The first 7 Wanderers


The Wanderer started it all. Our first golf trip in 2010 set the template, or at least got us thinking about a Gents Tour and some Majors when Felix joined us a year later.

The first Wanderererer was played over 63 holes, stroke, with no throwaways. On handicap of course, as all GWT golf is. Subsequent versions count roughly the best half of your total rounds played.

Here’s where the Wanderer has taken us so far – geographically, mentally, emotionally and golferly.

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The first 9 B’n’Ds


A one day Stableford event, the Bash’n’Dash, is the easiest format of our four Majors. Despite that, it is actually one of the hardest Majors to win, because it attracts the biggest fields. There have been some classic moments over the years.

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