Streaks and Droughts


Ian, nailing his second MM Title in a row.

Who has consistently dominated the Tour with top level golf? And who’s had to wait a while between wins?


Sometimes a Gent dominates the Tour with a run of untouchable golf, and piles up the Majors. Other times they are untouchable in one format, and win that Major a few years in a row.

When untouchable golf is mentioned, one name comes to mind – the Great Basil Beaver. But he’s not the only one who can get on a roll : Leroy and Felix are also super scary when they get going.

Here are the records so far:

Most major wins in a row: Two
Basil has done it four times (2012, ’13, ’15 & ’17)
Leroy has done it twice (2014 & ’16)

Most consecutive wins in a format: Three
Felix, Matchplay Masters (2014, ’15, ’16)

Best Reign of Terror: 4 wins from 5 Majors
Basil (2012/13)

You would not have wanted to play Basil circa 2012/13. If it hadn’t been for some clutch Ian golf he would’ve had five Majors in a row!


Leroy is currently the unluckiest man in world golf, having narrowly missed wins in the last couple of years. And Basil loves finishing second as well as winning.

Who has the record for longest stretch of majors without a win? And who has the longest current drought? After 2019 BnD

Most Majors without a Win: 11 (Ian & Leroy)

Longest Active Drought: 11 (Leroy)

And here’s each player’s Record and Current droughts:

Basil: Record 6. Current 6
Leroy: R11. C11
Felix: R9. C1
Cravo: R7.C0
Ian: R11. C4
Tim J: R1. C2
Keith: R2.C0
Matt C: R5. C5
Dr Gaz: R6. C6
Mr Sexy: R7. C7
Stu: R3 C3
Matt L: R3 R3
Jig: R2 R2
Phil: R1. C1
Poolie: R1 C1
Darvy: R1 C1




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