2017/18 Lost Bougle – Dodging the Rain


The short par 3 4th hole at Lost Farm

The 8th Edition of the most prestigious Major on the Gentlepersons’ World Tour roster was held in early December 2017. This time it featured two Lost Farm rounds and one Barny. 

The challenge as always – beat the absolute best Bouglers (Leroy & Basil). Leroy wins every second Bougle on average, and Basil always finishes in first or second place. Would it be another Leroy or Basil win, or could someone else pinch it? Would Matt, Ian or Gaz nab their first Lost Bougle Title?

Three brutal days of strokeplay played in rain, showers and wind provided all the answers…..

The Bouglers: Bas +6, Leroy +12, Cravo +13, Felix +16, Ian+17, Matt+36, Doctor Gaz +36


Three favourites, Thursday evening, wishing they could hit off now

Day One – Lost Farm


The BOM forecast 15-45mm of RAIN for today, so we bumped our tee times forward in the hope of getting done before the deluge. Matt and Cravo dragged themselves out of bed at 4am to get up from Hobart for an 8:30am tee time and find four salivating Gents absolutely raring to go.

Nice weather til the 16th/15th when it flogged down.
Matt great driving, back to back pars and smashed the back 9 other than a quintuple bogey on 18. Beat his best score by 8 shots! +3 for the day. A great start.
Basil huge bounce off the sprinkler on 4th to go 15m up in the air and sail over the back! Bas very unhappy all back 9 spewing that he wasn’t going to shoot his best score ever – but of course he ended the day with a +2 and the lead. Got an amazing birdie on 15 in the torrential downpour. And what about that angry 4putt on the 10th! Haha – where was Leroy when we needed him for evil giggles?
Cravo had lots of best shots today – he drove the 3rd green to 10m, hit a 7 iron all over the pin with a slight draw from 155m on the 11th, baked a huge drive out there on 18 and finished it off with a 4 iron from 195m to 2m. Missed the putt of course! Too tired for a short game. 5 x 3 putts and no 1 putts for the entire day (though he did hole an off green birdie putt on 16).

Cravo’s disco party golf balls

Felix happy just to be here after being hospitalised midweek. +20, but sanguine. Even open to the idea of heading home on the first evening to help Kim deal with Lachlan’s ear infection. Only coz he shot +20 but!
Ian happy to be here as well! Great scrambling and a very tidy +4. Taught the beach hole a lesson by parring it. Yummy weetbix with iced coffee instead of milk. Worked pretty good. Right up top of the leaderboard with Basil and Matt.
Leroy no highlights but right in it at +7. Good putting display. A very tired man. But happy.
Day One Leaderboard
Basil +2
Matt +3
Ian +4
Cravo +6
Leroy +7
Felix +20

Board games, beer, sloe gin and whiskey at the Briddy house.

Day Two – Barny


A couple more rolls, and this was in for Eagle for Leroy the 18th hole MASTER at Barnbougle. Cravo and Bas hit amazing approaches in here too in the group before to about 6ft, but Leroy blew those shots away.

Basil read a zen golf book last night so announced that he no longer cares about shooting his best score. He wants to let the game play him.
Gaz drove up from Hooters to join the tournament. Welcome sir!
Weather forecast for today looking fabulous – despite most of south east Australia still sitting under this mega climate change storm.
Basil blew a fly off his ball on 2. Ball moved. 1 shot penalty! Almost cleared the massive bunker on 4, but had problems for a quintuple bogey. Killed it on the back  with a 39 but had 45 on the front.
Cravo played scintillating golf other than a shithouse 8 on the par 4 12th. Great driving and irons rifled pure straight at the pins. Went -1 off the stick for the difficult last 3 holes and ended up with an 83. Best score at Barny +12 off the stick, shaving one shot off last year and just beating Basil’s 84.
Ian was a bit off on the front and got punished. Good on the back including a nice par par finish and best shot contender by driving the par 4 12th hole.
Gaz got some nice pars on the back on 12, 16 & 17. Big drive up from Huonville in the morning. Gary 6 iron on 4th to 100 out. 2nd shot airswing. 3rd shot in big Bertha. 4th shot hits it clean out right over the pin into the scrub. Drop 5. 6 down the hill – needs a 2 putt to beat Basil. Does it! Beats Basil – even with an airswing. Gaz also beat his best score by 20 shots today(?).

Gaz on tippy toes, trying not to fall into the bunker on the 11th

Felix almost hit the par 5 11th hole for 2 and shot 44 on the back.
Leroy was killing it on the front 9 til he had 9 on the 9th, including a perfectly played hole and great birdie on 4. Had a couple birds. Almost holed it again on 18 from the fairway – this time for almost eagle. Easy tap in bird. The man loves a gallery!
Matt highlights 9 iron on to the green on the 8th. Matt drove past big Bertha after topping one. Put it top left above the bunker, hit it on and one putt bogey save with a penalty. All good but with +5 for the day.
Scores after day 2
Cravo +5
Matt +8
Bas +9
Leroy +17
Gaz +18
Ian +23
Felix +28
Lots of rain overnight

Day Three – Lost Farm


Yeah it was windy, but we dodged most of the rain.

Super cold morning, blowing very fresh out of the west, straight off the snowy highlands. Some funny intros warmed our hearts and got us ready to face the horrible conditions.
Very hard to get off the 1st successfully with a 2-3-4 club wind pushing you back and sideways towards the out of bounds.
Highlights were Cravo’s driving and putting and building a big lead on Bas and Matt by halfway. That was also a lowlight as it was set up for a cakewalk on the back, unless he had another last day Lost Farm meltdown! Cravo to this point +6 for the Tournament, on track for a possible record low winning score…….
Matt holed a monster 20m off green putt up three tiers on the 7th hole. Unfortunately it was for a thirteen – nineple bogey. Blowout day today, but he should be super proud of contending for the first 42 holes or so.
Basil hit the pin with his chip on the 7th hole and almost got in the Best Shot convo. Played some great golf on the back particularly, but the wind and downslopes seemed to be always pushing his ball into the bushes for penalties. Bas also great bird on the par 5 12th hole.
Ian scorched the back nine with a mid 40s tally, with 4 pars. Including smashing the long par 4 18th downwind – hit driver 300 and 9 iron in. Basil had to hole a clutch 6m putt for his own par on 18 to match Ian’s 4 pars on the back (which he did of course).
Felix had some great holes, but wasn’t too excited about it as he was recalibrating his swing for next time. Cmaaarn!
Gaz had some adventures out there and couldn’t beat his best score two days in a row. But a great day out nonetheless.
Cravo got a bit shaky at the end, needing some bunker mastery on 17 to escape with bogey and keep about a 10 shot lead standing on the 18th tee. Got his drive out there with a lucky bounce out of the bushes at the 220m mark, so he could afford a crap duffy duff duff duff quad bogey finish. Back to back Bougles for Cravo! Big target on his back next year.
Basil recorded his 6th bridesmaid finish in 8 Bougles. He won the other two. Never out if it. Always in contention.
Ian best player today in the wind with a +8, to shoot up the leaderboard into 3rd.
Leroy pipped Matt for 4th. A great campaign from Matt being right in the hunt after 2 rounds. Look out next year!
After Day three lost farm
Cravo +15
Bas +23
Ian +31
Leroy +35
Matt +38
Felix +about that

Ian won best shot for his pure driver onto the par 4 12th green at Barny


Cravo nabbed back-to-back Bougles


Basil grabbed Player of the Year again, from the only other Gent to have won it – Leroy





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