Felix v Leroy – Playoff for the MM Final – 2018

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Another classic instalment of the Leroy v Felix MM. In fact, their second NWB playoff to make a Final. This one was a last hole nailbiter as per usual, and even went to a playoff hole. The match featured crowd-pleasing wild drives from Felix and trademark clutch putting from Leroy. Embellished with another near-hole-in-one by Tim J, this was a special day in GWT history…

Felix v Leroy – NWB

Felix, Tim and Leroy visited NW Bay yesterday for a MM play off round. Conditions were a little unusual, in that the greens were cored and sanded and the holes were twice as big as normal.

We decided to press on (sic) the basis that it was a level playing field. We had a couple of warm up holes and then got stuck in on the 3rd. On handicap Felix got an extra shot on the 5th hole of the match.

Hole 3 – par 4

Both players carded a bogey with 2 putts on the green. All square.

Hole 4 – par 4

Felix bombed a drive into the trees right, but made good with the second shot to be just off the green, the chip ran over the green, then chip on and 1 putt bogey. Leroy carded a  bogey after narrowly missing his par putt. All square.

Hole 5 – par 4

Felix bombed another drive left onto the other fairway, chipped to near the green, chipped on close to the hole and 1 putt par. Leroy had a couple of duff shots to card a bogey. Felix 1 UP.

Hole 6 – par 4

Felix bombed another drive left into the trees, chipped to near the green, chipped on and 2 putt bogey. Leroy had a couple of duff shots to card a double bogey. Felix 2 UP. Tim reminded Leroy that they scored the same on that hole J

Hole 7 – par 3 – 1 shot to Felix,

Leroy finds the bunker (on the 6th) off the tee and scratches around like a chook in the yard to eventually card a double bogey, giving Felix an easy hole to win with a bogey. Felix 3 UP. Tim smoked his tee shot to be 3 feet from the hole and looked like going in, but not quite…..

Hole 8 – par 5

Both players made good shots to make the green in reg, Felix played a great 2nd shot from under the trees to end up well down the fairway, Leroy actually started hitting the ball properly for the first time that day. Leroy 1 putt birdie and Felix 2 putt par. Felix 2 UP.

Hole 9 – par 4

Felix shanks his tee shot and instinctively says “DAMN” and then the ball rolls into the dam. Felix hits over the green and then chips on for 4. Leroy plays steady to make par. Felix 1 UP with to go.

Hole 10 – par 3

Leroy nice tee shot to be just in front of the green, while Felix went left into the trees. Felix makes a bogey and Leroy par. All square, 1 to go………….

Hole 11 – par 4

Felix goes big and long, and second shot lands on the green 10 feet from the hole, his first putt is tracking for the hole and stops just short of the hole…….bummer.

Leroy takes 3 shots to get on the green, but is closer to the hole and drains the putt for par to square the hole.

After 9 holes we have a DRAW.

We decided to play a play-off play-off hole to sudden death to find a winner, just in case Cravo gets himself into the final automatically, thus making this match the only MM final playoff match.

Hole 12 – par 4

Felix goes long off the tee and left on the other fairway. Leroy steady and down the guts. Felix second shot is short of the green left, his chip on leaves a 30 footer. Leroy pulls out the 3 wood for the second shot and nailed it to be just short of the green and chips on to be close to the hole (5ft).

Felix 2 putts and Leroy 1 putt.

Leroy wins the play-off play-off – if it is needed as a result of another MM match to come.

Leroy v Felix MM History :

2018 Round Robin, KBGC hardest holes:

Felix 1 up on the last, grabs the win 2up courtesy of an overhit putt which hit the middle of the cup and dropped. Felix wins.

2017 Round Robin, KBGC hardest holes:

Leroy shoots an 81 off the stick, but Felix bombs another overhit putt into the middle of the cup to tie the match. AS

2016 Round Robin, KBGC hardest holes:

Same as 2018, Felix 1up on the last and won 2up.

2015 Round Robin, KBGC hardest holes:

Same as 2017 in that it was AS, but Felix had to drain some bomb putts to win the last 3 holes to do it!

2014 Round Robin, KBGC hardest holes:

Felix wins this 1up on the last, after tricking Leroy into hitting a 9 iron rather than a 6 iron.

2014 Playoff for the Final, NWB:

All square up the last, with Felix clutch to win the match.

2013 Round Robin, Llanherne:

Easy win to Leroy

2012 Round Robin, New Norfolk:

Lost in the mists of time.


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