It wouldn’t have mattered what FIHCOT decided, Felix still would’ve lost this particular hole to Matt Crawf in the 2014 MM Final.

Dear Gents,

The Fairness in Handicapping Committee of the Gentlepersons’ World Tour (FIHCOT) recently met. After prawn cocktails and shots of tequila, the esteemed Gents cast their learned eyes over the matters to hand, namely, the efficacy of the current handicapping system for the Tour.

It was firstly agreed that all fellows and madams with Golflink handicaps would continue to use them. An additional note added that Stu was free to time his return to the Tour when his handicap agrees with his current golfing form.

The second matter discussed was handicapping of Gents who either do not have an official Golflink, or who are on 36 but have not yet played to it. Many of these Gents have been offered higher handicaps, but have politely declined. After creme brulees and a round of Bloody Marys, the FIHCOT approved a motion to unilaterally impose official GWT handicaps on these Gentleperson Golfers, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Tour as a whole. Handicaps were determined more or less by taking an individual Gent’s best known score and adding a few (this nicely corresponds with Golflink).

There was a bit of uncertainty, but here is the FIHCOT determination. Note that these handicaps are to be used in all official GWT Events, but can be amended as results come in (for instance if someone shoots 5-10 under).

  • Matt 40
  • Gaz 54
  • Darvis 36
  • Keith 45
  • Tim J 36
  • Mr Sexy 27

Toodle Pip!

– posted by the Secretary and Treasurer

exposed form during the Matchplay had Tim J able to play to anything between 36 and 54, so he probably needs a Handicap review at the end of the MM for the stroke comps like Barny and the Wandererer.


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