Tournament Record Scores


The coveted Lost Bougle; Bash’n’Dash; Matchplay Masters & Wandererer trophies.

Here are the Scoring Records for our Four Major Tournaments, so you know what you need to beat! 

The Lost Bougle

Basil       +8        (2012/13) (3 rounds)

followed by
Leroy     +11           (4 rounds, including one off the black tees) 2010/11
Leroy     +11           (2013/14)


Ian        41 Points        Huonville GC, 2018

followed by
Cravo      40pts      Orford, 2014

Cravo      39pts      New Norfolk, 2019

Leroy      38pts      Huonville, 2018

Basil        38pts      Orford, 2014

The Matchplay Masters

Ian      4&3       def Leroy at Tasmania GC 2013

followed by

Felix       4&2           def Matt Crawf at Tasmania GC 2015
Felix       3&1           def Cravo at Royal Hobart 2016


The Wanderer

Cravo      -11      2010 (three and a half rounds, no throwaways)

followed by
Felix       -3         2019 (best three of six rounds)
Tim J  -2        2019 (best three of seven rounds)


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