2018/19 Bougle – The Master and the Rookie


The Ninth Lost Bougle tournament was held in October 2018. This year the 54 holes were squeezed into just two days, requiring extra golf stamina from everyone.

A sizzling field of the World’s best golfers were focussed on knocking off the winner of the previous two Bougles, Cravo. Or maybe just focussed on hitting great golf shots? Or keeping it out of the grass. Or the bunkers. Any which way, with some testing NE winds and too much concentration needed both days it would sort the field out into “zen master” and “better luck next year”.

Day Zero: Barny practice round


Ian,  Felix and Tim ventured to Barny for a practice round. Tim the standout with a 43 on the front nine (8 under his handicap!). Tim says that Barnbougle is easy,  and he likes Royal Hobart better.

Ian played the full eighteen and had a loosener, shooting 98. But it included a miracle escape from a vertiginous position high in the face of the mammoth Big Bertha bunker on the 4th. He also ejected a completely buried ball from another bunker in a single shot.  This was no fried egg – it was much worse – only the very top of the ball showing.

Felix joined in on the back nine, and played with his usual pizzaz and style,  hitting it a mile on the 17th and going 7 iron, 7 iron(!) for a GIR on the 18th.

Warm up done. Installing Tim as the new favourite and scratching a vertical line onto the Lost Bougle Trophy to start writing his name on it…

The Gentleperson Golfers: Basil +6,  Leroy +12, Cravo +14, Felix +15, Ian +17, Tim J +32

Day One: Lost Farm

Partly cloudy,  19, light winds going 15-25kmh NE.

Ian, Cravo & Tim group
Cravo slashing drives and everything else quite poor.  8 x 3 putts.  Highlight was cracker drive and 3 wood on the Par 5 12th hole to be on in two shots about 10m.  Nice eagle try and missed the birdie of course.  Haha!
Ian struggling off the tee a bit but scoring OK.  Best shot leader with a cracking five iron from 180m downwind to 1ft behind the pin on 13.
Tim heaps of great drives and irons and bunker play,  all undone to some extent by a brain fade on the Par 3 17th where he topped five into the scrub and walked off with a 13. And then he stepped up to the 18th tee and smoked his drive way out there.  Great comeback.

Felix Leroy Basil group
Leroys bomb birdie putt on the 2nd hole.  From miles away. A lot of pars to start with as well, then a bit loose.
Felix easy birdie on the 14th after a nice soft driver just short.  Otherwise wayward.
Basil very very neat.

On Hole 11 Leroy’s 2nd shot came to rest off the green within 5m of a placid looking Tiger snake. We decided in the interests of safe golf to try and move the critter on with a few stamps of our feet but the snake was not too keen to move on. By the time I got within 2m the snake decided to slither towards us and I was starting to slightly sweat with anxiety. Luckily the snake turned around and headed off course, allowing Lewah to play his chip without shaking at the knees with worry.

After 18
Bas +4
Ian and Leroy +8
Tim +12
Cravo +13
Felix +25

Groups changed up and headed out to play the next nine.

Tim Cravo Basil group 
Tim and Bas very very nice,  Cravo got the tireds and racked up a bazillion shots. Basil hit his best shot of the day with a scorching 3 iron onto the 8th green from 200 out into the wind – went for a low smashed slight fade between the front bunker and the beach and he aced it.

Tim 2 pars on each nine.

Ian Felix Leroy group
Similar to Cravo,  but slightly better.
Highlights were Felix driver then 6 iron down by the first green with an off green eagle try and easy birdie.

After 27 
Bas +6
Tim +15
Leroy +17
Ian +18 with an extra shot tomorrow
Cravo +27
Felix +38 with an extra shot tomorrow

Bas with a nice lead overnight,  but Tim threatening to go under Par on day two,  and Ian and Leroy not out of it.

Cravo got struck down by gastro immediately on return to the house. Much spewing. He pulled out of day two. But had made a new best friend,  a nice blue bucket.

Overnight Basil had a terrible golf nightmare where he missed today’s tee time and had to forfeit! He woke in fright,  but soon realised it was all just a bad dream.

Day Two : Barnbougle Dunes

Tour photographer off to hospital, and the rest of the boys resuming battle.


Tough conditions with a 2-3 club Nor’Easter blowing.

On the Par 3 13th at Barnie, we were allowed by management to join up as a group of 5 due to slow play in front of us, The hole was into a strong headwind and with the pin on the back ledge of the green all of us hit driver off the tee except Felix who hit a 4 iron. We all hit fantastic shots onto the green or close to the front edge. Ian, Leroy and Tim putted and chipped up close to the hole. Felix and I had to contend with the elephant mound on the green on the right side. We both used the back slope behind the hole like a game of mini putt to caress the ball back to the hole. Everyone holed some great putts for par except Felix who just missed his. Tim questioned Felix about missing his putt so our whole group could have got team par. Felix’s off the cuff response was, “At least I’m a man and didn’t use a driver off the tee on a par 3”.
On the 17th Hole at Barnie we all watched Felix execute the longest drive of the Tournie, He took the A line over the beach and dunes from the tee with a power draw bringing it back in line with the fairway to finish about 30m from the green. We all watched with awe and thought, if only I could hit it that long.
Basil’s best birdie of LB was lacing a fade drive up the guts on 18 at Barnie then hitting a 52 wedge to 1.5m and nailing the putt for bird.

Basil drilled shot after perfect shot into it on the back nine to go even Par on the back and post a 77 – his best score at Barny.  However, after Tim got on the bourbon and coke (unusual for the gents tour as no one has done that before) he played great too, all this did was add one or two to his lead heading into the final nine. Still after 45 holes Bas was only +6 for the tourney and Tim would need to beat Bas off the stick on the nine to win it.

Bas started the final nine with a birdie to Tim’s bogey. Bas wasn’t the only one with a birdie though – Ian made one,  then added two pars,  another bird and a bogey to be even Par off the stick for five holes,  and a good chance of edging out Leroy for player of the year.

Bas got rattled by an eight on Tom’s Little Devil. It all came down to a last hole cliffhanger with Tim and Basil – Basil needing to win the hole by one shot off the stick to force a playoff or by two to win. Both players hooked their drives into the grass left, but both balls bounced out, and both played nicely from there into the wind to record bogeys. Which meant that Tim won the Lost Bougle at his first try. Amazing golf.

Basil says: On the last hole Tim landed his third shot on the front edge of the green, I landed my third shot about 3m short of the green and chipped on for four running it about 2.5m past the hole. Tim putted up to within half a metre. I drained my last putt for a bogey to try and put a little pressure back on TJ but with nerves of steel he nailed it for 5. We both shot 48 on the last nine.

From here we hand over to the 2018/19 Bougle Champ, for his reflections on the event…..


Tim’s wrap

After an encouraging warm up 43 off the stick on the front 9 of the Barnbougle Dunes on Friday, I went into Saturday with a bit of electricity in the air. This almost made up for the very poor physical condition my body was in, and ultimately my goal for the weekend was just to get through the 54 holes without expiring.
It was my first time playing the Lost Farm course, and only my 2nd Tour event, but having the support and motivation of The Herminator and Cravo as company for the first 18 holes was ideal. We all struggled quite a bit, but also hit some nice shots and as a group we held each other up. That would end up being the main thing I took home from this event – being positive and encouraging of each other makes everyone’s game more enjoyable, regardless of strokes or lost balls!

The group celebrated our individual successes, of which there were many. Ian’s shot of the tournament – a 180m 5 iron, inches from the flag on the Jurassic Park hole – buoyed us through the next few holes, until I hit a snag being unable to get the ball out of the tee box on the 17th with my own 5 iron. With 8 strokes & 5 penalties on a par 3, after what was already an average day, I truly thought the competition was well out of reach.
There’s one thing to be said for playing golf while a little under the weather – it is much easier to move on from the bad shots. I immediately enjoyed a bomb drive down the fairway on the very next hole.
By the end of Day 1, after 27 grueling holes at Lost Farm, Basil was 9 strokes ahead of the pack. Though there were murmurings of “everyone’s still in it”, I am sure none of us actually believed that given the form Basil was in. With the exception of Cravo who was quite unwell, we headed off to the pub all much relaxed and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.
With a lot of wind to contend with at Barnbougle Dunes, I started with a shocker – 2 penalties on the 1st hole! I’d racked up not a single lost ball or penalty in the 9 practice holes here on Friday! It suddenly seemed obvious that I would not be scoring anywhere near 43 on the front 9 today.
By the time we got to the 7th, Tom’s Little Devil, I’d already lost a further 5 strokes, and knew something needed to change. The golfing gods answered the call, and the drink cart appeared. What looked like a perfect shot to the green rolled off the back, but it didn’t seem to matter as I marched my way towards the false confidence a rum & coke can bring. A solid chip back up the hill rolled on next to the flag, leaving an easy tap in for my first par of the day. I went on to drink two more rum & cokes on the back 9, and had 2 more pars. I’m not a maths genius, but this was undoubtedly a strong correlation!
With some solid putting on the front 9, and straight driving on the back 9, I ended up losing only 3 more strokes to Basil in the first 18 holes of the 2nd day. Basil’s lead was out to 12 strokes, which meant that to win with a 13 handicap difference across half a round, I’d have to match Basil off the stick for these final 9 holes.
With 3 bogeys and a par in the first 5 holes, I made up a few strokes. Then, on Tom’s Little Devil, Basil missed the green and struggled to get back on. This must have gone to his head, as a brain fade around the hole saw Basil miss a few putts including one hit backwards! We recalculated scores before teeing off on the 9th, and I was on track. I just needed to match Basil’s strokes on this final hole, to win. We both drove high up the left bank, with our balls magically rolling back out of the marron grass onto the fairway, but with no view of the green. We both laid up safely, though Basil put his next approach on the green while mine was on the fringe. My putt up the hill left me 3feet from the hole, and Basil just missed his big downhill putt for outright victory. I quickly putted out before the pressure of the situation could get to me. The last thing I would ever want to be doing in golf, is needing to sink a putt for victory, though that is exactly what I did.
What an exciting way to end my first Lost Bougle! Basil was unlucky to miss out, he is all class and exactly the kind of competitor you would want in a sport where you need to be pushed to play your best.




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