GWT Winning Margins – end of 2017

At the Gentlepersons’ World Tour, every Gent strives to bag Major trophies. Whilst we all love nailbiting finishes, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have the comfort of an easy 28 17 shot Bougle win like Basil had in 2012/13? 

Who creams the opposition when they triumph? Who just scrapes over the line? Read on to find out.

Here’s a graph for average winning margin over the 26 Majors held up to end of 2017


And how close each Major win was:



  • Basil has the highest winning margin – 17 shots at the 2012/13 Bougle. That helps him to the highest average winning margin.
  • All three of Leroy’s Bougle wins have been 3 shot margins.
  • Cravo has been in 2 playoffs (0 winning margin) and won both, but they’re averaged out by a 13 shot win and an 8 shot win.
  • Ian’s winning margin is very high for someone whose Major victories were in Matchplay Masters.
  • Felix’s wins are mostly recorded as “Contests” (3-4 shots), but given that a couple of those were in Matchplay Masters finals he does it a bit easier than it looks.
  • Keithy won his only Major in a playoff, so has the lowest average winning margin, but will not care!
  • A “Contest” is the most usual outcome in Majors – 50% of the time. Next most likely is a “Nailbiter” (1 or 2 shots or a playoff) 27% of the time.
  • Digging down to actual shots, rather than categories, a 3 shot win is the most prevalent result in Majors – 35% of the time.


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