Profile Series : Keith


Let’s be honest here, Keith is A LOT more interested in ultra enduro running than he is in golf. He hasn’t been sighted on Tour since a cameo appearance at the 2016 Lonnie Wandererer.

But, he is also a total legend, AND a Major Champion.

Keith slayed Leroy at the Longford B’n’D on the first playoff hole, to claim the Winners Cup.

One of the higher handicappers on Tour, he’s renowned for hot putting and occasionally crisp iron play.

Keith is a lovely gentle soul, but with a secret competitive streak approximately one mile wide. When he shows up to play, do not be fooled by his kind eyes and cheerful smile, he is running a fierce battle within himself on a quest to play excellent golf. And watch out if you get in the way!

And do not take him on at speed golf unless you want to end up in the back of an ambulance.

We’re not expecting to see him on Tour anytime soon, but we’ll be greatly pleased if we do.

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