The MM Vault – Round Robins pre-2016


Here’s an incomplete record of Matchplay Masters Round Robin reports that I’ve dragged out of our Vault, housed deep within a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately we lost a few reports that were stored up against our aged gruyere cheeses and are now green piles of mould. 

What remains is worth a read for the many thousands of GWT scholars out there, and for the players themselves to relive some of the old matches that have probably been forgotten.


Norfik GC, August 2012 – Bas, Matt L and Felix battles

New Norfolk GC was looking in top nick especially fairways.

In the first match Felix Vs Matt there was only one squared hole and they finished up all square after 9

Over the back 9 Bas took on Felix and Matt at the same time.

Bas cleaned up Felix 3 up with 2 to play.

Matt fought hard but lost 2 and 1.

Highlights included Felix nailing his longest putt ever for Birdie on the 2nd hole. Matt shooting 2 under his handicap on the front with some solid driving. Bas hitting a 4 iron to 3m on the 10th and sinking the birdie.


Forcett Lakes GC, August 2012 – Alex (Mr Sexy) vs Leigh (Cravo) 

Lexy and Leigh battled it out on a windy day at Forcett Lakes on Sunday. Both were a bit rusty. Greens were atrocious as you would expect, but the rest of the course in good nick.
It was a close fought affair, with neither golfer able to break clear for more than a +1 advantage at any stage. The highlight of the day was Alex hitting it to 1 metre (directly behind the pin) on a short par three and holing the birdie.
It was all square after 7, and on the short par 4 8th (with out of bounds trouble on the right) Alex went first. He creamed a nice high draw, but put it on the fairway to the left. I stepped up and hit a nice slice 5 iron straight out of bounds. Then hit the next over with Alex. Then had about 7 chips to get to the green (chipping was particularly rusty after so little golf!). Needless to say Alex won the hole to go one up with one to play.
On the 9th (short downhill par 3) Alex had one shot on me on handicap (as I’m on 16, he’s on 18 and it was the easiest hole on the course). The big rangy lefty took his time, composed himself, and hit a pure half wedge with a nice draw. The wind and the downhill combined to see it sail over the back of the green. I stepped up with my wedge (which I had just got back after throwing it into the trees after taking 7 chips on the previous hole), and set up to hit a little punch and run it down the hill. I did that, but hit it a bit thin. Watched and waited for it to leak down onto the green about 3 metres from the hole. Game back on!
Alex hit a bad first chip. Then an awesome one to about 4ft. I forgot he had a shot on me so lagged the putt and tapped it in thinking sweet I won the hole. But! Alex had a 4 footer to square the hole and win the matchplay. It bounced off a hoofprint and missed. End result was a draw! A fun day’s golf!
Richmond Private, September 2012 – Leigh battle, with Basil social


Hi Gentlemen,

It was the battle of the Leighs today at Richmond Private. Basil came along to tune his game for the Wanderer and to score/adjudicate (I notice he hasn’t switched caddies as yet despite my sage advice from last time)
It was another windy day in the Southern Matchplay Masters with yet more thrills and spills to report!
First tee I stepped up with my Yellow Srixon z Star and proceeded to slice a 5 iron way out of bounds on the breeze. Oops! Then Lwah hit one of the best drives I’ve ever seen off the 1st, high and long and straight down the middle with a slight draw. Basil hit a bit of a hook (error version of the new swing), which turned out just fine. I hopped back on the tee and smoked the 5 iron shot I should have hit first time. Leeroy put his 2nd on the green and that was it – all over red rover! Lwah up +1
Second tee Lwah went off in the trees to the left, Basil hit the best drive I’ve ever seen on the 2nd (high, long draw down the middle) and I hit a weak fadey/slice which managed to stay in play. I got my 3 iron down by the green ok for 2, and Lwah had a tree issue and then some soft ground issues leading to fat shots. I got him there, back to all square.
Third tee and we were all over the place – me off to the right by the 4th green, Lwah off to the left over the trees and Basil straight but short along the ground. Amy was well and truly asleep by this point, which  I can’t understand given the occasionally sizzling shotplay! We all advanced towards the green via various methods, and I called a 1 shot penalty on myself for moving my ball when moving a stick. Lwah generously offered to let me off, but the ball rolled about a foot so it was a definite shot penalty for sure. I lipped out for the win with my putt, so all square
Fourth tee little par 3 over the dam and you wouldn’t see 3 better looking shots off the tee than what we hit. Lwah middle of the green and left of the pin, me dead on line but just short of the green, and Basil really really close to the pin but just to the right. Basil lipped out on the birdie. I was giving Lwah one shot on this hole, so got up and down for a par and forced him to 2 putt for the win. Thanks to my course for being exceptionally slow on the uphill putts, which left Lwah with a 6 or 7 footer for the win. Missed. Still all square
Fifth I slicey one out of bounds again. Basil smoked his. Lwah hit a slice too, off in the trees a bit. My provisional was also awful off the tee. Good 3 iron from me and good recovery from Lwah to be on the hill about 90m out. Me for 4 shots, Lwah for 2. Lwah had a tricky side-hill lie, took one club too many and smoked one out of bounds over the fence. I won this hole with a few less chips and putts.
Sixth hole long 170m par 3 from up the hill. I hit a skinny one no trouble about 20m short on the left. Lwah hit a beautiful high draw that sailed long on the wind and ended up way back on the next tee. Basil hit a funny shot into the gum tree on the right, and then a too-strong punch that ran through. Lwah got it just off the green for 2 (but putting) and I got mine to about 2 or 3m. Had to hole it to win the hole, and I did. Me +2 with three to play
Seventh hole I stepped up to hit my safety 5 iron over the dam to the fairway, but hit almost the worst shot anyone has ever played and it went sideways over the dam and to the left of the pumphouse shed! It was funny! Basil flirted with the dam wall but got his wood up and over and onto the fairway. Lwah hit a slicey fade into the trees on the left. I hit a provisional, which was a low skinny 5 iron that just missed some ducks and almost made it to the corner of the dam. Anyway, I got lucky and found mine and had a shot. Lwah was unplayable and had to take a drop. Some more farnarkling around and I got there for one or two less to take the hole and the win 3&2.
Lwah then proceeded to hit shot of the day to the 150m par 3 8th and hole the birdie putt, then backed it up with par on the last. Alas too late. But very fine form heading into the Wanderer Cup
The Wanderer starts at 1:10pm on Saturday. It won’t be shown Live on your normal TV stations, but is available on Fox Sports 3 at 2:30am every morning as a half hour highlights package. Failing that, look out for Lwah’s nightly updates via text or email
Good luck Courageous Wanderers!!
Claremont GC, September 2012 – Ian, Felix and Matt L

Ian’s magic tee shot on the 13th hole, which hit a tree 50m ahead and bounced all the way back behind him!

Claremont was the scene of two more clashes in the Southern Matchplay Masters – Ian vs. Felix, and Ian vs. Matt. The conditions were incredibly challenging, thanks to gusts of 100km/h winds.

Because of a prior bet involving Matt attending strip clubs, Matt got to choose the front or back to play Ian. Though the club pro told us the back 9 would be less windy Matt decided his ability to concentrate later on was the overriding factor and elected to play Ian 1st. After correcting the signage spelling on the 1st tee, Matt proceeded to work his way up the right hand side but we think that was so he could be closer to the factory which was emanating chocolaty smells. After hacking his way up the left side of the rough, Ian managed to sink a reasonably long putt on the green, complete with a full lap of honour, to tie the first hole. Ian won the second fairly easily with a par after Matt sprayed his tee shot well left, and Ian took out the third after Matt lost his ball down the cliff towards the 4th tee. Matt got one back on the 4th, hitting the green off the tee and then having only three putts (this was one the holes where Matt got a shot on Ian, and he sure as hell needed it). The 5th was halved in controversial circumstances. After declaring that Felix was going to be very careful to ensure that this week he WOULDN’T hit Ian’s ball, Felix proceeded to hit Ian’s ball. Technically Matt should’ve won the hole by default, but he’s a Nice Guy™ and he let Ian play another ball from where Felix hit his. Another win halve and another win to Ian brought us to the 8th tee with Matt two down and unable to win playing a 500m par 5 uphill into a vicious headwind. Ian failed to hit a single ball straight, while Matt was just 50m short for 3. Unfortunately Matt made the mistake of playing a high SW approach, and the wind quite gladly took his ball well left into the rough. Fortunately this was another hole where Matt had a shot on Ian, because he proceeded to duff his next chip a metre. After a much better chip and one putt, Matt headed to the 9th tee one down and with a chance of tying it up. The wind on the 9th tee was directly into our faces and at this point felt as though it was approaching 200km/h. Unfortunately Matt’s swing was not entirely crisp, and when you hit the ground 40cm behind the ball, there’s a good chance you’ll hit it directly into the dam. To add insult to injury, Ian smoked his tee shot straight down the middle of the fairway. Matt’s second tee shot also found the fairway, followed by an amazing approach ending up a 2 metres from the pin, but Ian’s par was more than enough to seal the game 2 up.

The second nine was Felix’s chance to derail the Hermanisi Train.

It was a fairly stock and standard mix of good and ugly golf for the first few holes and had

10th Felix 1 up

11th All square

12th Ian 1 up

13th Ian still 1 up

And here is where it got entertaining. With Ian’s natural slice and the wind (probably approaching 800kmph) pushing it towards the dam, Ian, scared of going near the dam, aimed well well well well left and collided with a tree at least 50m down the fairway on the left hand side. No one except Felix saw which direction it ricocheted to, and even through the wind, Felix could be heard immediately laughing. Just as Matt asked Felix “where did it go?”, the ball thudded into the ground right next to us, and kicked on a further 10 metres BEHIND the tee markers. The attached photo shows Ian playing his second shot! Unfortunately we didn’t see where his second landed, because he aimed it at a person passing in a golf cart, and we were distracted by the fear of the poor fellow being hit. Felix let Ian drop a ball roughly where we thought his would have ended up, but fortunately Felix won the hole anyway, avoiding any further controversies.

14th Ian couldn’t recover enough from the ricochet and it was All Square

15th Both Felix and Ian were just off the green for one, and Ian drained a reasonable putt to claim the hole, Ian 1 up

16th Ian got a shot here but it wasn’t needed as his approach was to 10cm to take an unlosable position of 2 up with 2 to playjust like his match against Matt on the front.

17th Saw two of the best drives of the day and maybe 280-300m? up the fairway. Felix loving the pressure of having to win, smoked his 3 wood to 10 metres while Ian sprayed his shot left up near the top dam. Felix chipped close for an easy birdie and after Ian had finished flirting with a fellow player couldn’t match a birdie so Ian 1up with 1 to play.

18th Felix drove 1st and looked great for 90% but just tailed off into the trees on the right. Ian went left of the fairway. After Felix had no choice but to chip out, Ian comfortably worked his way down the hill for an easy victory and stitched up his 2nd victory to make it 2 for 2.

Ian was keeping track of his strokes and shot, 47,46 for a 93. Watch out Basil!


NWB September 2012 – Leroy, Basil, Ian and Cravo

Sun. Matchplay Scores

Leeroy beat Ian 3/2

Bas beat Ian 2/1

Ian beat Leigh 3/2


So, after results on the weekend Basil is confirmed in the Final, and I am the only person who is definitely gawn no chance good luck next year (Cravo)
A great day of epic battles, 3 out of 4 I cannot comment on as didn’t see
In my match v Ian it all started well for me. Par on the 10th to go 1 up. Had to give Ian a shot on both the next two holes, and he proceeded to chuck em away with sloppy golf. However, I didn’t do enough, and when I missed a 3 footer which would have put me 2 up little did I know that I was now in big trouble! But I should have. As Ian never plays more than a shot or two under or over his handicap, AND because he had a bad front nine I should have known I was doomed. Three pars in a row to Ian was great golf and far too good for me. I actually played ok, at least until I went in the greenside bunker with my third at the long par five. About five shots later I managed to find the green. Somehow, I must have slipped or something(?) because my sand wedge flew out of my hands about twenty metres up in the sky and came down and landed thoonk and stuck in the boggy ground. Don’t know how that happened!
I needed to win the next three holes to sneak a half point, but no way was I good enough. Congrats to Ian – well played senor.
So, I’m out. Basil’s in the final. Who he plays is yet to be determined, but Ian can put himself in the final with a win over Alex. If that doesn’t happen, it gets down to all sorts of interesting!
Good luck o gentlemen golfers in ye pursuit of the Southern Matchplay Masters 2012


Kingston Beach, September 2013 – Matt L, Ian, Felix, Basil and the 2 Leighs

Well the match play masters kicked off on the weekend and what a weekend it was.  With all 7 matches being played in sunshine on sandy Kingston beach greens, there was defiantly (sic)  a few make or break moments in each match! Matt L won both his games to be the superstar of the day – well done Matt!

Llanherne, September 2013 –  Matt L, Ian, Felix, Basil and the 2 Leighs

Llanherne on Sunday was the match play venue of the weekend with a total of 4 matches play matches taking place…  Leroy was the man of the day defeating both his opponents and posting an impressive 86 off the stick if my memory serves me correctly !  (someone get him to comps on Saturdays to reel his handicap down a couple for the lost bougle!)

The results were as follows:

Basil v Ian : Draw (4 points apiece)

Leigh v Matt : Win to Leigh

Leroy v Felix : Win to Leroy

Leroy v Basil : Win to Leroy


Llanherne, October 2013 – Ian vs Leigh

With the winner into the Final (well Ian straight in if he won, Cravo would need to win a playoff), this was a crunch match.

Just for an added extra, the sprinklers were on on the first and we had to dodge our way along.

The match didn’t go very long. Boom! I got annihilated by Ian. 5 and 4. Ouch!

Ian started par, par, bogey, bogey, par
And his 2 holes where he got an extra shot were in there too
Waaay too good
An outstanding display by the Defending Champ
Leeroy and Ian all set for the Final on Sunday – should be a cracker!



Huon Valley, July 2014 – Leroy vs Basil, Felix as scribe

Hi gents,

Yesterday Leroy, Basil and Felix stepped out onto a soggy course in nice sunny weather with light winds.

The front nine was used as a warm up track ready for a big match between basil and Leroy and to allow the dew to dry off the greens.

On the match play index, Leroy got a shot per hole and Bas got shots on 10, 12, 14 & 16.

10th – both on the green in reg for easy 2 putt pars – all square.

11th – Basil steady to be next to green for 2 and a great chip to set up an easy par putt after going into the trees in the right off the tee. Leroy, also in the trees in the right off the tee, but duffed the next few shots to scramble a 6 – Bas 1up.

12th – Leroy hit a draw off the tee and played good golf to get a bogey, Bas was steady to near the green, played a great chip to set up an easy par putt – Bas 2 up

13th – Bas 2 awesome shots to be near the green, great chip and then made the birdie putt, Leroy scrambled a 6 after unlucky tee shot caught the trees – Bas 3up

14th – Bas steady play for Par, Leroy found the drain on the right off the tee tried to play the ball and made it all worse, duffed a few more shots and 3 putted for an 11 – Bas 4 up with 4 to go.

15th – Bas smoked a tee shot to be 5m from the hole and an easy par, Leroy to just off the green and up and down for bogey, all square on the hole, giving Bas the win.

The final three holes Bas went par, par bogey and Leroy went bogey, par par.

All through the match the words “oh great shot bas” was said so many times it was like the CD player was on repeat.

Off the stick Bas shot 36 (par 36) and Leroy made 19 stableford points (played well for 8 out of 9 holes).

But what can you do when Basillicus the god of golf comes to town? It was great to watch

With play like that, he would have to be an early favourite.

Happy Monday.


Norfik, July 2014 – Bas vs Keith

Matchplay- Keith (H/C-36) Vs Bas (H/C-7)

Weather; Foggy with 150m visibility, cold and still

Keith had not played at New Norfolk before so it was time to check out this great golfing mecca.

Zoe and Amy helped Bas out by pushing his golf cart occasionally but tested his patience by complaining about wet feet- silly dad forget to ensure they were in gum boots. But Keith peppered them with Anzac biscuits and I tried to keep them alive by feeding them chocolate eclairs.

1st hole- Bas hammered his drive into the mist somewhere towards the fairway. Keith snap sliced into the trees right. Bas got Par, Keith got a few more. 1 up Bas

2nd Hole- Due to earthworks on 2nd tee we teed it up on the 11th tee Long par 3.

Keith went short right, Bas 10m right of the green. Bas bogey and a win. Keith practicing his new swing. Bas 2up

3rd Hole- Bas hit the green on the next long par 3 and 2 putt par. Keith hit a pretty good drive underneath trees on the left but took two shots to get on the green and missed an important putt coming back. Bas 3 up

4th hole- Keith tried to get in van riet’s head by saying it would be all over after 5 holes. Bas put his drive into the mist too far right and found it underneath a tree. Punched it with a fade 7iron to the front of green but then faulted and 3 putted. Keith holed a clutch 5 footer coming back to save the half. Bas 3 up

5th hole- Bas nailed another drive middle right of fairway. Keith criss- crossed the fairway a few times but hit a great mid iron in left of the green and then a good chip on. Bas lifted his head and hit a low wedge into the right trees which bounced further right into the rough. Recovered with a 52 wedge onto back edge of green and 2 putt bogey. This was enough for bas to go 4 up.

6th hole- The cracking par 3 across the side of the hill. Bas hit a wedge to back left of green and left birdie just short. Keith hit a mound of leaves 20m right of the tee box so he teed it up again and managed to bounce it through the front bunker and onto the green. Then he was faced with a very tricky putt around the curve of the green. Pin was tucked back right. Bas 5 up

7th 8th and 9th Practice holes

Keith smashed his best drive of the day right side of fairway with the roll of the hill bringing it back to the middle 220m up. Bas hit a great 3rd shot to 3m from 50m away and holed the putt for par.

Next hole Keith got onto a great mid iron but it went way left into the wattles above the bunker. Bas was thinking how is Keith going to go here, but he hit an absolute cracker which caught a little wattle on the way through to take off a little speed to finish 5m from the hole. Bas got his par.

Keith finished with a bit of driving practice on the 9th but was just starting to warm up. Alex Head (Tas pro) has got in his head about lots of swing changes to be thinking about. Watch out boys when he gets his swing on song in a few weeks.

Bas finished with 3 over the card for 9- played to his handicap (got 3 shots on the front at New Norfolk.

Oatlands GC, July 2014 – the 2 Leighs

Sat – Leroy and Leigh stepped out on a fine sunny day with no winds onto a dry Oatlands course.

With a shot gun start we started on the 8th and played 9 warm up holes and then got down to battle. Leigh didn’t get a shot on 1&3.

  1. Par 4, leigh good start just off to the right and Leroy back a bit on the left after hitting the one tree in that area. Leroy recovered to be on the green for 3 and 2 putt bogey. Leigh missed second and ended in more trouble, next shot got stuck in the grass and he ended up on the green for 5, missed the first putt and soccered the ball in for a wipe. Leroy 1 up.
  2. par 4, Leigh smoked drive and second shot to be just off the green up and down for easy bogey. Leroy got tee shot stuck in only bit of long grass on the right, tried to hit out low to go under a tree and hit another tree the ball bounced and nearly went out of bounds. Leroy ended up with a double bogey, all square.
  3. par 4, leroy smoked drive and onto green for 2 and made par. Leigh went into trees off the tee and took a few shots to get home, Leroy 1 up.
  4. par 4, Leroy smoked drive and second shot onto green from 155m out (nice shot) sent the first putt a bit long past the hole and then hit second putt just missed hole and roled around edge..stopped.. thought about it for a while…and then dropped in for par. Leigh into trees off the tee and made bogey. Leroy 2 up.
  5. par 3 across the lake. All that talk early in the week of bouncing balls off ducks must have planted a seed. Leigh put 2 shots into lake and took a wipe, leeroy made bogey, Leroy 3up.
  6. par 5, both wayward off tee, leigh went into lake and had to go back a tee up again. Leroy had to hit second shot through trees and sent it across fairway into more trees. Leigh played steady all the way for a 7, Leroy duffed a few for a 9, Leroy 2up.
  7. par 4, hardest hole, leigh out of bounds off the tee, Leroy up the middle. Leigh pulled out a camera for leroys next shot which he duffed into the trees and scramble to be next to the green for four. Leigh recovered with great shots from tee to green including a chip that looked like it was in to set up a 6inch putt to make 6 (sought of a par). Leroy putts on to be 3 feet from hole, looked at the shot and thought “hmm just have to make this putt for the win and I can do it” and stabbed at it to miss and square the hole. Leroy 2up.
  8. par 3 Leigh hit green in reg, Leroy just short and chipped on to be 10ft from hole above the pin. Leigh made easy par, Leroy then drained the putt to square the hole and win the match.

We played the next hole then into the clubhouse to enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and the fine spread of food they had.


Ti Tree GC, July 2014 – Leroy and Keith

Leroy had trouble concentrating after the day before and took a while to get going. Keith was still experimenting with new swing and also took a while to get going but he did chip and put well to keep it all square after 2 holes. Then we played a short par 4 across a river and up a hill where Keith found the river and took a few shots to get there but did drain a 15ft putt, Leroy nearly lost a ball in the trees but had some luck and made a bogey, Leroy 1 up after 3.

Keith then started hitting drives and made good tee shots for the rest of the day, that new swing is coming. But over the next few holes Leroy made steady play to win the next 3 out of 4 holes to go to 4 up after 7 for the win in the match.


NWB, August 2014 – Bas vs Felix

Another top Match between Felix and Basil in the Matchplay masters. Back nine

Felix had a three putt on the first after leaving his first putt downhill quite short. Yes the greens were slow and very patchy grass. Bas with a bogey was 1 up.

On the second hole Bas and Felix hit reasonable drives down the fairway then Felix hit a great approach to the middle left of green. Bas went way right and 10m short but managed to  hit a good chip to about 4m. Felix 3 putted and Bas 1 putted to halve the hole. Bas 1 up.

Third- Felix and Bas both hit good drives down the fairway but both missed the approach. Both chipped and 2 putted for a half. Bas 1 up.

4th– Both hit reasonable drives. Felix hit the green and 2 putted for his Par, Bas missed the green left hit an average chip and 2 putt bogey. Felix won it. All square.

5th– Felix and Bas hit identical shots, back right 10m off the green. Both did average chips to about 7m. Bas missed his putt Felix drilled his. Felix 1up. Leroy smoked us both by nailing his iron to 2m and sinking bird.

6th– Both drives went opposite sides of the rough. Felix eventually ended up in the greenside bunker for 3 and Bas was just short of hole for 4. Felix sailed his 4th shot way over the green hitting a blackwood. He then hit an amazing approach to 4m from the hole and 2 putted for a 7. Bas needed to hole his 1.5 foot putt for par to win the hole and got a bit shaky and hooked it left. A halved hole. Felix 1 up. Bas was feeling the torment and the pressure.

7th– Felix and Bas both hit good drives although Felix was a bit left of the fairway. He then decided to hit his 8 iron from 130m (that is what his ridgy-didge phone app said). He hit it straight at the pin but it sailed 15m over the back. He was only 110m out just back from the 100m red post. Bas got over excited and skinnied his approach further behind the green than Felix. Both hit very good chips, Felix missed his chip from 5m, Bas drained his from 3m to win the hole. All Square.

8th Felix hit a tree and bounced into the scrub on the left and had to take a penalty. He sent the next one way right of the green. Bas hit his second to 2m short, chipped up and holed his par. Felix conceded the hole. Bas 1 up

9th Felix had a shot on the last. Both hit average drives right hand side of fairway. Felix smashed his 3 wood very high-as he said, “you have to go for it”. He managed to just keep it in play from going into the dam by about 2m, 50m short of the green. Bas hit 6 iron duff then 5 iron short of the green. Bas chipped 4m past the hole. Felix hit middle of the green for 3. Bas tried to apply a touch a pressure by holing out for Par but Felix was solid from 1.5 foot draining his putt for par to win the hole.

Result: All square.

Gary hit some great drives and when he hones in his direction finder he will be a man to reckon with. He spent most of  the time on the back nine researching the course layout with a drive buggy looking for a misplaced iphone.


Claremont GC, September 2014 – Felix vs Cravo

Leigh and Felix rocked up to Claremont and had a good 14 sec warm up before their tee time was called. No handicap advantage, stick battle on the back 9 awaited.

Paired with two very friendly locals in chilly but nice conditions for a stableford comp, both had tap in pars on the 1st and a sense of some great golf to come

That sense didn’t last long as some up and down golf from both resulted in 14 pts for Leigh on the front and 13 pts for Felix, though we did see dolphins 20m off the shore.

10th Leigh teed off first and a good looking swing but got the toe, the ball went waaaaaay right towards the 12th fairway. Felix hit his first decent 3 wood of the day straight up the guts with 30 metres to go but knew the hole was far from being over. Leigh’s ball was found on a down slope of a hazard ditch, a very bad lie. Defying the laws of physics, Leigh amazingly got it close to the green for 2.  Leigh said something about an open faced 7 iron but it was more Harry Potteresque than anything. Felix chipped it past the hole off the back of the green for 2 and Leigh did the same for 3. Some serious putting and a par from Felix was only just good enough to pip Leigh’s great recovery bogey Felix 1 UP

11th Felix hit a great gap wedge down the short par 3 and knew he was on the green with additional pressure on Leigh. Leigh responded equally as good with lob wedge for a putt off. Leigh went 1st hoping to sink it and put pressure on Felix but it just went past the edge for a two footer back up the hill. Felix also just missed but tapped in for a par. Leigh putted and it was looking a bit short, Leigh was just about to let fly with some expletives when the ball dropped in to halve the hole. Felix 1 Up

12th Felix hit a long drive over the trees on the dogleg right and Leigh’s just caught the top of the trees and it dropped down short in the trees.  Leigh’s ball was sitting on pine needles and he did really well to get it out and over but unluckily found the greenside bunker. Felix’s approach was a touch short for 2. Leigh chipped out onto the green with 35ft to go. Felix chipped it to 1 ft and was feeling good about his chances. Big mistake, Leigh drained his massive putt for par. Felix was in awe, mouth wide open and had to settle for a half still putting with his mouth wide open. Felix 1 UP

13thA sensational crisp 7iron 2nd from Leigh was unlucky not to be close as it rolled off the back of the green, some ugly short play with both having the chance to win the hole but 2 very poor double bogeys and a halved hole. Felix 1 UP

14th After some chuckling about how Ian drove the ball behind him a few years earlier on this hole, Felix put 1 right of the dam and then 1 into the dam leaving Leigh an open hole and an easy bogey for a win. ALL Square

15th Two good approaches for the long par 3. Felix position B, Leigh position C. A reasonably long 3rd putt was crucially clutch for Leigh. 2 pars for a half. ALL Square

16th Felix was wary of going right into the water after the dam incidents so hit an iron off the tee. Leigh showed him how to playmatch play and was confident and assertive in bombing a long drive down the fairway. Felix hit a good 2nd but it wasn’t good enough for Leigh’s near birdie and tap in par. Leigh 1 UP

17th Leigh hit a long drive but it went left towards the 13th tee. Felix learning from the mistake of tentative mentality last hole, pulled out a driver and hit a perfect one down the left side of the fairway. Leigh scrambled to the hole and missed his long 40 footer putt for par and ended up with a double. Felix hit his 3rd out of hard dirt and managed a par for a win and to set up a great last hole. ALL Square

18th Felix went left off the tee and Leigh went right onto the practice fairway. Both hit average 2nds to be 30 metres from the green on the right hand side.  Leigh put his chip 6 meters past the hole but on the green. Felix put his chip 6 meters short and just off the green. Felix hit a bad 4th leaving 6ft to go. Leigh took his time and in great competitive spirit went for the win. The ball just missed and left 2ft to go. Having experienced Leigh’s great clutch putting all day, Felix decided it was payback time and rolled his in the middle of the hole for a bogey. Felix was halfway off the green and ready for a beer to celebrate/commiserate another tied match when Leigh’s putt just caught the break and trickled past the hole. Felix wins 1 and 0

Well played Leigh, you went for your shots and it could have gone either way!


Kingston Beach GC, September 2014 – Ian, Cravo, Leroy

Ian and Leroy squared off on the front nine.

1st hole, Ian was just short of the green off the tee followed with a chip that rolled a bit and 2 putt for bogey, Leroy hit the green in reg and 2 putt for par, Leroy 1 up.

2nd hole Leroy hooked onto 3rd fairway and had to hit over trees to the green, ended up a bit short of the green and then chip and 2 putt for bogey. Ian nice and straight off the tee and next shot ended up behind the green, Ian 3 putted for bogey, all square, Leroy 1 up.

3rd hole Leroy scrambled a bogey and Ian duffed a couple of shots for a double bogey, Leroy 2up.

4th hole Leroy down the middle of fairway and found bunker just in front of green with second shot, up and down for bogey. Ian found 5th fairway and then smoked second shot, but it went long and into the pine trees behind the green, getting out Ian clipped a tree and had to settle for a double bogey, Leroy 3up

5th hole, Ian 2 great shots to make the green in reg with a long downhill pit from the upper tier, 3 putted for bogey. Leroy got near the green for 2 shots, chipped a little short to be just off the front of the green for 3 and then chipped to within 2feet from the hole and made the putt for bogey, all square, Leroy 3up with 4 to go.

6th Ian found trees left off the tee and bounced a couple of shots off the trees to get out and then scrambled for a double bogey, Leroy down the middle of the fairway off the tee, duffed second shot, but made it next to green for 4, chipped on to be within 2 feet from the hole and made the putt for bogey, Leroy 4 up with 3 to go and wins the match by playing to 2 under his handicap.

For good measure both players parred the next.

10th Leigh started us off with a drive into browns river but lucky for him he switch from his Nant ProV to something else therefore limiting the damage… after the drop leigh put his next shot on the green for a 2 putt bogey, Ian smoked his drive down the middle then over cooked his approach to be over the back or the green, throw in a duff chip in there and putted in for bogey.  All square

11th Leigh lead off the tea once more and managed to top his ball into scrub failing to make it to the ladies tee… (also just for the record felix also didn’t make this ladies tee!) Leigh recovered well once again but his luck on the 11th soon ran out and I must say im not exactly sure how many leigh ended up with !  Meanwhile, Ian hit a great driver then hybrid to be only about 20-30 meters from the green, missed the birdie put but claimed a tap in par.  Ian +1

12th Ian with the tee rights hit another solid hybrid, while Leigh put an iron up the fairway, but leighs approach was amazing and left his ball in the middle of the green, while Ian overcooked his approach again and left it in the bunker… Leigh 2 putts for par, while Ian makes its up and down from the bunker also for par so with the extra shot Ian goes +2.

13th Ian finds the hazards on the right, recovered well, but duffed chips throws his score… while Leigh smoked a drive up the middle, then was next to the green for 2 and a clear winner of the hole.  Ian +1

14th Leigh loved the 13th fairway so much he went back here off his drive, then hit a great recovery through the trees to be back in it, but then duffed a chip to end with a double bogey, Ian found himself just on the back fringe of the green for 2 after a sneaky 6 iron travelled about 170 meter along the ground, pulled out a bogey which was just good enough.  Ian +2

15th Leighs drive found the 14th fairway but a magical recovery leigh found himself just short of the green for two, while Ians drive clipped the trees then had to play a safe 2nd as the green was blocked, Ian managed a double, leigh came in under that. Ian +1

16th Leigh put his tee shot to the front of the green and under pressure Ian choked and went rather right, but lobbed one nicely over the bunker onto the green to put the pressure back on leighs putter, leighs first put hit something on the green which impacted the roll, to finish with a three put and a halved hole.  Ian +1.

17th do or die territory, Leigh went right off the tee and Ian went further right… both with solid second shots (Ian taking a trip down the 5th fairway) then lead to Ians approach to the front of the green while Leigh found the right hand side bunker, leigh got out in one, but was just short of the green, Ian missed his put meaning leigh had to sink his to take thematch to the 18th… he drained it with ease… hole halved Ian +1

18th Leigh hit the bunker then had issues getting out, Ian put his drive to the green fringe then finished up with a bogey which was good enough to take the hole and the match.

Final result Ian +2


Llanherne GC, October 2014 – Cravo vs Basil

Friday arvo at Llanherne hosted Leigh C. Vs Basil vR with perfect conditions, no wind and a warm 20 degrees.

1st hole Par 4. Bas hit one up the middle with his driver while Leigh snap hooked into the dam left. Dam was OB so Leigh hit another and ended up in a tuft of grass in the downslope of the bunker. Bas hit on for 2 and got his 2 putt par. Leigh hit another couple onto the green and holed out with a 9. Bas 1 up.

2nd hole Par 3.  Bas sliced his 5 iron 15m right of the green, Leigh coughed his up about 20m short of green then hit a great punch 7 iron to 3m. Bas put his chip to 4m and missed the putt. Leigh drained his putt for par and had a shot. Leigh squares the match.

3rd hole Par 4 Leigh smoked one (250m) up the middle just to the right of the big fairway bunker with his new jetspeed. Bas hit a cracker but was still 20m behind Leigh and in the light rough right side. Bas hit a weak slice way right about 25m from the green in some sandy wasteland. Leigh hit a great wedge about 6m right of the hole. Bas managed to nip a pitch onto the green to about 3m. Leigh drilled his putt for Birdie and Bas missed and got a bogey. Leigh 1 up.

4th  Par 3. hole Leigh cuts his iron above the hole right 10m from the green. Bas hits a low 8 iron to 3m from the pin. Leigh hit a great chip to 1m to put the pressure back on Bas. Bas holed the putt for birdie to win the hole and square the match.

5th hole Par 5. Leigh hit a great drive it went a little left but stayed up on the rise in the rough. Bas hit a similar drive but less distance but a little bit less left edge of rough. Bas pulled out his 5 wood and hit it well doen the right side into the light rough 60m from green. Leigh was restricted by some wattles with his backswing and hit it another 30m in rough but clear. He then hit a good 2 iron about 20m from the green then a great long chip to 4m. Bas got a bit lazy with his wedge and only made it half way up the long green which had the pin centre back. Bas hit his long putt to about 1.5m. Leigh just missed his par putt and got 6. Bas holed his par to go 1 up.

6th Hole Par 4. Bas hit a light fade middle of the fairway with driver. Leigh hit a snap hook into the wattle trees left but then got a cracking kick off the base of a tree 50m back onto the fairway just behind Bas. Leigh hit a slight slice onto a path right of the green and got a free drop and then hit a good running chip that slowed down in the soggy hollow and trickled onto the green for 3. Bas hit a good 7 iron in but drew it a little too much to find the bunker left of green then hit his sand wedge to about 4m. Leigh hit his putt just past the hole and Bas drained his par to win the hole and go 2 up.

7th hole Par 4 –Leigh C. had a shot on the next 3 holes. Bas knew he had to pull off some good scores coming home and stepped up to the tee and smashed his 3 wood way left into the sandy wasteland bunker 60m from the green. Leigh hit a great 5 iron into middle right of the fairway then hit a nice wedge to back of green, pin was at the front. Bas nipped his wedge out of the sand through the wattle tree and onto the middle of the green. Leigh hit his putt a little short of hole. Bas trickled his 8m putt down the hill and into the hole to score his birdie. Leigh just missed his next putt, so Bas won the hole and the match- 3 and 2.

It was a high quality match with no holes halved. Once Leigh gets his direction finder back on track and warms up to his driver watch up boys -250m +

Cheers, Bas


Claremont GC, October 2014 – Ian vs Felix

What a perfect start to the week… a booked in 7am, do or die match play maters match to be played at Claremont between Ian and Felix.  With both competitors requiring a win or a draw to keep the dream alive for 2014!

After arriving the decided course of action was a warm up on the 10th and 11th holes, then hitting the front 9 for the match playmasters!  It was very quickly noted that the greens were in rubbish condition very fury and bumpy and we found out after the round they had been cored 2 weeks prior, and not yet mowed! To put them into perspective, Ian played a round at royal Rosny the other weekend (a bucks day) and the greens at royal Rosny were in better condition to these!!!

1st – Ian Extra Shot.  Felix – What nerves? As he hit deep down the fairway and rolled it into the 1st cut 185m from the pin.  Ian – What pressure? As he responded with an even better dead straight drive 10m further and on the fairway.  2 good irons still couldn’t separate us, both being 20m short of the green. Felix chipped it to 2m, Ian gave his slightly more curry and had 6m back down the hill. Ian’s birdie putt went slightly long and the par putt back up the hill hit the back of the cup .. and unluckily popped out. Felix felt pressure now but successfully managed his birdie putt to win the hole.  Felix 1UP

2nd  (Par 3 over the water) Felix has the honours, and took one club not enough leaving it short and slightly right, while Ian left his a fraction short of the green on the left hand side.  Ian’s chip on was less then desirable while Felix put his to the back of the green… from here Ian closed out with a 2 putt, while Felix missed his 2 footer for a 3 put! Ian wins the hole. ALL SQUARE.

3rd Ian hit the hill with his driver but it kicked the right direction out onto the fairway. Felix hit a 5 iron knowing full well you do not go right on the 3rd. 2 good second shots from both players but Ian’s mishit on his 3rd proved costly as a double bogey was enough for Felix to win with a bogey. Felix 1 UP

4th (Par 3 over the abyss) Felix with the honours, puts his drive slightly left and short, while Ian took a bunch of ground to left his short and straight.  The chip off begins with Ian putting his to the back of the green (pin at the back) but Felix had an amazing chip to leave it a 5cm away from the hole… Ian went for broke and but just managed to skin the side of the cup.  Felix wins.  Felix 2 UP.

5th Ian Extra Shot Both hit great drives dead straight to though we both could have used a slight cut. Another chip off ensued and this time Ian  dominated with his comfortable tap in for bogey being good enough against Felix’s bogey. Ian wins. Felix 1UP

6th (Par 3 short up hill) Ian with the honours, didn’t get all the ball but it went straight and ended up just next to the green.  Felix takes a swing and pushes his out rather left and leaves himself with a bit of work to do, following it up with a duff he managed to go up and down from there.  Ian pulled out the putter from the fury fringe and knocked it just up past the hole with only about 2-3 foot away, but quickly fell victim to the green conditions missing the par and halving the hole! Felix 1 UP

7th Ian – Ian Extra Shot Ian drove and sliced towards the big gums on the right. Playing strategically, Felix put his driver away and hit his 5iron straight down the guts. Some horrible lies for Ian and a bad distance GPS reading had him on the green for 5 shots while Felix was on for the green for 3. A two putt for Felix was good enough to win the hole and guarantee himself a playoff at least. Felix 2UP – 2 to Play

8th (Long par 5 (dam on the right)) With Ian’s chances of a win now depleted, it was going to be an uphill struggle to try and hold on for a draw in this match.  Felix with the honours got a piece of his drive but pushed it left, while Ian topped his drive but got away with it while it ran up the path to find the start of the rough.  Ian followed this up with a topped hybrid to get to the rough on the left about 170 out.  All while this was happening Felix was looking for his ball while being attacked by very aggressive plovers, which really stirred him up, and his golf suffered… Felix went duff to damn to nasty rough to over the green to duff to green and in for a 10, Ian coasted up the fairway just missing a par to end with a 6. Felix 1 UP, 1 to play.

9th After some ‘splash’ ribbing from Felix, Ian hit it well down the fairway probably 130ish to the pin. Felix took his driver over the pine trees and down the left side of the fairway leaving himself 80m. Ian went 1st and hit a nice iron but it turned over and was 5m off the left side of the green. Felix hit his chip skinny and it finished just off the back of the green. Another chip off! Ian wasn’t happy with his chip, leaving it 9m short of the hole. Felix knowing you can never count the match play master out, had to get it close and chipped it to 2m. Ian knowing he needed a win and knowing he’d missed 4 putts earlier in the round responded in true match play champion style and drained his putt dead centre of the cup, the long bomb when he needed it most for his 1stpar of the day.

Felix needed to match Ian’s par and took and age over his putt and had the line in his sights. The ball hit the dead centre of the back of the cup and …………………………………………… popped out. Tap in Bogey not good enough, Ian wins the hole.  All square!


NWB, November 2014 – Ian vs Bas

The final round robin Matchplay game- Ian vs Bas

Conditions: Light NW breeze with sun patches, 20 degrees C.

1st Hole (par 4)-Ian gets a shot. Bas spanks a slight draw drive, middle right of fairway 40m from the green. Ian hits a low fade left side of fairway about 70m out. Ian hits an approach great weight but just left of green 3m off. Bas hits half wedge to back of green then a two putt par. Ian chips a little short and a two putt bogey. All square.

2nd hole (par 4)- No shots given. Bas nails a drive dead centre with a draw around the corner to leave about 120m to green. Ian duffs a drive then tops one but then hits a great long iron to right rough 15m from green. Ian then hits another chip short of green but then hits one close. Bas chips to 2m and drains putt for par. Ian gets a one putt 6. Bas 1 up.

3rd hole (par 4)- Ian gets a shot. Bas drives low but middle of fairway about 90m from green. Ian bounces one up the fairway to about 140m to green then nails a 7 iron onto the green to about 8m from pin. Bas is feeling the pressure and pulls his approach wedge 2m above the green left. Downhill putt is a bit quicker than he thought and trickles 4m past the hole. Ian hits his putt past the hole by a few metres as well. Both miss their par putts to finish with bogey. Ian wins and match is back to square.

4th hole (par 4)- no shots. Ian hits his low runner down left side of fairway about 170m from green then a miss- hit but then a great iron just off the green to the right. Bas drives down the centre then a wedge to left side of green and a two putt par from 8m. Ian hits his chip a little long and two putts for 6. Bas 1 up.

5th Hole (par 4)- Ian gets a shot. Bas hits one down the centre and Ian hits a drive way right into the dam. Takes a drop below the dam and hits one to other side of fairway then up a bit further then over the green then  a little duff in frustration to have a wipe. Bas hits his wedge short and then chips Ok but misses his par putt to finish with bogey but enough to go 2 up.

6th hole (par 4)- no shots. Bas hits a low drive hoping to fade it left but it stays left and bas is in the rough behind a lot of trees 170m from green. Ian hits a great 4 iron to middle of fairway then from 140m hits a great 7 iron to right side of the green about 8m from hole. Bas puts a hard draw on his 5 iron but still finishes 20m short right of the green in the rough. He chips up to about 7m, his putt lips out and finishes with a 5. Ian hits his first putt short but drains his par to decisively win the hole. Bas 1 up.

7th hole (par 3)- Ian gets a shot Ian hits a 7 iron a bit left of the green then hits a great chip to about 2.5 m. Bas hits a 7 iron to the back of the green and has a monster 12m putt. Bas gets his putt close and grabs his par. Ian needs to get his to win the hole and just feeds it a bit too far left and gets a bogey. Squared hole. Bas 1 up.

8th hole (par 5)- ian gets a shot. Ian hits his 4 iron a bit skinny and low off the tee but recovers with a reasonable 2nd shot to about the 150m marker. Bas hits his drive up the guts then a 3 wood to 30m short of green. Ian hits his 3rd a bit left and it finishes 20m short left of green. Bas lobs a wedge just enough to get over the lip of the green but has about a 9m putt. Ian hits his chip to about 8m. Bas misses his long putt but happy with a par. Ian steps up to the plate and stands and delivers with an 8m clutch bomb – dead centre rammed into the back of the cup to get a par and win the hole. All square and Bas is a little nervous and shaking in his boots with 1 hole to play.

9th hole(par 4)- Ian gets a shot Ian hits a great 4 iron into the middle of the fairway in the gully right of the dam 60m from green. Bas hits his driver well but a little right into the rough 30m from green. Ian overcooks his gap wedge with all the adrenalin pumping through his system and goes about 10m over the green. Bas hits his sand wedge to middle of green 5m from hole. Ian hits his chip a little strong but it holds up on the bottom edge of green then he two putts for a 5. Bas just misses his birdie putt to finish with a par and square the hole and the match.

End result: All square

Another great day out and a super close match. Ian is the clutch putt master.


NWB, November 2014 – Felix vs Leroy playoff for the Final

Lwah and Felix arrived at NWB at 4:50pm with tee off at 5pm, both players were very much still in work mode and found it hard to get into the right frame of mind.

The course looked good and the weather was overcast but perfect. The stress rose instantly for myself as I couldn’t find the good quality balls I’d got for the match. After looking in every pocket and running back to the clubhouse, Leigh pointed out they might be in the buggy seat. Phew yup thanks Leigh.

1st (Extra Shot for Lwah) I teed off first and nailed a 3 wood strait down the guts 60m from the pin. Leigh pulled out Driver and got a good piece of it but it was heading left towards the fence. It fell short of the fence in the first cut behind the tree but plenty of room to attack the green. Leigh’s approach was low and skinny and sailed 50m behind the green and ended up near the 8th green. I hit my chip fat and just short of the green. Leigh popped his 3rd onto the front of the green but the pin was up the back and a long way from home. I putted and left myself a 5 footer sideways putt. Leigh being used the quick Kingston greens left his putt way short and had a 12 footer left. But this is Lwah we’re talking about, BAM nailed his putt for a bogey meaning I had to sink my par putt for a half. The putt turned 2 cups and lipped out. Tap in bogey not good enough – Leigh wins. Lwah 1 UP

2nd Leigh pulled out driver and curled it nicely to the middle of the fairway 170m from the pin. I crunched another straight 3 wood but it didn’t turn and hit the small trees on the right and dropped. 150m to go. Leigh hit a low rescue, it bounced really close to the pin and ended up on the back of the green. I hit a 7iron to 20m left of the green. I chipped but gave it too much and had to settle for a 2 putt bogey. Leigh lined up his putt and again KGBC speed conditioning proved costly as a 3 putt resulted in  a bogey for a tie. Lwah 1 UP

3rd Leigh hit a sweet drive up the fairway 100m from the pin. I hit another solid 3 wood up the left side, 70m to go. The pin was tucked right behind the bunker and Leigh hit a sweet sounding shot, just a little too good and it pushed through the green and into the thick rough behind. I knew how tough this green was (think I’ve 5-6 putted it in the past) I pulled out gap wedge and got it pure putting it to 30 cm but above the hole. Leigh had a horrible lie in the rough, a chip and nice two putt left him with a bogey. I got my bird happy to leave that green behind me. Felix wins. ALL SQUARE

4th I pulled out Driver for the 1st time and probably shouldn’t have putting it in the first cut right of the fairway underneath the trees 150m to go. Leigh had an interesting looking swing, got the ball high on the club face but good timing resulted in a dead straight shot I think 180m from the hole. Leigh then hit a 3 wood but got it skinny and it ended up in the right bucker 30m from the pin. I hit 7iron and found the green 7m to go. Leigh cannoned his bunker shot 40m over the green. Back onto the green for 4 and then a 3 putt for 7. I also 3 putted (Damn these greens for both us) but my bogey was good enough. Felix wins Felix 1 UP

5th I hit my best 3 wood yet over both fairway shallows and had 60m to go (Love this Jetspeed Leigh) Lwah hit an awesome drive and it trickled left but still on the fairway right next the 100m marker. Lwah hit approach and uttered  ‘Oh No not There’ … Oh no for me, it kicked off the bank and fed towards the cup leaving 3m for his birdie putt. Great Shot Lwah. I hit my gap wedge to the green but it was a bit further that Lwahs leaving 6m for my birdie putt. I went first and though I was trying to hole it, it looked like a lag putt leaving me a foot. Leigh took his time and lined it up well, it was a curler and it was absolutely the right line but not enough legs leaving a tap in par. I also got my par, tied hole Felix 1 UP

6th I hit a crisp 5 iron to the 150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Leigh hit a solid driver and it was heading to the trees on the left but it pulled up nicely to the left side of the fairway 150m to go. Leigh went 1st and hit a really sweet iron just short of the green (pin was right at the front). I hit a horrible worm burner that finished near the mounds on the 7th fairway and in what ended up being concrete hard dirt. I chipped it skinny, found another bad lie eventually found the green and 1 putted for a 6 but it was too late a, tap in 5 for Lwah had him feeling good and winning the hole. ALL SQUARE

7th Pin was right at the front, Leigh went first and hit a beautiful iron, though it was probably too much club being an 8iron and the ball was finished up off the back of the green. I hit my PW to 6ft but it was a lucky one as I only just caught it. Lwah caught some turf on his 1st putt from off the green but from there nicely hit the remaining 2 shots for a bogey. I lagged my 2 putt for a par and got the win. Felix 1 UP

8th Extra shot for Lwah The was definite nerves now as we both tensed up. Between us we hit 4 of the most topped 3woods in history. Ugly ugly golf, After some faffing and exuberant chipping Leigh was on the back of the green for 5 and I was off the back of the green for 5. I had a bad lie but should have done better chipping it way past the hole. Leigh putted and left himself 2m. Lwah then missed the next one and tapped in for an 8. I managed a two putt for a change and was in for and 8 also but the extra shot played again. Lwah wins and there was a giggle from both of us as Lwah commented, “I don’t think I’ve ever won a hole with a triple bogey before”  ALL SQUARE.  1 to play!

9th Pin was top left hand side. Lwah drove left and cleared the dam easily by 30m and found the green stuff before the dirt. I pulled out driver and started it left but with a cut it ended up 10m short of the green on the right hand side. Lwah approached but pulled it slightly and it finished up above the green on the right side with a tricky looking 15m sideways chip. I chipped but gave it too much curry and it ran out 5m past the hole but still on the green. Lwah took his time, chipped and in the air it and 1st bounce it looked magnificent, but the slope belied it’s true nature and the ball just kept going and going and ended up in GUR part of the green. Lwah had a long way home and a 2 putt was more than acceptable but it still meant a bogey 5 leaving  me 2 putts for a par and win. I took an extra age after witnessing Lwahs slope run as I had the same slope but just from the other side.  I putted and left 10cm – Got the Par, no sudden death holes this playoff. Lwah well played and you get to keep your No.1 for a week at least and don’t have to give the trophy to Bas until the MM final has been played.

See you in the final Bas! Bring it!

Extra bonus; Ian 17 points and Bas 19 points in the 9 holes stableford chook run



Llanherne GC  October 2015, Double Leigh stick battle

Hi all,

On Saturday afternoon the Leighs met to square off at llanherne. With equal handicaps – it was an off the stick battle. Weather was good with only a light breeze. After 4 warm up holes it was time to let the games begin:- 

1.       We started on the par 5 5th – both hit drives down the fairway, both hit second shot down the fairway, both hit onto the green and my ball rolled just off the back. I 2 putted for a par and leigh’s birdie putt grazed the edge of the hole and he tapped in for par – all square.

2.       6th par 4 – Both hit drives onto the fairway, I hit second shot short of the green and chipped on for 3 and then a 2 putt bogey. Leigh’s second shot drifted into the bunker left, he left his first shot in there, then had to swing hard to get the loft and the ball rolled well down the green, leaving a 70ft putt, Leigh nearly got there in 2 putts but not quite, finishing with a double bogey – Leroy 1 up.

3.       7th par 4 – I hit my drive onto the fairway and Leigh found the sandy rough on the left, he then sand duffed a chip, and left the next chip short of the green, I made the green in reg and 2 putted for par – Leroy 2up.

4.       8th par 4 – We both found the sandy rough on the right, Leigh played a cracker second shot to be on the green and he 2 putted for par, I floundered around in the sand with many extra shots – Leroy 1up.

5.       9th par 5 – Both hit drives onto the fairway, leigh hit long on this one, I hit my second shot onto the fairway, Leigh hit a pearler of a second shot it went long and then started to draw and it ended up in the bushes on a sandy lie, leigh then hit it a bit hot and it flew out pretty hard (I thought it was going to hit the clubhouse and the “friendly’ members would love that one) and it landed in a bush in front of the clubhouse, Leigh took an unplayable lie, and had a couple more chips to be next to the green for 6, I made the green in 4 and 2 putted for a bogey 6 – Leroy 2 up.

6.       10th par 4 – I hit my drive down the fairway, Leigh topped his drive and it found the trees on the left short, he had to hit a draw to get back onto the fairway, Leigh swung at it really well and we both stood and watched it fly off in the air waiting for it to draw – alas no draw, the ball ended up deep in the dark forest, leigh kept going and 2 amazing chip shots later he was back on the fairway, he then chipped to just off the green for 5, meanwhile, I hit my second shot to be just off the green, I then 3 putted for bogey – Leroy 3 up with 3 to go.

7.       11th par 3 – I hit a shank of a tee shot, leigh found the bunker right, luckily for me I just cleared the trees and had a shot, I chipped on, leigh chipped on, I putted first and nearly drained the par putt, I tapped in for bogey, leigh lined up needing a par putt to keep the match alive, but it didn’t drop, Leigh tapped in for bogey to square the hole.

Leroy wins 3 n 2 – it was a great match, where a bit of different luck could have easily brought a different result.


Ian v Cravo

Front nine at Tasmania GC

Cravo was dialled in for this match, after being smashed by Ian in their previous 3 encounters he wanted a win and he wanted it bad!

Cravo started par, bogey, par to go 2 Up. Then he had a messy hole on the par 4 4th, and was about 15m away from the pin for 4 shots with Ian about 4ft from the hole after 3. Cravo stepped up and hit a massive swinging putt which looked good, looked good, and with its final roll fell into the hole for bogey. Ian really needed a win here so he had a go at the par putt, but ran it 3ft past and then missed that one coming back to lose the hole. Cravo 3up.

Ian was pretty demoralised after that miss, and Cravo did not let up – going on to claim the win 4&3.


Ian vs Leroy

Played on the back nine at Tasmania between Myself and Leroy

10th I managed to smoke my drive up the middle but caught a leading edge on my approach to end up on the green for 3.  Leroy put his drive slightly left but managed but put his second into the trees/sand on the right has side of the fairway and struggled to get back on the green stuff.  My 2 putt for bogey was good enough to get the job done. Ian +1

11th This was my only extra shot on Leroy and I needed it ! I put my drive over the back of the green while Leroy managed to hit the green.   In an unusual putting display Leroy put his first put 4-5 meters past the hole and needed two more putts to finish the hole.  While I chipped back on and 2 putted to win the hole with my extra shot.  Ian +2

12th I gave Leroy some room by hitting my drive well out of bounds… unfortunately Leroy took his drive a bit to casually and topped it into the scrub on the right.   After my second drive we both ended up in the middle of the fair way for 3.  As we went shot for shot down the fairway it all came down to the green, where I pulled out my putt of the day to drain about a 6 meter putt to take the win.  Ian +3

13th Off the tee I went right and Leroy went left… the middle of this hole is all a bit of a blur, but  as we approached the green we were looking for Leroys ball and I pointed one out and he hit it … then once we made it to the green Leroy realised he had hit the wrong ball, gaining himself a nice pro V but also a Felix special… a 2 stoke penalty… I ended up with a bogey which won the hole.  Ian +4

14th I drove back onto the 13th fairway (as I didn’t play it the previous hole) and Leroy went left into the rough.  Out the corner of my eye I saw Leroy miss hit his second shot and I was counting my chickens before they hatched thinking I was going to deliver my second straight sets win.  Then instead of hitting my shot over the trees, I topped it about 3 meters… with my following shot re-finding the 15th fairway!  From here Leroy went causally down the fairway and finished the hole off nicely, while I made sand castles in the bunker ! Ian +3

15th Leroy with an absolute cracker down the fairway, and I once again found the rough on the right… we both made it up to the green with ease, but I managed to 3 putt handing the hole to Leroy.  Ian +2

16th Leroy was really starting to find his place and bombed another one right down the middle of the fairway, and with the pressure on I hit an ugly looking drive which ended up straight but didn’t even make the fairway… two blinding 4 irons later I was sitting about 40 meters from the green, leroys second found the pines on the left and he was stuck against a tree, he then chipped out, then approached on and 2 putted his way to a bogey.  While I managed to approach to about a meter, and drain the putt for par and the over all win.  Ian wins 3/2


Matt C vs Felix  and Dr Gaz v Cravo at Richmond Private

Matt, Felix, Gaz and Cravo met here on a shockingly cold morning for some MM fineness. Matt got the whiskey out as a pre-game warmer. Felix would later claim that it was spiked!

Matt and Felix traded holes, as did Cravo and the good Doctor. The high handicappers had the edge though, with Matt and the good Doctor leading their games late in the piece. Both men were 2up on their opponents standing on the 7th tee and it looked like wins for the good guys were coming up!

Felix and Cravo both found the 7th green ok for 3 shots, with Matt and Gaz off the edge for 4 each. Matt had a look at his 15m off green uphill putt and went bam! right in the middle. That meant Felix needed to make his 4m side-hill swinger to stay in the game. No dice – Matt wins 3&2. Dr Gaz leaked a hole back to Cravo here, to be 1up with 2 to play.

They halved the tricky par 3 8th hole, leaving Gaz 1up.

Gaz had 2 shots on Cravo on the 9th. Cravo stepped up to tee off and had a swing whilst the other fellas had a loud discussion about something. He shanked it hard left into the trees, and was immediately offered a replay. Sportingly he declined, which was kinda unusual for Cravo really(!) but there you go. His ball kept rolling through the trees and just poked itself out into the rough at the bottom of the hill, with a low hanging branch in the way but not terrible. Dr Gaz managed to hit a tree on the right about 3 times in a row, then hit a scintillating shot up the hill onto the green for 4. Cravo smoked a low 4 iron under the eucalypt which also made it onto the green. He just burned the edge with his birdie try and tap in par. Gaz lagged to 1ft, only needing a halved hole for the win. And then the pressure got him and he hit his putt off the toe of the club and missed! Final result a half point each.


Matt C vs Cravo at Llanherne

Matt with a 36 handicap was unstoppable early, going 2up after 4 when he hit his tee shot onto the green to about 5m and just missed birdie (tap in for par). He got a little wobbly on the next few holes to rack up some big numbers and let Cravo back in. Cravo 1up going into the last. Cravo on the Par 5 for 4 shots, with Matt off the back on a tight lie for a few more. And then Matt produced an amazing flop shot which was a touch fast but smashed into the pin and dropped in the hole, meaning that Cravo needed to hole a swinging 10m uphill putt to halve! He couldn’t. All square.


Ian vs Matt C at Kingston Beach

10th Hole Ian gets out the iron out and advances 150m down the right side. Matt pulls out drive and unfortunately tops it OUB. Matt reloads and puts a pearler 220m down the left side of the fairway. Jason Day esque with the height of that drive! From there both players were a little scratchy to the green and an to Matt 8 enabled Ian to escape with a double bogey for a half. ALL SQUARE

11th Hole Ian irons again, still obviously warming up, miss-hits a low one into the water. Matt pulls out the big dog and hits a cracking drive – too good in fact as pushed through into the pine bark. Ian reloads and another miss-hit but a straight one onto the fairway. Ian advanced for his 4th and then the 5th  saw him back to the Ian we all know and love with  a low trajectory beauty to 15m short of the green.  Matt made lovely contact with his 2nd but ended up in the trees right. From there a few more trees was the difference + a leading edge chip left Ian with a comfortable 2 putts for the win. Ian 1 UP

12th Hole Iron for Ian to 150m out. Matt drives to trees right and chips out to Ian’s ball for 2. Ian hits a 7iron I think and a beauty, another foot and it would have ended up near the pin, as it was, it caught the front slope and trickled back. Matt with a another superb iron, perfect weight but just a little left as it found he left bunker very close to the lip. Ian putts to magnificently up the hill to gimme range and puts the pressure on Matt. Matt does awesome out of the bunker but it carries into the bunker behind – cue Leroy laughter – nothing personal at all but Bunker to Bunker is the funniest thing on earth to Leroy 😉 Ian 2 UP

 13th Ian pulls out the big dog and a worm burner results but still 180ish up the fairway. Ian says the big dog is being put back in the kennel. Matt hits his best drive yet just short of the reeds. High straight and long, awesome to watch! Ian finds water and drops for 3. The fourth was a flushed PW which was right on line but over the back of the green. Matt has an awesome 2nd, and 2 chips to just short of the green for 4. Ian chips back for 5 and 2 putts for a 7. Matt gets on the green and has 2 putts for a win. Done and done as Matt claws one back. Battle on! Ian 1 UP

14th Matt Drives to the left 150m marker. Ian hit a straight iron but 50m short of Matt. Ian’s 2nd finds the left fairway, Matt’s 2nd left him with no more than 30m out in prime position. Ian’s 3rd just trickles over the back of the green, Matt nudges ahead with his chip finishing up 20ft on the left side of the green. Ian was deceived by the look of the green as they appear to be quick but the thickness has them currently running slow. In other words Ian left himself 20ft above the hole. Matt chips and is also deceived by the green leaving 7ft. Ian rolls another one and talk about clutch!!! Over 20ft downhill it has the perfect number of rotations and in for a much needed 5. Matt now has 1 putt for a win and 2 for a half. Oh my goodness, I thought it was in all the way and Ian’s heart sank as it approached the hole but it burned the edge. Tied hole Ian 1 UP

Hole 15 – Par 4 I (Matt) hit my drive of the day on this par 4. Long and straight, ending up on the edge of the fairway just past the dog leg. Golf shot said it was a huge 32 meters but more like 200. Ian also had a nice iron shot of the tee and was middle fairway just at the apex of the corner. Ian’s next shot was good length landed on the green and trickled off to the left. My 9 iron was good to me landing on the front left of the green still a long way from home. A short putt and 2 more had me in for 5 shots. Ian chipped on and a clutch putt sealed it for 4. Hole halved. Ian still 1 Up

Hole 16 – Par 3 My favourite hole of the day I teed off first with a  6 iron I think and it looked good of the club. Sailed and landed on the green within 1.5 meters of the hole. Pressure on Ian, his tee shot started right and stayed right like a magnet to the bunker. A beautiful sand shot had Ian about 1 meter from the hole. My official birdie attempt, fail. But Par was good enough to win the hole. Ian also made par. A good hole for both. All square 2 to go

Hole 17 – Par 5 I stepped up to the tee first again and with onlookers I feared the dreaded miss hit would make a come back. It did not. A reasonable drive ending up at the front of the trees on the right, but a shot at the green. Ian pulled out the big dog once more, and a similar drive to mine albeit lower, further and to the right of the trees. My second shot duff along the ground edge of the fairway and swearing. Ian took the safe 9 iron over the trees and middle fairway great approach to the green. My third shot was a lot better and a kind bounce of a tree root left me chipping distance to the green off to the right. Ian’s third shot slightly right just short of the bunker. I chipped on for 4 but again not near the pin. Ian’s chip sailed over the pin and came to rest just off the green. My 2 putt had me in for 6. This left Ian a difficult putt just off the green for 5 to tie the hole and stay in the contest. Ian’s putt looked good off the putter but faded off line and just missed. Ian tapped in for 6 meaning I won the hole and was 1 up with one to go. This meant at worst I could tie and was in the final with Felix. Matt 1 up

Hole 18 – Par 3 Again I stepped up first and hit a 6 iron, it went right off the tee and found the centre of the bunker to the right of the green. Ian’s shot dead straight and landed on the front edge of the green. The pin right at the back left a long putt for birdie. My sand shot saw the leading edge curse return and I ended up sailing over the green into the hedge. A penalty drop and a chip had me back on the green for 4. Ian’s putt for birdie came up short but in for a respectable par and won the hole and tied the match. A few putts and a few more had me in for 7 in the end I think. All square was the result which assigns half a point each and not enough to force a playoff for the final. Ian was very good competitor and the match could have gone either way a few times. Well played Ian and back luck on forcing the play off. Also Leroy now not in with a playoff chance for the final, sorry mate.

So the battle is set…… Matt VS Felix





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