The Top Ten Hottest Rounds in GWT history


Leroy was off to a flier at Bothwell, but couldn’t quite turn it into a top ten GWT hot round

Lets start off by saying, Basil and Jig (and maybe Felix) have all of the top ten hot rounds between them off the stick, but if we do it on handicap then everyone else gets a look in!

So here they are, the Top Ten Hot Rounds in GWT History (on handicap):

#1 : Felix, -10 (daily hcp 17)

Felix brought his A game on the two less windy (only 15-25kmh) days of golf on the 2019 King Island Wanderererer. Whilst he failed to convert his front nine 39 at Wynyard GC, he dissected King Island GC with a 39 and a 40. This was also remarkable in that it was day six of a golf marathon, and he had nothing over a bogey all day. Killed it, and pinched the Wanderererer title by a shot. HOT GOLF

#2 :  Felix, -9 (hcp 16)

Felix obliterated Tea Tree in the 2018 MM Round Robins to destroy poor Ian and Tim J. He did it with pure drives, irons and making heaps of one putts. He was 6 under handicap on the front nine holes, and amazing on the back as well until a last hole stumble with a triple bogey. A master class, and his lowest score ever at the time.

#3 :  Cravo, -9 (hcp 25)

Cravo got hot at Smithton in the 2010 Wanderererer to take a huge lead vs Basil and Leroy. He got the job done entirely on the front – he was actually nine under his handicap after nine holes. Similar method to Felix’s hot round inasmuch as there were heaps of cheeky one putts dropping from everywhere.

#4 : TJ, -6 (daily hcp 28)

Tim started the 2019 Wandererer with a BANG, shooting 6 under at Wynyard. He recorded 7 pars in the round, and was at times really struggling to find a way to make bogey. Even when he had an off hole he fought it out to the end and limited the damage. A magnificent display, which had everyone else on the back foot right from the start of the event.

#5 : Ian, -5 (hcp 17)

Ian was solid on the front nine of the 2018 B’n’D at Huonville, with 18 stableford points, but then went nuts on the back with 23 points to break the scoring record for the B’n’D and record his lowest ever score off the stick. This was off the back of great driving and chipping and putting. Untouchable brilliance – Leroy shot his best score off the stick too but had to settle for 2nd place.

#6 : TJ, -5 (daily hcp 27)

TJ was amazing all week at the epic 2019 Wandererer, and logged two record hot rounds along the way. At King Island local, he and Felix put on a clinic. This could’ve been an even hotter round if it were not for a couple of un-Tim-like quad bogeys in the last four or five holes. Played great and no one was surprised, as he has been the best player on tour for the 6 months leading up.

#7 : Jig, -4 (hcp 5)

Jig showed everyone how it was done at Cape Schanck, on the 2015 Wanderer. He monstered the course with 300m drives and immaculate play to shoot a 73 off the stick. The other boys, including greatest of all time Basil, could only marvel at the superb swordsmanship.

#8 : Cravo, -4 (hcp 15)

Cravo took a mature strategy into the 2014 Orford B’n’D, calmly surveying each hole and aiming at the furthest trouble off the tee. It paid off in spades, with pars and bogeys everywhere and his best score off the stick at the time. Cravo weather – cold wind and sideways rain – also helped make it even tougher for the rest of the field.

#9 Cravo, -3 (daily handicap 14)

Some very consistent play at the 2019 B’n’D at New Norfolk. Playing in a tough group really helped him strive for good scoring on every hole, and he got lucky with some trees jumping out of the way of a couple of his drives and the ball hanging onto the ridge on the tricky par three 15th. Could’ve been lower though with no putts made inside 6-12ft and a messy five shots from back of the green on the 16th.

#10 : Felix, -3 (hcp 15)

At beautiful Portsea in the 2015 Wanderer, Felix had a day out, wisely hitting hybrids off the tee and backing that up with stunning iron play. This was all the more impressive as it was his second 18 for the day! Also could’ve gone much lower if the flatstick was behaving.

Final mention : Leroy, Ian and TJ  have all shot -2 (and Ian and Bas shot -3 or -4 at the Bougle, but it was practice day, so doesn’t count)



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