2017 GWT Season Wrap


Bas was our Player of the Year, with 2 wins and 2 x 2nd place finishes. Just awesome! Bas and Leroy are the only Gents to have won this gong.

2017 saw Basil Beaver (our World Number One), Stu McDougall (2016 Rookie sensation) , Matt Crawford (2015 MM Runner-Up)  and the Good Doctor Gaz (2nd in the 2015 Rookie of the Year) return to Championship Golf. Sensational. Welcome back boys.

And there was lots of HOT GOLF.


2017 was especially notable for a hole-in-one (Cravo) and lots o’ Gents beating their all-time lowest scores :

Cravo +9 at North West Bay in February, and Llanherne in November.

Basil +2 at Oaty in March (including 15 pars in a row). Bas also shot his lowest ever adjusted Comp round twice (4.1 at Oaty and then 3.6 at Pitty).

Leroy +12 at Kingston in May, then beat it again with +11 at Kingston in July, then +8* at Kingston again in August. (*local rule for the day was when you hit the green you marked yourself down for 2 putts unless you holed your 1st)

Matt shot his best ever score at Lost Farm during the Bougle, a +39 (111). Then shot his best Barny round the day after with a +41 (112). 

Gaz beat his best score by 20(!) shots at Barny.

And some lowest ever handicaps were achieved : Bas 5.5, Leroy 11.2, Cravo 13.0.

Cravo and Leroy even got to play a comp as A Graders one day up at Oaty.

And the MAJORS were amazing in 2017. 


Felix hits a beautiful high draw 4 iron off the tee on the 18th hole of this year’s MM Final. Yes – his 4th final in a row.

In April we were fortunate to have a classic Bougle to rival the 2015 edition. After a couple of unexpected Leroy errors on the back nine on Sunday, the Sea Raven (Cravo) just got up over Beaver (Basil) in a playoff to atone for his massive choke the year before! Go Cravo!

A mysteriously foggy start to the Bash’n’Dash at Bothwell in May saw another classic tussle unfold between the Beaver and defending champ Leroy. Leroy racked up a big lead on the front nine and the World Number One reeled him in on the back, clinching victory on the last hole.

The inaugural Gent’s Cup was held in September, with the visitors from the League triumphant 8-4, but it was closer than it looked on the scoreboard. A good chance to show off our Gents Tour embroidered shirts, and lots of fun!

The Matchplay Masters ran from June to November, with a massive field of 8 players (though not everyone completed). As usual someone from Aurora was near the top of the leaderboard all through Winter – Felix again!  Everyone was in with a chance on the last day of the Round Robins at Norfik. Gaz won his first match on Tour. But ultimately the class shone through and we had our 2nd instalment of the Basil vs Felix Final. You know it. It took all of Basil’s skill and determination and a little bit of luck to break the Aurora Curse – a 25m bomb biride putt on the last to earn a 1Up win! With that he claimed a Career Slam and also his 2nd Major from the last 3 starts. What a reign of terror from the Basil Wazzil Beaver man.

No time for a Wanderererer this year, so Cravo gets to hold onto the Trophy a bit longer. 

There was time for a second Bougle for the year though, at the start of December. The 2017/18 edition saw Ian, Matt and Gaz make long heralded returns and launch serious bids for the Trophy. It was a contest between Bas, Matt and Cravo on the final day with the Sea Raven getting the job done in the wind and rain. Cravo weather!

GWT Player of the Year

Basil Beaver dominated this (again) with a 2nd, 1st, 1st, 2nd. Cravo had a cracker year as well 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 1st – not good enough to beat the Beaver though!


Bas – getting a feel for the 9th green at Barny on the night before the 17/18 Bougle

World Ranking

Basil sailed past 200 weeks at Number One. Unchallenged on top all year. Still flying. THE. MAN. Look out Tiger. Your record of 637 weeks is on the line.

GWT Rookie of the Year

Not awarded in 2017.


Cravo – won 2 Bougles.    Basil – Bash’n’Dash, MM.  


End of year combined GWT and PGA World Rankings

  1. Basil 14.74
  2. Cravo 11.46
  3. DJ 11.01
  4. Spiethy 9.68
  5. Justin Thomas 8.82
  6. Jon Rahm 8.45
  7. Hideki Matsuyama 8.34
  8. Justin Rose 7.64
  9. Rickie Fowler 7.08
  10. Brooks Koepka 6.57

Other Gents:

15. Leroy 5.43      17. Felix 5.24       28. Ian 3.98         45. Stu 2.77      1444. Matt/Gaz 0.01

So the Gentlepersons’ World Tour has 5 of the Top 30 golfers on the planet. Smashes the Australian PGA Tour. Epic.



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