The Cravo Slam


One of the Leighs would be getting their Slam today at the 2018 MM Final

Following in the footsteps of The Great Basil, Cravo managed to claim his personal Career Slam by winning an MM.

It did not look at all likely for the first seven years of the GWT, but then in early 2017 Cravo worked out his driver. This took him out of the trees and the marram grass, and allowed him to have a greater chance of playing to his mid-teens handicap.

Armed with this new weapon and a little bit of luck he snuck a playoff win against The Great Basil at the Lost Bougle in April 2017. He wasn’t able to make the MM Final in 2017, but in 2018 he squeaked in, and again with some great drives and a bit of luck, he snuck a Major, and in doing so went World Number One and completed his personal career slam.

Cravo’s Slam

2010 Wandererererer

2013 Bash’n’Dash

2017 Lost Bougle

2018 Matchplay Masters


*It’s worth noting that this driver set-up also helped Ian to his first Major in five years, when he took out the 2018 B’n’D. The secret(?) – stand a bit further away to allow the swing plane to favour a draw. Look out for Ian as a smokey to claim the next career slam



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