Quite likes a bunker does Cravo

Cravo is one of the original members of the GWT, our Tour Secretary and Gent’s Mental Health Ambassador. His real name is Leigh, but so is Leroy’s (hence Cravo goes by his surname/nickname).

Cravo has helped drive the positive ethos of the Tour, yet also provided some classic giggle moments with mega-tantrums and controversies. Sadly for those who like a chuckle and some drama, he’s taken his temperament to a new zen level most of the time, inspired by Leroy.

Cravo is the owner of the worst tournament choke – throwing away a ten shot lead on the final day of the 15/16 Bougle – but also renowned for clutch play, with numerous nailbiting wins and no close losses. A bit like Spiethy really (except Cravo has won more Majors!)

For most of GWT history Cravo sat waaay below Basil and Leroy, but has recently snuck up the career standings to be nipping at Basil’s heels (for Majors, if not Weeks at Number One or Player of the Year!).


Majors : Eight

  • Wandererererer (2010, 16)
  • Bash’n’Dash (2013, 14, 19)
  • Lost Bougle (2016/17, 17/18)
  • Matchplay Masters (2018)

Career Grand Slam 

World Number One : 16 Weeks (Oct 2018 and Winter 2019…)

Lost Bougle Best Shot : Once 

Low Handicap : 13.0

Low Round : 76 (+4) at Tasmania GC 2019

Hole-in-Ones: 1 (7th at NWB, Feb 2017)

Major Win/Loss Ratio : 26%

MM Win/Loss Ratio : 50% (toss a coin!)

Gents Cup Record (W/D/L) :  2 : 1 : 5 

Major Graph (to end of 2018)



His Game:

For most of the Tour’s history, his game was built on crazy slice drives, great recovery golf, nice chipping and arsey putting. Then he seriously got the chip yips and started putting from as far as 30m off the green. Since early 2017 he has re-modelled things, and his game is now built on great drives. The chip yips are now starting to diminish – look out if he works that out too!


Cravo wants to have more fun with the fellas; play great; get another hole-in-one; drop his handicap to single figures (when his girls are a bit older); and he definitely wants to win one or more Majors a year. Wants to.


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