2018 B’n’D – The Herminator Strikes!

IMG_4684 -+ Cravo Copy

The finest golfers on the Planet, getting ready to tame Huonville GC. (LtoR) Cravo (insert), Leroy, Felix, Ian, Gaz, Darvy and Basil.

It was the highest performance B’n’D ever – in fact six of the seven Gents shot a high enough stableford score to have won previous editions. Ian and Leroy both shot their best ever rounds off the stick, and Bas was amazing as always. But no one could match the power and precision of the Herminator and his B’n’D record 41 points. Read on for how it happened.  

Firstly, introducing The New Gentleperson

After a ridiculously successful 2017 on the Challenge Tour with fifteen wins from eleven starts, we welcomed Darvis to the GWT. Great to have you on Tour mate!


New GWT phenomenon, Darvy. Great style.

The Champ’s Report:

A bit of a write up of the day that was GWT Bash & Dash 2018 !

Location: Huonville

Gentlemen: 7 (Bas/Leigh/Felix/Leroy/Ian/Gaz/Darvis)

Forecast: Absolutely Shit

Actual weather: Perfect Golf Weather

On Sunday morning the gentlemen gathered at the stunning Huonville Golf Club for the 2018 instalment of the Bash & Dash.  While the weather forecast was initially so bad a backup location was secured it was not required as the Huon put up a blinder for a day for golf !

While the pre-season prediction was for a first time winner to take out the Bash & Dash cup, with the defending champ playing on home turf it was by no means going to be easy to remove basils hands off the cup !!!

The groups were decided by the usual ball toss resulting in Basil/Leroy/Ian in Group 1 & Leroy/Darvis/Felix/Gaz in Group 2.

Group 1 got off to an absolute flyer taming the first hole with solid tee shots from all, resulting in team par coming to the party early !   Both Basil and Leroy continued the par train into the second, which was a result of an amazing recovery from Leroy after putting his tee shot well into the neighbouring fairway.

The third saw Basil post the group’s first wipe for the day (first of two wipes for the group for the DAY!) after a miss-hit tee shot resulted in some un-basil like golf from tee to green.

The 4th had Leroy dial in his driver, with a cracking drive, a solid second then sinking a decent sized putt to post the first bird of the day !

The three gentlemen were all fired up after Leroys bird… but then the 5th taught us all a lesson.. a total of 2 points were earn this whole making it the worst or hardest hold of the day !!! Ian put his first drive out of bounds to the right and the send drive was only a couple meters inside the line… and because of this I’m really not sure what else happened !!!

The 6thth saw a solid tee shot from both Basil and Leroy, while Ian flirted with the Hazard.  However a great up and down from Ian saw team Par reunite once again for the second time of the day.

With some pretty hot golf being played by all three gentlemen the 7th continued to deliver ! Team par has now gone back to back ! Basil and Ian played some textbook golf with solid tee shots down the fairway and approaches to the green.  Leroy was unlucky to be featured in the first sentence as his drive was not too far off the fairway but with a tricky lie, his shot was amazing to able him to bring home the par.

#In greenside bunker on the Par 4 8th after 2 shots Bas was buried in the sand about a foot from the lip so he pulled out his PW opened the face and sliced underneath the ball putting it to a foot from the hole and an easy par.

So after 9 the standings were:

Leroy 20,  Ian 18, Basil 16

So with group one making a bit of distance on group two it was decided to keep on going without the traditional team change ups.  All three gentlemen agreed that the current momentum was worth continuing.  This was a great decision as all three put their drives to the green  on the 10th and team par was up and going once again !!! (4th time now!)

The 11th/2nd hole was a favourite on the front nine,  not from the golf but the pure Huon aromas… however with the neighbour now burning off this these memories were all but destroyed and it reflected in the scores… well sort. Bogies from all.

The 14th saw Basil drain his first birdie of the day.  Basil sank a 7m putt, and a “C’mon”, echoed across the course. Could Bas make a final charge?

With amazing golf being played by all the 16th saw the 5th and final team par for the day.

At the end of the 16th there was a score check conducted just so we all knew what were up against… At this point in time Ian was 4 points clear of Leroy, with Basil one more shot behind.

The chase was now really on with all gents thinking they could finish the round in the lead, however with bogies from all on the 17th and all posting a further 2 points the gap is a huge ask to be left to the 18th

#Ian kept his cool on the last few holes and blitzed the competition with superb driving power and some fine touch with the flat stick.

With three amazing drives down the right hand side of the fairway and trickling into the rough, the preliminary top place was still being sort by all.  With Leroy also throwing in a few comments he was going for a bird, his second shot along with Basils delivered however Ian just made it past the big tree on the left hand side of the fairway ending up in the rough.  Leeroy and Bail both put their thirds to the green while Ian still had a bit of work to do out the right.

Ian finally chips on, which was closely followed by Leroy draining his par putt.  Basil should have also had a par but with a bit of a brain fade saw him tap in for a bogey.  At this stage Leroy chirped up once again mentioning that Ians putt was looking like a 4 putter… however to Leroys disappointment it was only a 2 putt.

Therefore at the end of an epic 18 holes the score line was:

Ian 41, Leroy 38, Basil 36

This made Ian the clubhouse leader after group 1 had finished, however with group 2 still on the course anything could happen… And with this in mind the clubs were not packed away, as the Bash & Dash has had its fair share of playoffs in the past.

Cravo 30 points in 14 holes was the best, but still needed 11 points in the last 4 holes. A crappy double on the 15th and it was all over and the celebrations could start (but quietly as the Gents vied for the minor placings).

It’s been a long time between drinks for Ian with wins in Majors, with this win the first in 5 years !!!

It’s a tough day in the office when you:

  • Shoot one off your handicap and find yourself 5 shots off the pace (Bas)
  • To set yourself a new PB (Leroy) to only be beaten by another person’s PB (Ian)

But what we do know is this is just the kind of performances you would expect from the Bash and Dash !!!

Now in such a high scoring affair, it’s hard to show how close this match was… so here is a graphical representation !  From this you can see the blinding front 9 Leroy had, with Ian creeping on past half way through the back 9!

image003 (1).png


That’s two bits of silverware for Ian’s pool room from the last two Majors – Bougle Best Shot and B’n’D – both won off Bas. It looks like someone just stabbed him with a pencil! Ouch! hahaha


GROUP TWO (The Secretary)

Gaz started nicely with a tidy bogey for 3 points on the 1st, and fluctuated throughout the day – mixing more 3 pointers with 1s and 0s. He did zig zag a bit from trees to trees, and ultimately couldn’t mount a charge for the title. Some lovely touch with the wedge generally.
Played solid Felix golf – complete with crowd-pleasing wild drives! Missed a little putt on the last for outright 4th, but being part of the menage-a-trois for joint fourth was probably more satisfying!


Played some beautiful golf along the way, and then absolutely fired up when the other boys joined us on the 15th tee. Had consecutive birdie chances on 16 and 17 for potential 5 pointers! And you should have seen the high draw 4 iron he hit onto the 17th green from around the trees on the 16th fairway. Shit hot! Tied 4th, got points, impressed the experts. Look out.
It all went to plan for Cravo for the first 14 Holes (30 SFord points – even though he missed 3 or 4 short putts). That score was built on scintillating drives and variable short game results. Best hole was the 11th – where he smashed a great drive 250m to the ditch, pured an 8 iron to the left front of the green (but it sucked back off the front edge) and drained a 12m birdie putt.
When he heard that Ian was the clubhouse leader with 41, Cravo was really happy, and didn’t think he could (and almost didn’t want to) match Ian’s score. It was quickly all over anyway after a crappy dbl on the 15th! Cravo lost focus big time, but it was all meant to be, finishing in a fun three way tie for fourth place with great mates Felix and Darvs. Guaranteed that is the happiest Cravo has ever been (or will ever be) with a 4th place finish!
Final Points 2018 BnD
1st Ian 41
2nd Leroy 38
3rd Basil 35
4th Felix / Darvs / Cravo 33
7th Gaz 22

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