MM 2016 – Round Robins


Felix (with signature yellow ball) – in a bad spot at Pittwater GC in the 2016 MM RR. Not a problem for the MM Master – he almost halved the hole anyway!

Here’s all the action from the qualifying rounds of the 2016 Matchplay Masters….

Felix vs Leroy – Kingston Beach

On Saturday 14th May the first match-up in the Match Play Championship at KBGC between last year’s champ Felix Kennedy and the winner of the first Major of 2016 Leroy Stevens. They played holes 8-16 with neither player giving up any shots on any holes.

8th Hole

Both players got a Bogey on this hole with quite uninspiring play. Felix’s tee shot went deep into the trees, while Leroy hit a fat tee shot which was lucky to make it half way. Leaderboard – Square

9th Hole

This was Leroy’s hole to lose after Felix butchered his way up the fairway. Leroy laid up for an approach shot to the green only to put in to the water. Both players achieving a double bogey. Leaderboard – Square

10th Hole

Both Leroy and Felix played good conventional golf for two Green in Regulations and regulation two putts for two Pars. Leaderboard – Square

11th Hole

We finally had a leader after this hole. If anyone has played with Felix on this hole, you would know that this is his nemesis hole. You would think that Leroy would be the one to take the lead… And you would be wrong. Felix with a Par took the lead while Leroy could only manage a Bogey. Leaderboard – Felix 1 up

12th Hole

After all that effort to get a leader, it was all back to square after this one. Leroy played a good hole finishing with a Par whilst Felix managed to 3 putt his way to a double bogey. Leaderboard – Square

13th Hole

The most difficult hole on the course proved itself once again. Felix once again taking the lead after a bogey compared to Leroy’s double bogey. Leaderboard – Felix 1 up

14th Hole

The one time that Leroy could ill afford a bad drive ( a rarity in recent times) and he drop kicked one straight into a big tree whilst Felix put his drive straight down the middle. Leroy scrambled for a double bogey, while Felix was able to two putt for a bogey. Leaderboard – Felix 2 up (with two to go – Felix couldn’t lose from here)

15th Hole

It was Felix’s turn to have a bad drive under pressure as he went into the trees on the right. Leroy went straight down the middle and then put his approach shot within 5 metres to give himself an easy par, whilst Felix went for it all and got nothing. Leaderboard – Felix 1 up with 1 to go

16th Hole

The last hole and Leroy needed to put pressure on Felix with his tee shot.. And he almost did. His tee shot clipped the left hand side bunker lip and fell down in to the bunker. This took the pressure off Felix who was able to put his ball on the top side of the green. Leroy got out of the bunker in one shot but couldn’t sink the sand save putt. Felix two putted for a Par which gave him the win. Leaderboard – Felix wins 2-up.


Felix vs Cravo – Pittwater

Pittwater GC, late August 2016

We got to Pittwater, saw some members, but no one abused us. Happy days!

Hole 1
Felix off first. Sprays driver thru the right trees. Cravo drills a draw to a 70m out, left fairway edge. Cravo has a long putt which leaves a 3m tester for par. Drills it. Felix’s bogey not quite good enough.
Cravo 1 Up
Hole 2
Cravo yucky but effective off the tee, Felix again thru trees on right. Tropical downpour starts. Cravo hits in midst of tempest, baaad. Felix over trees with 7 iron, great chip to 3m, drains it for par. Cravo’s bogey putt not required.
All Square
Hole 3
Felix hits iron to top of hill, just keeps it out of trees. Cravo nice fade driver to 120m. Felix skinny 7 iron bounces over the back. Cravo wedge short. Good chips to 3m again. Felix makes his par and Cravo’s slides by. Torrential downpour backs off a bit.
Felix 1 Up
Hole 4
Two identical bad irons leak right. Chip off! Cravo wins. Par putt stays out but bogey good enough.
All Square
Hole 5
Cravo tops his drive about 6m along the ground. Big whoops! Felix solid bogey on the par 5 good enough when Cravo hits a shit putt for bogey from 6m that never looks like it.
Felix 1 Up
Hole 6
Felix wild right off the tee, nestles under a pretty flowering wattle. Cravo pure 5 iron on the green, but 20m from pin. Felix kneeling, hits out. Good chip, a good look at bogey from 4m. Great putt somehow lips out uphill?!?! Cravo misses his curly 6fter, but bogey does the job
All Square
Hole 7
Cravo top shanks one into the Pittwater. Silly man. Felix sprays one way right again. Cravo’s 3rd up fairway, 4th onto green 5m away. Felix uses casual water puddle on green to stop his 3rd rolling thru into the dam. Felix bogey wins.
It’s really pretty in between downpours, biggest rainbow you ever seen. Awwww 🙂
Felix 1 Up
Hole 8
Felix draw pitching wedge way long. Cravo draw 9 iron not as long but has to come back over bunker. 2 great chips leaving 3 & 4 footers for par. So much water on green we discuss taking balls back to putt on 7th green. Nar. Both clean surface water off the line of our putts, but by the time we’re ready to putt it’s all waterlogged again. Felix leaves his putt short, mine turns a mile to miss. Bogeys.
Felix 1 Up. Cannot lose.
Hole 9

Two sketchy drives. Cravo just punched a 4 iron down into rough 145m out. Felix gets greedy and tries to carry the corner trees, which smack him down in the yucky sand. Felix duff. Cravo terrible lie sitting down in between tufts. Felix offers him a drop coz it could be a rabbit scrape or left over from drain works. Further looking around and Cravo sees more shit lies in the rough, declines Felix’s generous offer. Struggles to get 7 iron down somewhere near green. Chip and 2 putts too good for Felix.

All square. Halved match.


Leroy vs Stu – Kingston Beach

Kingston Beach, starting on the 1st hole (pic is from the 8th). Mid September 2016.


1st Hole

Stu hits a crisp iron onto the green (hasn’t played for months my arse).  Leroy just off the green. Leroy good chip and 1 putt for a par, Stu’s birdie putt falls away and has to settle for a par. ALL SQUARE

2nd Hole

Stu blistering cut drive down the fairway (“I honestly haven’t been having sneaky golf hits” claims Stu). Leroy goes over the mound down the 2nd but very safe. Leroy hits a PW flyer and out of bounds gifting the hole to Stu. STU 1 UP

3rd Hole

Stu hits a cracking cut to the middle of the fairway. Leroy also cuts his drive but 30m back of Stu. Doesn’t matter though as he hits a pearler 2nd to 7ft. A tap in par is too good for Stu as Leroy claws a hole back. ALL SQUARE

4th Hole

Stu goes right past the trees. Leroy’s tee went backwards so it must have been a top drive (and it was). Stu onto the green and a tap in par puts the pressure on Lwah. Lwah goes slightly long and surprisingly his short game can’t match Stu. Stu pulls away again. STU 1 UP

5th Hole (Extra Shot for Lwah)

No extra shot needed here. Lwah with an awesome Par on the 2nd hardest hole. ALL SQUARE

6th Hole

I went down the 17th so didn’t witness much of this hole but near the green both players had chances and both gave away shots with duffs and long approaches. In the end Leroy makes a wonderful long range putt for 6 meaning Stu had to make a nervous 6 footer to match with it just trickling by.  LEROY 1 UP

7th Hole

Leroy goes left while Stu hits a beauty pin high. Leroy’s attempted flop shot catches too much grass and Stu immediately gets the hole straight back. ALL SQUARE

8th Hole

Stu goes right into a deep puddle on the path (play it as it lies Stu ;)). Leroy goes 40m short of the green on the left. Stu gives himself a bad drop but doesn’t matter as he finds the green and a 2 putt bogey. This time it’s Leroy under pressure and he’s left with a 5 footer for a bogey to match Stu. Done and done says Lwah. ALL SQUARE – 1 to Play.

9th Hole Anyone’s match.

Both tee shots weren’t great but not overly bad. Stu lays up before the water but finds the bouncy castle part of the course??? How his ball kept bounding and into the water is beyond me? Bad luck Stu. Leroy also tries to lay up and does so but right behind the gum trees on the left. Nowhere to go, he has to chip right, back to the fairway. So both players on 3 shots before the river. Stu goes just short on the right and Leroy goes just short on the left.  Wow awesome chip Stu, 30m chip to 10cm. Tap in for a bogey. Leroy chips past the hole leaving a 6 footer coming back. Jeez, clutch putt Leroy and a just tied hole and match. ALL SQUARE – DRAW


Cravo vs Dr Gaz – Tasmania

MM Report – Sunday 10th July from Tasmania GC

Standing on the 1st tee I put it to Gary and Leigh that they should play their MM match today, and neither seemed overly fussed either way. I gave them a reminder on 6 and they decided to go for it.

After a typical Cravo dispute about the rules (would he have to give Gaz 2 shots on the 1st hole) we got the right answer – yes you bloody do. And away we went

6th – Cravo hit a snap hook drive that took a Basil bounce off a tree into the fairway. Gaz pushed one into the trees at the end of the tee box and also bounced out. Hit it in the foliage again and bounced out. Then got it up the fairway. Cravo’s laser 4 iron just short of the green and up and down for par accounted for Gaz. Cravo 1 up

7th – Great drives from both blokes – Cravo down at the 120m mark, Gaz back but in the middle. Gaz pulled it onto the 9th fairway, hit the wrong ball twice (is that 4 penalty strokes?) while Cravo put it in the greenside bunker then got messy for a 7. Gaz had the option to go back to his drive and try to get it down in 3 for a tie, but conceded. Cravo 2 Up

8th – Two good irons, Cravo just short and Gaz pin high left above the bunker. Amazing flop pitch from Gaz just over the bunker – both on for 2. After Cravo missed his par putt Gaz had 2 putts to win the hole, but 4 putted and lost. Cravo 3 Up

9th – Cravo an excellent par on the toughest hole on the course, while Gaz played about in the trees and along the wrong fairway. Cravo 4 Up.

10th – Cravo spanked another great par and killed the match. 5 and 4



Norfy was closed due to the wet weather so we slushed off to Claremont.

Ian vs Leroy

Hole 1

Both ok drives, both down the fairway for 2. Leroy gets out the trusted 5 wood but pulls it way right. Heading for the Derwent he gets a Basil kick off a tree back to the middle of the fairway. Ian next to the green for 4. Leroy’s 4th was real good and near the hole in the way of Ian’s ball. Ian declines all offers of marking Leroy’s ball and subsequently hits a super skinny rocket that cannons into Leroy’s ball and finishes 4ft from the hole. Ian doesn’t waste this weird opportunity and goes 1 UP.

Hole 2

Both with good irons over the water. Both near miss par putts for a tied bogey hole. Ian 1 UP

Hole 3

Ian driver OUB right. Leroy blow for blow also OUB right. More blow for blows and a tied hole! Ian 1 UP

Hole 4

Ian fades his iron right (Stellar provisional – almost a hole in 1). Leroy just short of the green. No need for Ian’s provisional and he hits a superb chip to two feet. Wowee. Leroy says anything you can do, and put his chip to 1 ft!! Hot golf Lwah!! Tied hole but Ian’s 2 footer was no gimme. Ian 1 UP

Hole 5 Extra shot for Ian

Two drives safely down the fairway. Ian goes left, Leroy not as left. Nice chip from Leroy to finish with a good bogey. Ian has a clutchish putt to get a double so another tied hole – good battling lads. Ian 1 UP

Hole 6

Two great irons to the green and both with achievable birdie putts – Ian’s just rolls past the cup and keeps going – it looked good the whole way. Leroy’s just tails off at the end and also looked good the whole way. Ian missed hit putt back up the hill and Leroy cleans up to get his first point and square the match. All Square

Hole 7

Leroy spirited drive a long way up the right hand side of the fairway. Ian a lot shorter but straighter. Leroy awesome 3 wood to 60m – really walloped it!. Ian, after a duffy puts his 5 wood onto the green from 190. Leroy half pitch is magnificent, pin high 5ft putt left. Ian concentration lapse – putts leaving 10ft. Leroy can’t quite birdie but a tap in par puts the pressure on. Pfft no pressure for Ian, in the heart. Tied hole. All Square

Hole 8

Leroy drives left, Ian stunts it short. Leroy gets unlucky with a few bad tree breaks and Ian marches solidly up the up the hill for a bogey. Too many for Leroy and Ian crucially moves ahead. Ian 1UP

Hole 9 Extra Shot for Ian

Nerves aplenty with the water quarry in front. Ian baby draw on a 5wood down the hill. Leroy superb drive best of the day, 40m ahead of Ian in the middle of the fairway. Ian best shot of his 2016. A beautiful 9iron, didn’t deviate an iota and smacks down next to the pin. Leroy needs a miracle and you wouldn’t want anyone else in that position. Unfortunately the miracle fairy was on holiday and Ian wins with a well-deserved birdie. Ian 2 UP

Ian vs Felix

Felix took a solid lead in this match (3up after 4 holes), but Ian was called home for looking after pregnant wife duties, and that is where his 2016 MM campaign ended.



Hi Gents,
It was a mega-bumper MM battleground at wet, cold, sanded then incredibly windy New Norfik on Saturday. We all missed Ian’s presence, but Stu and Felix and two Leighs still ensured a big big day of golfe.

Stu started the day by driving into Norfik just to trashtalk Felix! We certainly didn’t see him do any business there. Ha!

In the Lewah Limo, Felix asked the other boys what was their goal for the day. Cravo said that he had a top secret goal. The other boys shrugged and carried on general conversation for at least a minute until Cravo could no longer guard his big secret! He wants to improve his Temperament to match Lewah – best Temperament on Tour. Jeez – no need to twist his arm!

So yep we got to Norfy to find ciggies and empty beer bottles on the first tee courtesy of some country bogan shindig the night prior, and a few Shazzies smoking breakfast durries on the balcony.

Combined we had 6 tries at hitting the first fairway, and completely failed! (Stu out of bounds, Felix lost ball in workshed left, Lewah in trees, Cravo halfway down the hill, then Stu and Felix’s provisionals both in the trees left). Rest assured, the standard picked up from there!!

THE REPORTS from various scribes

Leigh Vs Leroy

Hole 1 – par 5

Leigh chunked one off the tee, Leroy found the trees left. A few shots each later, both were on the edge of the green, Leroy 3 putted for 7 and Leigh 2 putted for 6 to win – Leigh 1 up.

Hole 2 – par 4

Leigh chunked one off the tee, Leroy found the trees left. Leigh smoked his second shot around and over a tree onto the green from 180m out, Leroy near the green and then chipped on for 3 (close to pin). Both players conceded the short par putts – and Cravo might have sighed a sigh of relief, coz he can be nervy from 1ft. Leigh 1 up.

Hole 3 – par 3

Leigh topped his 3rd tee shot in a row along the ground, Leroy found the trees left but got an awesome Basil kick to see the ball back on the fairway. Leroy chipped on and 2 putted for 4, Leigh took an extra shot giving Leroy the hole – all square.

Hole 4 – par 4

Both players drove well and had good second shots to be just off the green. Leroy made a good chip to about 1ft to set up a tap-in par and Leigh had a trademark duff chip to make some variety of bogey – Leroy 1 up.

Hole 5 – par 4 – Leigh gets an extra shot

Both players drove well and had good second shots – Leigh on in Reg about 5m away, Leroy just off the green. Leroy made a good chip to about 5.1m and rolled in the par putt, and Leigh’s two putt par won the hole – all square.

Hole 6 – par 3 – signature hole

Leroy went a lazy 8 iron to be within 3m of the pin, Leigh went left of green and chipped on to make a bogey, Leroy made par – Leroy 1 up.

Hole 7 – par 4

Leigh played good steady golf all the way and Leroy chunked his way tee to green. Easy win to Leigh – All square.

Hole 8 – par 3

Leigh hit a pure 7 iron to be on the green, but a long way from the hole. Leroy went just over the green and chipped on, but a ways from the hole to make bogey. Leigh fired off an awesome putt to stop next to the hole and make par – Leigh 1 up with one to go. Cannot lose.

Hole 9 – par 5

Both had good tee shots and good second shots down the fairway. Leroy fired a little long and left to be under the big tree near the green, while Leigh just off the back. Leroy pulled out the Cravo wedge to get onto the green near the hole and then 2 putted for bogey, but his par putt from 5m only missed by about 0.5cm. Leigh 3 putted to square the hole and win the match – 1 up.

Stuart Vs Felix

Hole 1 – par 5

Stu puts one out of bounds left, Felix equals him on the other side of the fairway with a lost ball near the shed. The third shot proved the only difference as Stu had to chip out while Felix got closer to the green. Triple bogey vs a Quad and Felix moves 1 UP.

Hole 2 – par 4

Felix with a good iron up the fairway but well short of the green. Stu hits a 3 wood right side calling for the man made ditch but finds the short trees on the other side of the ditch. Both on the green for 3, both two putts for bogeys, squared hole. Felix 1 UP

Hole 3 – par 3

Felix with a good iron up the fairway just left of the green. Stu hits a wonderful baby draw 5 wood onto the green. Felix chips on and two putts for a bogey. Stu’s short par putt moved 90 degrees at the hole. Damn norfy greens. Unlucky Stu, all squared hole. Felix 1 UP

Hole 4 – par 4

Felix right off the tee into trees. Stu also just right. Some ugly scrambling saw two more bogeys and a squared hole. Felix 1 UP.

Hole 5 – par 4 – Felix gets an extra shot

Felix just manages a cut over the trees left and into the 1st cut (thick) next to the fairway. Stu’s draw tails right into the trees. Both on the green for 3 but both par putts miss and another bogey with the extra shot counting. Felix 2 UP

Hole 6 – par 3 – signature hole

Felix hits a PW to the right bunker. Stu hits a PW out of the middle and consequently 140m carry and finishes 50m past the hole. Felix putts out of the bunker, Leroy find this amusing and giggles. A duff from Stu proves costly with a bogey. Felix 3 UP, 3 to go.

Hole 7 – par 4

Felix hits waaaay left, in trouble, Stu bombs a drive and then bombs a 3 wood, almost a birdie and the easiest of pars to keep the match alive. Felix 2 UP.

Hole 8 – par 3

Bit of heckling about the dam (thinking of you Ian), Felix hits an 8 iron just right of the green. Stu duffs a 7 iron short of the green but safe. Felix is in trouble under a tree and can only punch out to the fringe. Stu fats his 1st chip into the bunker but the one back from the bunker is a beauty to one foot. Felix chips and … in for a par. A chip in to end the match, everyone who has played Leroy knows what this feels like.

Felix win 3 & 2.

Leigh Vs Stuart

Very strong gusty northwesterly – enough to blow your golf buggy over

Hole 1 – par 4 into the wind

Leigh made bogey thanks to a good tee shot and smashing 4 iron just short. His off green birdie try burnt the hole, and then putting last he missed a 2 footer but it didn’t matter, Stu made a double – Leigh 1 up

Hole 2 – par 3

Leigh smoked his tee shot onto the green. Stuart with a great up and down for par but couldn’t do anything as Leigh drained a monster putt for birdie – Leigh 2 up

Hole 3 – Par 4

Leigh smacked it left into the blackwoods, then advanced a 4 iron. Great response from Stu, smoked his tee shot and drained a 2m putt for birdie to get 1 back – Leigh 1 up

Hole 4 – par 4

Leigh found trees right off the tee and Stu the fairway. Leigh smacked a 4 iron through a gap in the trees just off the back of the green The wind was drying out the greens which made it incredibly difficult to gauge the pace. Leigh two putt par and Stu made a bogey – Leigh 2 up

Hole 5 – par 4 – Leigh gets an extra shot

By now there was a strong cross wind – left to right – not ideal for a righty slicer. Stu aimed left and drifted onto the fairway beautifully. Leigh played an iron and well struck but the slightest of slices and the wind took it and it went went went and as far as we know – its still going. Stu hit a good second and did exactly the right amount to take the hole despite the shot disadvantage.– Leigh 1 up

Hole 6 – par 3 into the wind

Both players hit good tee shots to the green and made par to square the hole – Leigh 1 up.

Hole 7 – par 5 into the wind.

Stu showed us all how to play this one and made an easy GIR and par, while Leigh spent a lot of time in the trees left – all square 2 to go.

Hole 8 – par 3

Leigh pulled left of the green and Stu over the back of the green. Both missed getting to the green with their 1st chip. Some nervy putts from both players and Leigh took the hole with a messy double – Leigh 1 up (cant lose).

Hole 9 – par 4 down wind

Stu long and straight down the fairway, Leigh a little right. Leigh with a terrible lie on two twigs hits a miraculous 8 iron over trees and over the bunker to be just off the back of the green. Stu’s approach was a little short, he then chipped over the back of the green. Both left their next ones short and had difficult putts, after that Leigh let Stu back into the hole with a too long a putt. Stu rams in a tough bogey putt to ask a serious question of Cravo. Leigh has a testy nervy putt back up the hill and he does it for a par. – Leigh wins 1 up. Phew! Bad luck Stu.



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