2018 GWT Season Preview

With (at least) one more baby due this year, the Gentlepersons’ World Tour had some scheduling issues to consider in laying out the Majors for 2018. 

The Committee also had to take into account the packed 2019 schedule when planning the 2018 roster. 


The Par 4 8th hole at Hootersville River GC. Would Defending Champ Basil pull the trigger and nominate his old stomping ground as the 2018 B’n’D venue?

For 2018, a low stress calendar was agreed by all, made up of a one day Bash’n’Dash in late February, the usual rolling Matchplay Masters round robins and Final stretched over 6 or so months, and finishing with a 2-3 day Northern Tassie Wanderererererer in October. 

Important dates:

February 25th : Bash’n’Dash at Hootersville River GC

April : the arrival of Felix and Kim’s 2nd baby (best wishes from all at the GWT).

October 7th : Matchplay Masters Final at Royal Hobart

October 25th – 27th : Wanderererererer, Northern Tassie (super 9’s)


Having a look through the crystal ball, here are some predictions for 2018:

  • A new member of the Major Champions club – either Matt, Gaz, Mr Sexy or a rookie;
  • Matt to drop his handicap by 10 shots; 
  • The Bash and Dash to be hotly contested and result in a new winner (Matt, Ian, Felix, Gaz, Mr Sexy or a rookie); 
  • Felix to make his 5th Matchplay Masters Final in a row; 
  • the reinstatement of the Aurora Curse; 
  • Basil to kill it again for Player of the Year, but also be the first Gent not to successfully defend his MM Title; 
  • a poor snow year means Leroy has more time for golf and takes home the Wandererer (with a cheeky chip-in); 
  • the World Number One ranking to change hands;
  • Ian to rise to 3rd in the World Rankings; 
  • Ian and Cravo to shoot their best ever scores; 
  • Tim and Darvis to join the Tour and joust for Rookie of the Year;
  • the return of Mr Sexy for the Bash’n’Dash; 
  • the return of Stu for the Wandererer;
  • Matt Lyons to have another year off(!); and
  • the Lost Bougle trophy to sit on Cravo’s glory shelf for the entire 12 months.

Whatever happens, its sure to be another momentous year on the Gentlepersons’ World Tour!

– the Secretary


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