ˜‰
On the short par 4 13th Ian and LC both put scintillating drives next to the green, good chips and both birdies. Awesome stuff, the leaderboard was tightening.
Bas tightened up the contest on the back with a run of Par, birdie, par, birdie and when Lewah stumbled with a wipe after getting tangled up with a drain off his drive it was game on.
Bas was 2 points up on Lewah and three points ahead of LC who was also making a charge going into the last 4 holes. With some very interesting holes with undulating greens and plenty of hazards to avoid it was nail biting stuff. LC and Lewah both gained a point on the 15th with some good scrambling near the green. After driving to the centre of the fairway only 50m out LC had a disappointing wipe on 16, Lewah 1 point and Bas 2 points.
Long Par 3 17th and Lewah hit the fence surrounding the green with his drive, Bas went a touch left with his 3 iron. After a few reply shots due to hitting the fence numerous times with our chips both got pars but Lewah got an extra point.
With one hole to play it was a one shot ball game with no extra shots on handicap for the last hole which was a big curving par 5 with lots of long grass right and left and a hedge to hit over near the green. Lewah pushed his drive a bit left and it got gobbled by the rough but was found. He could not extract himself from the long reeds when his second shot went deeper into the long rough. Bas hit a very careful drive and layup 6 iron and finished with a bogey for 2 points to capture the 2017 BND title. Another highlight was watching Ian also crush his drive on 18 and put a perfectly weighted 4 iron next to the green for two. Two sensational shots that is sure to get him pumped up for the MM.
Thanks everyone for a brilliant day out at Ratho Farm. Cheese platters and drinks and presentations in the old homestead was a great way to finish.
Bas 35 points (Champ)
Leroy 32
Cravo 30
Felix 29
Ian 27



Leroy launched an excellent title defence, but just fell short against Basil’s power and precision game. BvR back on top, claiming his 7th Major!

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