2018 Rookie of the Year – Tim J


Tim crowned his rookie campaign with a win at the Bougle. Wow.  And yes, they are all his beers.

Tim J smashed the stuffing out of the Challenge Tour in early 2018, earning his way to the Big Leagues of the Gentleperson’s World Tour.

He had two majors in which to surpass fellow rookie Darvy, who put up a tied 4th at the Bash’n’Dash.

Tim took down World Number One and Greatest of All Time Basil in his first Matchplay Masters round robin. This was a serious statement of intent. The media hype from this first-up win seemed to affect him, and the rest of his MM campaign fizzled somewhat, fading to a 6th place finish.

Playing once a week, Tim worked hard on his game, and lowered his handicap as well as honing his play.

His practice round at the Bougle (8 under handicap for the front nine at Barny) was pretty scary for the rest of the Tour. He didn’t quite hit those heights during the tournament, but other than a 13 shot effort on the par 3 17th at Lost Farm on Day One, he played super solid. It was pretty obvious by the start of Day Two that he would easily claim Rookie of the Year. But history shows he went one better than that, matching Basil for strokes on the final nine, to claim a one shot win in his first ever Bougle! Holy heck, what an effort.

When he turns up at the 2019 Bash’n’Dash he is every chance to go World Number One as well – which is unheard of for a new player on Tour. Tim looks like he will be the best Rookie ever – eclipsing past winners Ian and Felix. Look out!



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