Leroy, dancing.

Leroy has blessed the Tour with his gentle demeanour and giggles since day dot. He is extremely frugal with his heckles, so when one slips quietly out of his mouth it is always pure gold, and can throw an opponent completely off their game.

Leroy began life on Tour in 2010 with a handicap of 32, but quickly brought that down to the twenties, and now sits at the cusp of single figures. He’s done that without taking any lessons. Leroy is a Bubba-style golf savant, who can read a swing tip in a magazine and then apply it on course consistently to see if it suits him or not. If yes, he incorporates it, if no, he ditches it.

Although he hasn’t many titles in the last five years (he’s been close), Leroy has been clearly the second-best player behind the Great Basil for most of GWT history. His recent cross-training in MTB, snowboarding, bushwalking and tennis has seen him just a tiny bit off his absolute best form in some of the recent Majors. And that couple of percent may have been the difference between winning and finishing second.


Majors : Six

  • Lost Bougle (2010/11, 13/14 & 15/16)
  • Wandererererer (2014)
  • Bash’n’Dash (2016, 20)

World Number One : 39 Weeks (Jan – Oct 2014)

Player of the Year : Twice (2014, 16)

Lost Bougle Best Shot : 2015/16

Low Handicap : 11.1

Low Round : 81 (+10) at Kingston Beach GC and 82 (+10) at Huon Valley GC in 2018 B’n’D

Major Win/Loss Ratio : 17%

MM Win/Loss Ratio : 49%

Gents Cup Record (W/D/L) :  1 : 1 : 3 

Major Wins to end of 2018



Nice drive on a shorty par 4 at Bothwell! That’s a short eagle putt.

His Game:

As noted, Leroy is a master of subtlety, and can fine tune his game equally as well as the great Basil. He is renowned for driving the ball in the fairway, and for his hot short game. Most members of the Tour have been on the losing end of a Leroy chip-in at some stage. Felix more than once!

Leroy is also super consistent with his scoring, as seen in his GA handicap, which is littered with heaps of good low and mid teens rounds that for Leroy are throwaways, but which most other Gents would love to have on theirs as keepers.


It is hard to tell from the outside what his golf ambitions are, as he is so unflappable that he seems to be perfectly happy with his legacy and his game, whilst still looking to improve and win more Majors. It seems Leroy’s ambition is to have his life in balance, which means that golf has to fit in around his other leisure pursuits. He is not a one-dimensional golf robot.

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