Felix. Smooth.

Felix is a Founding Member of the GWT. Matching his handsome good looks with crowd-pleasing erratic play, he always has the largest galleries, longest queues for autographs and makes a mint off his instagram.

Felix is noted for his impeccable standards of honesty and high levels of empathy, and has even let Basil win a Bougle because he felt bad for him. He is always there at the right time with a positive word and a pat on the back, and gives the hardest high fives ever.

Of course he loves to win as well, but he is not a slave to the result. This balanced approach has not stopped him racking up the wins, especially in his pet event, the Matchplay Masters.


Majors : Five

  • Lost Bougle (2011/12)
  • Matchplay Masters (2014, 15, 16)
  • Wanderererer (2019)

World Number One : 9 Weeks (Nov 2014 – Jan 2015)

Lost Bougle Best Shot : 2015

Low Handicap : 11

Low Round : 77 (+7), Matchplay Masters round robins 2018 at Tea Tree AND Wandererer at King Island

Major Win/Loss Ratio : 18%

MM Win/Loss Ratio : 70%

Gents Cup Record (W-D-L) : 0-0-3

Major Wins to end of 2018 graph




Felix hits the ball Pro tour distances – think 300m drives and 9 irons that go 160m. Consequently he is too long for most courses on the GWT, and is often trying to hit it 85% power, which is tricky to do. Maybe this has something to do with his crowd-pleasing wild shot-making?

If he is ON, look out, he will play at Basil level and be miles under his handicap. And he is the Tour’s best matchplay exponent (just in front of Ian).


Simple. Claim the Wanderererer (NOW DONE!) to make up for the one Leroy pinched, win some more Bougles and have a great time. Oh, and get his handicap down to single figures someday.





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