The first 7 Wanderers


The Wanderer started it all. Our first golf trip in 2010 set the template, or at least got us thinking about a Gents Tour and some Majors when Felix joined us a year later.

The first Wanderererer was played over 63 holes, stroke, with no throwaways. On handicap of course, as all GWT golf is. Subsequent versions count roughly the best half of your total rounds played.

Here’s where the Wanderer has taken us so far – geographically, mentally, emotionally and golferly.

2010 NW Tassie

Cravo putted like a tour Pro, pouring in one putts from everywhere, on the way to an 11 under total and a 13 shot win. We found great new sandy and parkland courses in Smithton, Stanley, Ulverstone and Seabrook. Basil had extra handicap, having to babysit Zoe on and off course for the entire trip, including changing a pooey nappy mid round! Other than that moment, a great trip away to a lovely part of the State!

2012 Mornington Peninsula

Basil beat Keith on the first ever interstate Gents Tour event, having left Zoe at home this time. Basil’s brother Jig, exactly like Bas in every way, drove down to play as well. The wind blew! But what an amazing golfing location, with top notch courses everywhere. This was Basil’s first win in his home state.

2013 Mornington Peninsula

Basil back-to-back on the Mornington, powered by a +2 at Kingston Heath. Leroy amazing at St Andrews Beach and was on track to run Bas down on the very last 18 holes at Peninsula, until golf fatigue got him and he flubbed a few and went bunker to bunker.

2014 North and NW Tassie

The boys played Launceston, Greens Beach, Woodrising and Allison. Felix the Star all tourney, but blew an amazing round at Allison with some chipping shenanigans on a Par 5 with a tabletop green which ended in an octuple bogey. Even with that hole he shot a 45 on that nine and beat the Leighs off the stick!  Which shows you how great he was playing. However, in the end Leroy with a cheeky (though perfectly conceived and executed) chip-in for birdie on the 72nd hole at Devo, snuck a one shot win from him! What a moment in Tour history.

2015 Mornington Peninsula

Basil again, making it three from three in this iconic golfing destination. Jig shot a 73 off the stick at Cape Schank, Felix slayed Portsea and had the lead most of the tourney, Leroy was in the mix too, but Basil’s ultra consistency got the job done. You cannot beat Bas in Victoria.

2016 Launceston

A terrifying golf endurance mission, playing 72 holes in 2 days. Felix best placed after 54 holes, but Cravo found some form on the final 18 to coast to victory. Keith could’ve won this event if he played golf on day two rather than having lunch with his Aunts. We applaud a Gent who keeps his appointments, and apparently the repast was nom nom and the conversation sparkling.

2019 King Island

An outstanding location. And some truly wild weather. Ian led early, but form player Tim was lurking with the lowest scoring round and just needing some backup. Tim found that backup round at Cape Wickham, taking a big lead on the penultimate day. However, Felix surprised everyone on the final day, shooting ten under to pip an unlucky TJ by a single shot!

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