Chasing the Slam



After Rory tanked at Augusta, there are now only four three two players on Tour with a chance to complete their career Slam in 2019. Spiethy, Phil , Felix and Leroy.

Spiethy has his chance this week at Bethpage Black at the US PGA. Few would suggest he will get it done. Spiethy gave it a reasonable shake at Bethpage, but Koepka was next level for 3 and a half rounds. So that leaves three men chasing their slam.

Felix is next up in June, at the Bash’n’Dash. After his slashing vistory at the Wanderererer, we wonder why everyone in world golf isn’t bigging him up to go back-to-back like they are bigging Tiger? Felix does need to beat the best player in GWT history, el Basil, and also the form golfer and World Number One, Timbits, but this is a very real possibility. Note that if Felix wins the slam he will be the youngest player in GWT history to achieve the feat!

After those Majors are done, we are left with two old lefties, Leroy and Phil. Leroy was an inch away from completing his Slam last year at the Matchplay Masters, so he looks most likely to clean up this year, as long as the AURORA CURSE doesn’t re-emerge. Phil probably won’t come through as he has to battle too many young uns and a resurgent le Tigre. 

Our money is on the Gents of the GWT to get it done.


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