2018 MM Round Robins

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The short 11th at Tasmania GC. Into the wind every time.

The 2018 MM got off to a slow and wet start, with defending champ Basil struggling to find anyone brave enough to play him, Leroy pinging a hammy, and then a huge storm knocking out Kingston Beach Golf Course for a month or two – which meant that three time Champ Felix stayed in the sheds til June.

It also saw the introduction of the new Fairness in Handicapping initiative, which will allow for greater competitiveness from the high handicappers, and hopefully see them snagging their first Majors soon.

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Felix v Leroy – Playoff for the MM Final – 2018

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Another classic instalment of the Leroy v Felix MM. In fact, their second NWB playoff to make a Final. This one was a last hole nailbiter as per usual, and even went to a playoff hole. The match featured crowd-pleasing wild drives from Felix and trademark clutch putting from Leroy. Embellished with another near-hole-in-one by Tim J, this was a special day in GWT history…

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