The Beaver is our Tiger.

A founding member of the GWT, our best player and the man with the greatest career on Tour. Indomitable. Uncompromising. Friendly! Super fit! Consistently awesome.

Ever since 2010 Basil has been the benchmark. He’s also totally pumped(!), often tough on himself (but rarely flummoxed), and a golf purist who loves seeing great things on the golf course, no matter who delivers them.

Everyone on Tour knows that if you want to win a Major you will have to outlast Basil. There is a suspicion that if you get in his head early by beating him off the stick for a few holes, he may just throw in the towel for a bit before he re-focusses. This could get you over the line if you’re lucky!


Majors : Nine

  • Bash’n’Dash (2012, 17)
  • Wandererererer (2012, 13, 15)
  • Lost Bougle (2012/13, 14/15)
  • Matchplay Masters (2017, 19)

Career Double Grand Slam 

World Number One : Many, many, many, many weeks (more than 250, and counting!)

Player of the Year: Five (2012, 13, 15, 17, 19)

Lost Bougle Best Shot : Twice

Low Handicap : 5.4

Low Round : 70 (par) at Elderslie GC

Hole-in-ones : 1 (8th hole, Pittwater)

Major Win/Loss Ratio : 32% 

MM Win/Loss Ratio : 67% (just behind Ian and Felix)

Gents Cup Record (W-D-L) :   2-0-5

Major Wins to end 2018

BasilMajorGraph end2018


His Game:

Basil hits sweet, clinical low draws off the tee which split fairways and run out for miles. He follows up with excellent iron play (moving the ball either way as needed). After that its his amazing low spinning chip shots, and from there it’s down to whether the putter is on or not as to how close to par he shoots.

Basil is a technician and a true lover of the game, who has halved his handicap since the start of the Tour. I would’ve thought he didn’t have much room for improvement when I first saw him play magnificent Basil golf, but he found some.


Basil has done it all. Having said that, he is chasing Greg Norman and Tiger’s Weeks at Number One records, a Career Triple Slam and the Golden Bear’s 18 Majors. He is still hungry for more, never ever doubt that!

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