MM 2017 – Round Robins



Gaz won his first ever MM match with this clutch up and down on the last at the New Norfik Super Sunday.  Put it right in the heart of the hole. Congrats Good Doctor!

A massive field of 8 Gents, including Dr Gaz, Matt, Ian and (briefly) Stu – as well as the top 4 in the World – assembled to take on the 2017 Matchplay Masters, presented by the Aurora Curse.

Would the the upper atmospheric ionization effect finally loses its hold on the other Gents this year? Could the Aurora Curse be broken? Not if Felix and his stinky unwashed shirt (for extra luck) have anything to say about it……

The Campaigns


Started strong with a last hole win over his bunny Cravo at NWB, then clutch half vs Lewah at traditional KBGC hardest holes : whilst blowing his handicap out at the same time! Cheeky. Another clutch last hole win vs Bas at Elderslie, was followed by a polite 2&1 victory over his Aurora Curse buddy Ian. A half point from an unfinished match v Gaz on the Goldy (due to glacially slow old biddies in front) had Felix dominating with 4 points from 5 matches, but possibly needing a draw out of his grudge match vs Matt Crawf to assure direct passage to his 4th Final in a row. Matt beat him at the Norfik Super Sunday, but 4 points from 6 matches was juuust enough to go straight to the Final and shoot for back-to-back-to-back-to-back Titles.


The Beaver badly wants an MM to complete the career slam, and got his 2017 campaign off to a roaring start disposing of the 2 Leighs in tight matches, both 1up wins. He fell to Felix and the Curse on the last hole at Elderslie, and then knocked over a very rusty Stu (but that didn’t end up counting). So 2 from 3. At the Super Sunday Norfik battle Ian had Bas in trouble, but he missed a 1 footer for victory on the last hole, meaning that they got a half each. Bas then got it done on the back grabbing two more wins (vs Gaz and Matt) and sailing into the Final vs Felix with 4.5 points.


2 tough losses to start – vs Bas at Tasmania and Matt at NWB. Didn’t do much wrong at all. Followed that up with a comfortable win vs Dr Gaz, an unlucky draw against Felix, and then a LOT of snowboarding. Outplayed Cravo tee to green late at Oaty but narrowly fell victim to some surprising Cravo clutch putting. From there it was time to relax and plot next year’s campaign and see how much back country snow he could fit in before the end of the season. Came to the Norfik Super Sunday after a fun Rodway Range snowboard mission the day before, but just played social. Finished off his last match of the MM vs Ian before work at…………


The Sea Raven failed to put Felix away at NWB, and the same with Basil at Llanherne, leading both matches after 5 holes. He threw in a tight last hole win against a returning Matt at NWB to be 1 from 3. Racked up a very lucky last hole win in a classic tussle vs Ian at Elderslie and then scorched an out-of-practice Stu to go 3 from 5. This was revised to 2 from 4 when Stu’s matches were pulled out of calculations. He beat Leroy 2up in a hailstorm at Oaty thanks to a white hot flat stick to be 3 from 5 and at least in the mix with a chance of making the Final. Ran into a very hot Gaz on the front at Norfik Super Sunday and managed to pull a half out of the fire (was 3 down with 3 to play) – but fell short of a playoff for the Final by 0.5 points. Finished on 3.5, in third place.


Scorched Leroy at the NWB Super Sunday, and then played as you would expect from someone who has barely hit a ball in 12 months vs Cravo (but almost snatched a half nonetheless). A couple of months passed before his next appearance at the New Norfik Super Sunday, where he scorched Felix on the front before the lack of golf fitness got him again and he lost 3 matches on the back nine in concurrent play. He was the only man to beat Felix in Round Robin again, and has the honour of being the only current player on Tour with a winning record against the 3 time MM Champ.

Dr Gaz

Started at the NWB Super Sunday, where he fought back from 3 down with 3 to play against Stu to claim a half, then fell to Leroy. Next up was an incomplete match vs Felix at Maroochy River (the first ever interstate MM match!) which went in as a half. Tallying 1 point from 3 was a reasonable start and still in the picture for the Final if he could get on a roll at New Norfik. And he started with hot golf at Norfik, putting Cravo to the sword, looking good for his first ever win in MM, 3up with 3 to play. Cravo squeaked a half, but Gaz wasn’t to be denied, claiming his first ever win on the back when he made a clutch up and down on the final hole vs Matt for a 1up win. Well done buddy!


Looked set for his first ever MM win against Gaz at NWB, but came away with a half. Then three losses at Elderslie due to some rust and a super low handicap saw him walk away from the Tour for a bit. Then he got injured. Will be back. Look out!


Another man who rarely plays and has a handicap that’s perhaps a bit low for him currently, Ian got going at his “home” course Elderslie. A great tussle vs Cravo just went the wrong way, then he beat Stu and was too nice to Felix to be 1 win from 3. After the Stu match was taken out he went back to 0-2, but still in it. Like a few fellas he needed some wins from there on and for other results to fall his way. At the Norfy Super Sunday he had Basil on toast but missed a tiddler on the last hole, and that few lousy centimetres would ultimately cost him a shot at a playoff for the Final. Scorched Matt and Gaz on the back nine to be 2.5 from 5. Needed to play Leroy to grab some World Rankings points – a win would mean equal 3rd place in the MM with Cravo.


The Reports

Bas vs Leroy

1st Leroy Bogeys, Basil Par goes 1 UP

2nd 2 Good drives, Leroy chips it real close to win the hole. AS

3rd Strong left to right wind. Basil beautiful drive. Leroy approaches and then chips it super close for tap in birdie. Leroy 1 UP

4th 2 Double Bogeys tied hole. Leroy 1 UP

5th Top quality par by Bas, squares the match. AS

6th Bas goes right off the tee and pays the price with a tough lie and a double Bogey. Leroy gets a lucky tree kick to take the lead. Leroy 1 UP

7th Bas in trouble with another double. Leroy on the green (8ft) for 3 and a chance to shut the door. The quick downhill putt goes long, Bas breathes a sigh of relief as Leroy misses the putt back. Leroy 1 UP

8th Bas beautiful 5iron into the wind for pin high. Leroy finds trees and penalties. Bas par squares. AS for the last.

9th Bas drive up the middle, Leroy left. Leroy middles his 2nd but makes contact with a branch. Bas has 2 putts to win the last and makes it look easy.

Bas wins 1 UP

Cravo vs Felix

Cravo started this match on fire, but missed a couple of short putts and the chance to be 4Up after 4. He was only 2Up, with nice pars on the 3rd and 4th.
5th hole
Cravo goes for a low sting draw drive off the tee, but just tops it into the ground. 2nd duff as well. 3rd from 190m out a scintiallating 3 iron to just off the front. Felix hooked his tee shot near the 6th tee, nice chip just short, chip on. Cravo couldn’t get up and down, so Felix’s bogey takes the hole. Cravo 1up
6th hole
Cravo lucky squirty drive to the middle 170m out. Felix pure 5 iron to the same spot. Cravo’s 4 iron ran up the green and dribbled off the R side, Felix pulled one left. Felix duff chip. Cravo poor cravo wedge. Felix in for bogey and Cravo’s curly 6m par putt just stays out. Cravo 1up
7th hole
Felix hits a pure 8 iron to the middle/back. Cravo slight pull to the L off green. Great Cravo wedge burns the hole but misses birdie and runs 4m past. Felix par. Cravo par putt looks great but slides by. All Square
8th hole
Both players aim for 4th fairway to take the out of bounds out of play. Felix bombs his, Cravo snaps it. Duff. Good from there. Cravo chips on for 4 and it is about 5m on the green, stops there, then after 10 seconds starts rolling backwards off the green and back to his feet. Felix 1up
9th hole (Felix 1 shot)
Felix sprays one near the 1st Tee, and Cravo goes for everything gets nothing snap hook to the 10th fairway. Awesome pitch up over the trees on line but 10m past the green. Felix on for 3 and close. Cravo needs a Leroy chip in, but doesn’t get it. Felix wins. Felix 2Up

Matt vs Leroy

Matt came out of the blocks firing, with bogeys everywhere, meaning that poor old Leroy needed pars to halve holes and birdies to win holes. In some cases he needed birdies to halve holes. Yikes! Matt scorched Leroy 3&2.

Cravo vs Matt

10th hole Matt gets 2 shots
Cravo hits the worst skinny slice thing you’ve ever seen and it goes on the green about 3m from the hole. Matt spends a few shots getting there, but it comes down to putting. 3 putts each, tied hole.
11th hole
Cravo smokes a draw drive down the left & Matt tops one. Cravo easy 2 putt bogey takes the win. 1 Up
12th hole
Great connection on the drive from Matt but catches the top of a tree and drops. Cravo ok down at the ridge. Matt 2 more pure strikes but sails into the hazard beyond the green. Cravo chips it close but just misses his par. Bogey good enough again. Cravo 2 Up
13th hole
Matt hits a centimetre perfect fade around and over the trees to the edge. Cravo also centimetre perfect in top slicing one just past the reeds. Hacking from both gents incl lost ball for Matt and then mammoth putts needed. After the lag putts Cravo makes a curly 6 footer which means Matt’s 3 putts are only good for a half. Cravo 2 Up
Cravo hits a solid iron just short, Matt has some issues. Cravo’s bogey gets him to 3 Up
Matt almost has an air swing and the ball pops forward gently off the tee about 2cm. It woulda gone miles if he hit it! Next shot put him over by Cravo’s sliced drive on the 16th fairway. Great next shot Matt back to the correct fairway. Cravo got greedy trying to pick a gap from way back but hit the tree. Next shot amazing under first trees and high over the next trees with a 4 iron to craven wedge territory. Matt great shot too and great chip on. Cravo Cravo wedges to about 8m. Matt nice lag putt and Cravo charges the hole going for the win. Just missed the putt back and Matt wins (both had doubles). Cravo 2 Up with 3 to play
16th Cravo leaks one way R, Matt goes the other way into the trees. Matt nicely out about 30m short. Cravo fadey 6 iron just short of bunker. Matt great chip on to about 3ft above the hole. Cravo nice chip 6ft below. With the extra shot Matt gets on every hole, Cravo needs to make this putt to put some pressure on. Lips it out and swears at the ball and the hole in frustration. Matts par putt slides by and keeps rolling about 8ft past. Just misses that one and halves the hole. Cravo 2 Up with 2 to play
Matt sensational high draw drive. Cravo tries to win it off the tee with an attempted low sting draw, which comes out as a topped hook along the ground. Both had a lot of issues from there, and both went over the back. Matt even managed to find the bunker at one stage, but by the time he made the green he still had a longish putt to win the hole. Almost got it, and tapped in for a 7. Cravo had another putt to win the match – about 6m. Looked in all the way and just turned hard left at the hole with the grain to miss. Matt wins the hole. Cravo 1up with 1 to play
18th Matt gets 2 shots
Cravo blistering drive up the middle. Matt stood at his drive focussing a long time, and then unfortunately hit a topped hook. More focussing produced more similar shots as Matt toiled his way up the hill. A great 5th was followed by a snap hook into the dam, and Cravo took advantage, parring the last and eking out a 2up win. A great fightback from Matt almost got the half.
Gaz vs Stu
Neither Gent had played golf for about a year or more, and it showed early with some big numbers. The game went back and forth between each player 1Up and All Square and then the good shots started to flow, and Stu started to turn the screws a bit. Stu 3up with 3 to play (Dormie)
Stu and Gaz both next to the green on the left and got down neatly. With the extra shot Gaz’s bogey good for the win. Stu 2up
Gaz flirted with the out of bounds fence but hit some great shots in between. Stu joined him in the right hand rough and they both got to the green ok. Stu graciously gave Gaz a 2ft putt for the win rather than making him hole it. I know he’ll hate this, but great sportsmanship Stu! Stu 1up
9th 2 shots for Gaz
Stu smashed one past the dam and Gaz snap hooked onto the 10th fairway. A good out put him close to the green and he did enough with the 2 shot buffer to win the hole and square the match

Leroy vs Gaz

hole 10

Gaz gets 2 shots, leroy duffs tee shot but gets on the green for 2. Gaz on the green for 3 and 2 putts, Leroy drains a long one for par to square the hole.

Hole 11

Both players scramble to the hole, Leroy 4 putts to give Gaz the hole. Gaz 1 up.

Hole 12

Leroy steady bogey to take the hole, after Gaz had a few shots in the trees. All square.

Hole 13

Leroy makes a birdie to take the hole. Leroy 1 up

Hole 14

Gaz gets 2 shots, Gaz on the green for 3 after an unlucky chip died in the grass and then 3 putts, Leroy makes bogey to square the hole. Leroy 1 up.

Hole 15

Gaz loses ball off the tee and concedes the hole. Leroy 2 up.

Hole 16

Both players found the trees left, Gaz had a few to get out and on the green. Leroy chipped through a V in the trees to be next to green and then a chip (almost in) and a putt to take the hole.    Leroy wins 3 n 2

Felix v Leroy

8th extra shot Felix

Leroy drives the green – top shot! Felix messy for 3 shots but next 2 ok and in for a double. Lwah misses the putt for par and bogeys for a half   AS


Good drives, good 2nds, good 3rds. Felix Par, Lwah Bogey.     Felix 1UP


2x GIRs and 2x Pars   Felix 1UP


Felix tree blocked after the drive. Lwah tree blocked after his 2nd. Below average putts and 2 double bogeys for a half.    Felix 1UP

 12th Extra shot Felix

2 solid drives. Felix approach goes long into the back bunker. Lwah quality and chips it close for a schmick par. Felix double bogey   AS


Lwah drive left into the trees. Felix takes advantage for 3 straight irons to the green and a 2 putt bogey. Leroy 1st attempt out of the trees hits branch and comes straight back to almost the same spot. Slight giggle ensued. Felix 1UP


2 great drives, Felix Gir, Leroy just short of the green. Felix bad 1st putt and bogeys. Leroy solid par. AS


Leroy straight down the guts. Felix’s ball fell off the tee during the down swing and an errant result. Leroy hits a wayward 2nd but recovers well for yet another par.  Leroy 1UP (Dormie – can’t lose)

16th Felix Extra Shot

Leroy right over the bunker. Felix 7 iron over the back of the green. Leroy tight flop goes into the bunker. Gets out of the bunker beautifully to 6ft.

Felix tough lie and chips long to off the front of the green. Chip back ok leaving 12ft.

Felix hits hit putt at 80kmph into the hole for a bogey. Leroy laughs in disbelief.

Tied Match

Felix very lucky especially as Leroy hit 11 pars in the round for his best ever score 39,42 – 81 Gross, net 68.

Bas vs Cravo
cRaven Vs Beaver
Llanherne GC
A stiff breeze and a few showers.
1st hole
Cravo hit a low draw into the wattles off the tee. Bas went straight up the guts. CRaven was on for three with a medium length putt. Bas on for two hit his 1st putt way too short but then managed to sneak in his par to snatch the hole.
Bas 1 up
2nd hole
Beaver hit a 5 iron onto the green about 5m from the pin. cRaven hooked a 7 iron a bit left of the green then had a couple of messy chips but then drained a bogey putt from 6m. Bas missed his birdie and settled for a par. Hole squared as LC got a shot.
Bas 1 up
3rd hole
Leigh drew his drive into big fairway bunker left. Bas hit a weak fade onto left side of fairway then a hybrid to a few metres short of the green. LC hit his next up the fairway but still 50m from green, then nailed a wedge to 3 feet. Bas chipped poorly and 2 putts for bogey. LC slammed his par putt in to win the hole.
All square
4th hole
Both players hit the green for 1 and 2 putt pars (Cravo’s birdie try burned the hole). A halved hole.
5th hole
Leigh hits a low cut that catches some trees of the tee but then hits two great shots to be about 4m pin high for 3 on the Par 5.
Bas hit a straight drive and 2 reasonable shots to middle of the green, 2 putts for par. LC had an extra shot up his sleeve but did not need it and drained his birdie to win the hole.
cRaven 1 up
6th hole
 LC went a bit low and right off tee. Bas went low and straight. Still 170m from green. LC took a few shots to get to green and finished with a 6. Bas hit the green and had a two putt par to win hole.
All square
7th hole
 LC hits low iron up the middle. BVR hit a 3 wood just off the fairway on the right side. Cravo hit a few duff chips and had a wipe.
Bas managed to save par with a chip and one putt after laying up a bit short.
Bas 1 up
8th hole
Both of us hit reasonable drives, Leigh hit a good iron to front of green. Bas hit his approach a bit short and right of green. Chip was a bit strong and was about 5m above the hole. LC slightly over flogged his putt and shaved the edge of hole with his second putt. Both finished with 5. Squared hole
Bas 1 up
9 th hole
Both hit screaming drives up the middle within a few metres of each other. Both layed up with mid irons. Both hit the green for 3. Pin was cut on the side of a slope which meant some tricky putts. Both 2 putt Pars. Halved hole.
Beaver wins 1 up
Thanks for a great tussle cRaven the match was a tight struggle all the way.
Both gents finished with 19 points in Stableford comp.
Ian vs Cravo 
1st – Ian flogs one out of bounds R and decided to put the driver away for a bit! Cravo great par. Ian moral par with 2nd ball. Cravo 1 up
2nd Cravo almost put his drive in the dam, then almost in the creek, and in for bogey. Ian smashed this hole with 3 pure irons setting up a GIR and 4m birdie putt. Easy par and a win. All square

Ian’s approach. Not bad.

3rd Ian towering iron to the middle. Cravo tried to drive the green and was about 10m wide right and nearly killed Stu – good thing he hid behind his bag! Both players bogeyed. All square
4th Cravo smashed a great drive up the middle and Ian found the R trees. Ian nice bogey, and Cravo charged his off green birdie try about 8m past then almost missed the tap in bogey. Halved hole. All square
5th both players leaked their drives R into the trees. The first really messy hole but Cravo’s dbl bogey ended up being good enough for the win. Cravo 1up.
6th Ian hit a great shot just R of the pin, but crucially left it above the hole on the ridiculously slopey green. Cravo hit it on line but just short of the green. Ian just tickled his putt but it ran 5m past. Bogeys for a tied hole. Cravo 1 up
7th Cravo blistering drive down the middle, Ian immaculate 4 iron down the middle. Some chipping and putting shenanigans and both got dbl bogeys for another tied hole. Cravo still 1 up
8th Cravo on the green but about 10m away. Ian dead at it looking like a hole in one, but backspin pulled it back from the hole. Easy par for Ian and Cravo didn’t read the massive swing on his putt then missed a shorty. Ian wins. All Square

Ian scaring it for a hole-in-one.

9th Ian extra shot
Ian solid 5 iron into the wind just drifted R into the rough but never in trouble for OOB. Cravo great drive up the L side. Ian hit a pure 8 iron at the middle of the green and it was looking like game over…..but he hit it too good and it sailed over the back. Hugely unlucky! Cravo missed the green R. Ian used the Cravo wedge to get on. As did Cravo. Ian 6m past, Cravo 2.5m short. Ian then 4 putted. Cravo sunk his par. Cravo wins an epic tussle 1up
Cravo vs Stu 
1st hole Cravo and Stu hit good drives into the wind, leaking into the R rough. Cravo knocked his half pitch on and 2 putted for par to win the hole. Cravo 1 up
2nd hole Stu hit a perfect drive to position A and Cravo flirted with the dam. Cravo 9 iron over and easy 9 iron just short of the green. Stu a million miles closer for 2, but his chip let him down. Had a makeable putt for a half after Cravo made bogey, but just didn’t quite get it to the hole. Cravo 2 Up
3rd hole
Cravo great drive up the middle into the wind. Stu ditto but with the hybrid. Both just off, and two nice pars. Halved hole. Cravo 2 Up
4th hole
Stu awesome drive up the middle, Cravo nice strike but drew into the L trees. Both just off for 2. Cravo made par and Stu had a bogey. Cravo 3up
5th hole Cravo extra shot
Cravo smashed one way down into the L rough, and fat 4 iron about 30m short. Stu, not having played for a bit had some shenanigans. Cravo bogey wins the hole. Cravo 4up
6th hole
Cravo pulls one L and Stu sprays one R. Cravo chipped it past the green and then left a Cravo wedge short, to be off the green above the hole for 3. Stu with a curly 5footer for Bogey. Having seen how treacherous the green was Cravo hit his putt so soft it almost stopped before it made the putting surface, then never really got going, looked like it was stopping a few times, but just kept creaking onwards and onwards and after about a minute it rolled into the hole. Stu missed his tough putt and that was it. Cravo 5&3

Bas vs Stu

An easy win for Bas here with Stu on the comeback trail, and not playing to his handicap.


Bas vs Felix

….Felix too busy to write a match report for this, but it was another epic. Apparently Bas had the edge in general play, but Felix was holing some monster putts. We did see the 9th hole – all square at this point and Felix with an extra shot on handicap. Basil hooked his drive into the rough near the creek and Felix hit a solid 5 iron to the middle. Bas then hit an amazing hook recovery to the front of the green and Felix hooked his approach into the trees. Felix knocked one out onto the green. Bas left his birdie try very short. Felix had a 5m curler – which he knocked in for a par and the win. CLUTCH. With that result Basil is officially Felix’s bunny (for now at least!)

Ian vs Stu

A tight tussle this one with some quality golf, but Ian got the job done on the 8th hole – 2&1 with a stellar gap wedge.

Ian v Felix

Felix had to be peer pressured to play this match, as the nerves were shot from his epic slaying of Basil earlier. But the game got underway, and normal service resumed when he holed a monster putt on the 1st to go 1 up.

We checked in on them on the 7th hole and heard that it had been a very polite match between the 2 Aurora colleagues and past champions, with both doing their best to lose holes to the other. That politeness continued with some messy play from both around the 7th green. Felix went 1up. He even missed a one foot putt just to rub Ian’s nose in it.

Ian had been smashing the 8th in his other matches, and it looked good again – but he left this gap wedge short. Felix pummelled his tee shot way past the green into the middle of the 9th fairway. When Felix hit a great chip back to about 6ft the pressure was on, and Ian hit a skinny chip through the green. His par try was ok but not in, and he was still away and the bogey didn’t drop either. Felix lagged his par putt and tapped in for a 2&1 win and that’s likely booked him a spot in the Final to try for 4 MMs in a row!

Felix vs Dr Gaz

Felix was 2up with 2 to play at Maroochy River GC on the Goldy, but the match was abandoned due to some nearly dead ladies in front who were taking at least half an hour per hole. Officially a halved match. Which means Gaz is still alive to make the Final!

The Two Leighs
MM 16/9 at Oaty
Leroy (11), Cravo (13) : both A Graders for the Oaty Comp! A graders for a day at least!
9 degrees, windy, snow showers and hail predicted.
Sandy cored greens.
Played the front nine for warm up – Cravo 20 pts and Leroy 17
1st MM hole (10th hole)
Cravo leaked his drive R edge of fairway and had to go low under pine with the next. Leroy drifted L on the wind, thru the other pine and into the lake. Drop. Both hit up. Cravo’s bogey wins. 1 up
Cravo down the R fairway edge to gap wedge territory, Leroy up the guts. Both just off. 2 pars – Leroy tap and Cravo clutch 6 footer. Cravo still 1 up
Leroy on the green and made a clutch par, Cravo dodgy again just cleared the lake and got bogey. AS
Leroy in the L rough and Cravo R edge. Leroy had to go over a tree to middle. Cravo pured a 4 iron – but no cut had him lost in the sags. Replay up the middle, 9 iron on. Leroy duff, then nice approach but thru the green. Cravo nice bogey try on line but short. Leroy bogey wins. Leroy 1 Up
Both drives short of the corner. Leroy went beautifully up and over the pine to fairway about 60m short. Cravo hit a sting draw 5 iron thru the gap and onto the green. Leroy on for 4 but drained a monster bogey putt. Cravo good for a par though on the hardest hole – AS
Cravo short and Leroy sailed way R on the wind. Leroy’s ball was sitting down but he got it on. Cravo skinny chip off a perfect lie, but both players had bogey. AS
7th The lake hole.
Cravo topped a drive short of the lake – haha, dickhead! Lewah beautifully straight past the swans to fairway middle. Cravo long 3 iron about 20m short. Leroy just off the edge of the green for 2. Cravo chips on to about 6m. Leroy nice putt rolls about 4ft past. Cravo drains his par. Leroy lip out. Huge swing. Cravo 1 Up
Small hail shower with a few snowflakes for the last 2 holes.
8th hole
Leroy nice drive R edge. Cravo nice drive draws into L rough. Leroy great hybrid from 190m out to beside the green pin high. Cravo calls for a ruling coz his ball is in a hole. Play it as it lies buddy. Can only blast it about 90m down the fairway. Then fats his chip. Then putts on to about 6m. Leroy’s chip on pulls up a bit short – about 3m. Cravo does it again, drills a clutch putt. Leroy 2 putts. Cravo still 1 up.
9th Cravo extra shot (Oaty Matchplay index)
Wind and hail flying hard from L to R, with out of bounds R.
Cravo goes for a low hooky draw to the other fairway, but hardly hits it – about 120m down the L. Leroy straight up R side of fairway. Cravo’s ball sitting down between tufts – punches a low 4 iron to 60m out. Another ruling called for – this time as it was sitting wedged down in tractor tread marks. Ok for a lift and place. Leroy’s approach goes a bit R and short. Cravo knocks his approach on but it runs thru. Leroy just keeps his on. Cravo’s par putt from the fringe looks in all the way but doesn’t drop. Tap in par. Cannot be caught. Wins 2 up in the end.
Match could’ve easily gone either way. Great tussle!
We scampered into the clubhouse for a beer and pie and it started snowing properly. Nice. Leroy started daydreaming about how deep the powder would be tomorrow at Mt Field for his snowboarding mission. Ahhhh

Oaty – dark under a snow cloud

Super Sunday #2 – New Norfik Oct 8th 2017

A day of high drama at one of the best little 9 holers in Tassie, old favourite, Norfy. A total of 8 matches were scheduled! Holy hoobah sheeboo sheebah.
Single matches on the front, and all sorts of concurrent shenanigans on the back with everyone playing 2 or 3 other Gents at the same time.
Gaz vs Cravo 
1st hole – Gaz 2 shots
Two great drives and we were away. Gaz double bogey forced Cravo to make a 3m par putt – nah. Couldn’t. Gaz 1up
2nd hole
Cravo nice par, only just good enough as Gaz’s bogey putt shaved the hole. All square
3rd hole
Cravo skinny but straight at the par 3, Gaz awesome iron just short. Some chipping and putting shenanigans from both players. All square
4th hole
Cravo topped 3 shots in a row on his way to a double. Gaz drilled a great drive up the guts, his approach sailed left, nice chip back and almost made par. Bogey wins by a mile. Gaz 1up
5th hole 2 shots Gaz
Gaz smashed a great drive up the guts. Cravo leaked one R into the trees. Good shots from both players and chip on for 3. Cravo needed to hole a long par putt to have any chance of a half, but left it short. Gaz 2up
6th hole
Gaz hit a tree and was short L, Cravo hit a tree and bounced outta bounds. Next short was worse if anything. Gaz won this hole easily to go 3up with 3 to play
7th hole
Gaz hit a poor tee shot and Cravo sighed with relief, then scorched a great drive up the guts. Gaz had a few extra shots and Cravo’s 7 iron just bounced off the green. Bogey will do Cravo. Gaz 2up
8th hole
Great 7 iron by Cravo looked like it might go in – finished 2m directly behind the hole. Gaz trees L. Great chip on. Par try for the win / almost! But ran well past. Putt back a bit short. Double. Cravo makes bird. Gaz 1up
9th hole Gaz 2 shots
Cravo scorched a drive, Gaz found the trees L. The pivotal moment was when Gaz hit his ball into a tree and it stayed in there! Wow. Cravo won this hole.
Match All Square
Ian Vs BvR
Hole 1 Par 5
Bas hits a drive up the fairway, Ian hits his with a bit of a slice into right rough amongst the trees. Ian recovers OK and hits a great approach which dribbles past the green. A good chip and a putt gives him a 6. Bas hits the green in reg but just misses birdie, a par wins him the hole. Bas 1 up.
Hole 2 Par 4
Ian and Bas both hit drives just off the fairway on the right side. Both miss approach shots and chip on for 3. Twin two putt bogeys is enough for Ian to win the hole. All Square.
Hole 3 Par 3
Ian hits a slice into right trees but hits a cracking recovery to back of green then a chip and one putt gives him 4. Bas hits a hybrid into front right bunker and leaves sand wedge shot 4m short of pin. Missed par putt and finishes with a bogey.
Ian 1 up.
Hole 4 Par 4
Ian goes right into the trees off the tee but hits a great low shot that bumps into the bank and finishes just off the green on the left for 2. A chip and two putts gives him a 5. Bas hits a solid drive but misses the green with a 9 iron over the back and chip and two putts means a squared hole. Ian 1 up.
Hole 5 Par 4
Ian goes long and right into the woods and Bas smashes his drive into a big tree on the left which pushes ball across fairway into right rough. Both hit good recover shots up the fairway, although Ian still has to negotiate a few tall trees. Ian hits a superb approach over the trees to front of green. Bas hits just over the back but manages to save bogey. Ian leaves his first putt a little short and finishes with a 6.Halved hole. Ian 1 up.
Hole 6 Par 3
Ian misses the green but scrambles well for a bogey. Bas hits wedge to right edge of green but chips short and two putt bogey. Square hole. Ian 1 up.
Hole 7 Par 4
Ian goes way right off the tee but pine trees stop it from going too far. Hits down the fairway and then into right rough. Bas hits his 2nd shot into right rough and finds a bunny hole. Both players hack their way to the green Ian gets a 7 and Bas 6 so another tied hole. Ian 1 up.
Hole 8 Par 3
Ian launches a glorious iron shot straight over the pin and has an easy two putt par. Bas hits his iron above the green to the left and then chips on and manages to sink a clutch 1 metre putt to halve the hole and stay in the match. Ian 1 up.
Hole 9 Par 5
Both players hit good distance drives, Ian threads a little draw between a row of trees on the left and then goes right into the rough. Bas hits a good second and a solid approach to give himself a chance at birdie but cannot make the putt and settles for par. Ian goes a bit long for 3 and then a bit short for 4 but puts his 5th about 50cms from the hole. Ian gets set and taps the putt towards the hole and the gallery rises to watch it drop but it just misses to the left on the break. Ian taps in for 7 and Bas wins the hole.
All square.
Matt Vs Bas
Hole 1 Par 4
Matt hits a superb drive long and straight off the tee but then goes a bit left on his 2nd shot into the rough. He then hits an incredible wedge shot which flies over the bunker and onto a downslope and pulls up before the pin. 2 putt bogey.
Bas goes a bit right off the tee and punches out onto the fairway with a 5 iron then hits a good wedge into about 4m but cannot get the putt for par so loses the hole. Matt 1 up.
Hole 2 Par 3
Matt hits a low worm burner off the tee and then just misses the green on his approach. On for three and two putts.
Bas manages to hit his hybrid onto back right of green off the tee then nestles a long putt close to settle with a par and a halved hole.
Matt 1 up.
Hole 3 Par 4
Matt goes a bit left into trees then hits a little duff but then cracks one up the left side of fairway. He has a few troubles in the long grass behind the green when his approach goes skinny. Nasty ball with a headache goes into the hole for 10. bas drives up the right side then fades an iron to back of green just off. Chips close and holes out for 4 and a win. All square.
Hole 4 Par 4
Matt finds trees off tee but gets out then off to the left of green and chips on for two putt double bogey.
Bas hits middle of fairway then hits approach just off back of green. Chip and a putt is just enough to win the hole. Bas 1 up.
Hole 5 Par 4
Matt and Bas both hit solid drives up the guts. Matt mistimes his next and then goes sailing over the green and a few chips in the long grass but an incredibly long putt drained for double bogey. Bas nestles a 9 iron to back of green then two putts for a par and a half.
Bas 1 up.
Hole 6 Par 3
Matt tops one straight but side slope pushes it under a tree to the left. Bunts one forward then goes over the green and ball is beaten into the hole for 7. Bas hits one straight at the pin and stops it on the green then manages to coerce it in the cup for birdie. Bas 2 up.
Hole 7 Par 5
Matt hits a straight drive but then goes left into the rough and gets tangled up in a tree and then goes a little long off a tough lie. a few shots later and ball is in the cup for an 8. bas goes bit right off drive but then hits well up the fairway then a good approach onto the green for reg and 2 putts for par. Bas scrapes another hole and wins 3 and 2.
Gaz vs Baz
Hole 1 Par 4
Gaz connects well off the tee but it goes a little left into heavy rough, he takes a couple to get out but then hits a great shot just off the back of the green and putts well to claim a 7.
Bas goes a bit right off the tee and punches out onto the fairway with a 5 iron then hits a good wedge into about 4m but cannot get the putt for par so halves the hole. All square.
Hole 2 Par 3
Gary hits a low runner off the tee a bit left and then just misses the green on his approach. On for three and two putts.
Bas manages to hit his hybrid onto back right of green off the tee then nestles a long putt close to settle with a par and a halved hole.
All square.
Hole 3 Par 4
Gaz goes a bit right into trees then hits a little duff but then cracks one up the left side of fairway. He has a few troubles chipping and putting near the green. Mongrel ball with a headache goes into the hole for 9. Bas drives up the right side then fades an iron to back of green just off. Chips close and holes out for 4 and a win. Bas 1 up.
Hole 4 Par 4
Gaz hits a glorious drive off the tee then sails one just off the green for two and chips on for two putt bogey.
Bas hits middle of fairway then hits approach just off back of green. Chip and a putt is just enough to halve the hole. Bas 1 up.
Hole 5 Par 4
Gaz goes into the deep woods right and takes a while to get out of the trees. A few shots later and maybe some profanities and the ball is dead and buried in the cup for 10. Bas hits a solid drive up the guts then nestles a 9 iron to back of green then two putts for a par and a win.
Baz 2 up.
Hole 6 Par 3
Gaz throttles one high and left onto steep slope. Has a tough few shots coming back up a steep incline but manages a well earned 6.  Bas hits one straight at the pin and stops it on the green then manages to coerce it into the cup for birdie. Bas 3 up.
Hole 7 Par 5
Gaz hits a straight drive but slope pushes it left. A few punches down the fairway then into the rough on the right. Thin lie made it tricky and ball sails into the dam with a splash. Gaz gets his ball back with Ian’s long pole and whacks the shivering pill back onto the green and into the hole after a few putts for 10. Bas goes bit right off drive but then hits well up the fairway then a good approach onto the green for reg and 2 putts for par. Bas wins hole and match 4 and 2.

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