2018 Season Wrap


Ian started hot by winning the B’n’D, then got another couple results to claim 2018 Player of the Year by a whisker from Leroy.

GWT Player of the Year

This was super tight, and came down to a two way battle at Barny on the last day of the Bougle between Ian and Leroy. Ian smoked holes 19-24 to grab 3rd place at the Bougle and Player of the Year! His first POTY title, and indeed the first non-Basil/Leroy winner.

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2018/19 Bougle – The Master and the Rookie


The Ninth Lost Bougle tournament was held in October 2018. This year the 54 holes were squeezed into just two days, requiring extra golf stamina from everyone.

A sizzling field of the World’s best golfers were focussed on knocking off the winner of the previous two Bougles, Cravo. Or maybe just focussed on hitting great golf shots? Or keeping it out of the grass. Or the bunkers. Any which way, with some testing NE winds and too much concentration needed both days it would sort the field out into “zen master” and “better luck next year”.

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2018 MM Final – No Aurora Curse!


The two Leighs, ready to fire!

Basil’s 25m bomb birdie putt on the last hole last year seems to have broken the Curse! This year’s Final has no Aurora employees in it, despite Felix and Ian giving the round robins and playoffs a good shake.

By a whisker, it would be the first non-Felix Final for 5 years.

Consequently, a double Leigh battle was set for Royal Hobart at the end of September, with the winner to claim their first MM title and their personal Grand Slam, following on from The Great Basil being the first to achieve the remarkable feat last year.

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